Who Is Fidelis Anosike? – Fun Facts About Rita Dominic’s Love Interest

Over the years, people have been curious about the love life of Rita Dominic and why she has been single despite being a beautiful woman over 40 years of age. Speculations had it that it’s down to the fact that she’s a celebrity, making it harder for her to settle with just one man. Finding love for stars has proven to be much harder, unlike it is for ordinary people. This was the case for Rita Dominic until everything changed with “that” Instagram post. The man in the picture is known as Mr. Fidelis Anosike.

He is a renowned Nigerian entrepreneur. Word in the street is that Fidelis has swept Rita Dominic off her feet with his charms. The story of how the couple came to meet each other and started dating has not been revealed, but the couple has done nothing but display their apparent affection for each other at any opportunity they get.

Fidelis Anosike is a 56-Year-Old man from Anambra State

Who Is Fidelis Anosike? - Fun Facts About Rita Dominic’s Love Interest
Fidelis Anosike

Rita’s partner, Fidelis Anosike, is an entrepreneur who is a well-known publisher of the Daily Times newspaper, a national newspaper in Nigeria founded in 1926. A native of Anambra State, Anosike was born in 1966 and is currently 56 years old. He comes from a family of eight children; 5 boys and 3 girls. His father is late, while his mother is his only surviving parent. His father was a police officer before his death at the age of 52. His mother was the one that catered for the welfare of him and his siblings till they came of age.

After acquiring his first school leaving and WAEC certificates, Fidelis completed his tertiary education at the University of Benin, Benin City. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative and Applied Fine Arts from the Faculty of Arts in 1985. Fidelis was an enterprising young man when he was in college, which prompted him to pursue further education to give him an edge in the business world. He achieved this when he graduated from Harvard Business school with a business certificate.

He Started His Career as a Journalist with Daily Times

As mentioned before, Fidelis started his career with Daily Times, which brought him to prominence as a talented publisher. His business understanding and ability to take charge of his workstation saw him promoted several times. As of then, the Daily Times was still a local newspaper that was competing favorably in the field of mass communication. Fidelis’ dedication and hard work were not unnoticed, which later earned him insight into eventually becoming the company’s Publisher. His aim was well defined and articulated to restore Daily Times to its former glory through digital technology.

Fidelis was very successful as a journalist while at Daily Times, and the wealth of knowledge he acquired was vital in the setup of his own company. He acquired Daily Times Newspaper in November 2007, and it was the foundation from where he opened his digital communication company known as Folio Communications Limited at the very young age of 24.

Fidelis Anosike, presenting a copy of the Daily Times to Mounir Gwarzo, DG SEC
Fidelis Anosike, presenting a copy of the Daily Times to Mounir Gwarzo, DG SEC

With his purchase of Daily Times, Fidelis was all about adapting communication to the new age of digital technology. This is the idea behind the development of Folio Communications. The company became the focal head of other companies such as Times Multimedia, Folio Communications, and Investment Trading Company.

The conglomerate of companies as the ones listed above joined a host of other companies such as 1st October, Daily Times Newspaper, the Miss Nigeria pageant, the Times Heroes Award, and last but not least, Nigeria Our Heritage Grand Book. Fidelis has done well so far in managing this chain of companies and has contributed to the growth of many other digital communication startups in Nigeria.

Details About Anosike’s Folio Communication Group

Folio communication is a digital communication group focused on delivering quality content and content creation to keep people informed using digital technology. The company also distributes the content they make and provides printing and packaging for other writers who wish their articles to be written in print. The Group also provides investment opportunities for users in financial trading and investments to create profit in the digital age.

It’s safe to say that the Folio mantra falls in line with the current technological demands of Nigerian society when it comes to information communication. Fidelis Anosike has been the CEO and the Publisher of the group since then and has done well for himself in that field.
Folio Nigeria is currently powered by CNN Commercial International and is seen as a potential digital communication revolution giant for the future.

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Fidelis announced his resignation from the Folio Communications board of directors on 7th June 2020. He also made appointments for the new members of the board to take over with immediate effect. The reasons behind his resignation were not publicly stated and have remained a secret.

Fidelis Anosike’s Court Case with the Nigerian Federal Government

In 2018, Fidelis and his brother, Mr. Noel Anosike, were charged to court by the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) with allegations that he may have acquired Daily Times through fraudulent means. The FG alleged that he and his brother did not follow the legal process when buying the local newspaper. For some months, the case dragged on before a Federal High court quashed it after Fidelis presented all the necessary evidence to vindicate him. The Federal government had earlier filed a 21-count charge of conspiracy and stealing assets worth N3 billion, which belonged to the local newspaper against Fidelis Anosike.

Fidelis Anosike’s Romance with Nollywood Diva Rita Dominic

The news of the romance between Rita Dominic and Fidelis Anosike is no longer under the wraps as it used to be. The couple kept things secret until the public display of affection by Rita Dominic herself, where she posted a picture of the two of them together on Instagram. The comment garnered many likes and reactions from fans and colleagues alike who were happy that finally, the Nollywood diva has fallen in love. From there, the couple started showing more pictures of themselves together and started attending public events together.

Their first public appearance was screening for the movie Lafemme Anjola, a project that Rita worked on with her partner Mildred Okwo. Her man Fidelis was there to support her clad in a black suit that made him stand out. He would not have been identified because of his perfect black mask disguise, which is a plot to remove him from the public’s prying eyes. This strengthened the news that Rita Dominic is having a great time in her newfound love life.

On the other hand, Fidelis Anosike has been married twice in the past. Therefore, he is a two-time divorcee, though with no records of issues from his previous marriages.

Their Engagement and Potential Marriage

There are speculations that Fidelis and the Nollywood screen diva Rita Dominic are engaged to be married. The news brought excitement and happiness to Nollywood as everybody is happy for her. Kemi Filani had the exclusives to the big announcement concerning the marriage between the couple and said it would be a big wedding happening any time in 2021.

This would be the second time that marriage news has trailed the beautiful actress. Her first engagement in 2019 didn’t work out as planned, and she called it off with her partner, who was yet unknown but has been widely rumored to have been Femi Jacobs. We hope that this time, the engagement between Fidelis and Rita Dominic will not end on a sour note as it did last time. The details of their wedding remain a secret till this moment.


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