Who Is Eniola Ajao’s Twin Sister?

Eniola Ajao’s twin sister is Kehinde Ololade Ajao Busari. Even though Eniola and Kehinde are twins, they thrive on different career paths.

Many people could have known a lot about Eniola Ajao, but a few know that the actress is a twin. She is well known for her versatility in delivering her roles on set. In addition to the fame she had gained via her successful acting career, Eniola Ajao is also notable for being a twin. In this article, you will learn more about the actress’s twin sister and everything she is up to.

Is Eniola Ajao a Twin?

Eniola Ajao is a twin and her twin sister, Kehinde Ololade, surfaced only recently after the actress posted her photos on Instagram. Eniola and Kehinde Ajao were born as twins on 21st January in the 1980s in the Epe local government of Lagos State. Their exact year of birth is not known. Both grew up in Lagos State, where they also had primary and secondary education.

Beyond the fact that she and her twin sister are the youngest children of their parent’s six children, there are no more details about their family background, her other siblings, and what they do. Meanwhile, Eniola once shared that it was amazing growing up with a twin sister as they would draw attention from people and gain a lot of favor from them.

Eniola and Kehinde Ajao are Identical Twins

Actress Eniola recently flaunted photos of her twin sister on her Instagram page while celebrating their birthday on 21st January. The star actress penned down heartwarming wishes for her twin sister alongside beautiful photos of them together. According to Eniola, her twin sister is her “Bestie from Heaven.”

Their photos wasted no time going viral all over the internet, and fans poured in their congratulatory messages and good wishes to them. Most of her fans, who were unaware that she was a twin, were amazed to see gorgeous photos of Eniola’s carbon copy and wanted to know more about her.

Findings further revealed that Eniola Ajao’s twin sister is a very quiet and shy type. She likes to live a private life and has no active social media account. While they are twins and share the same age, fans have also been eager to know who among them came out from their mother’s womb first.

Going by looks and body stature, one would easily think that Eniola is the elder while Kehinde is the younger. Actress Eniola has a bigger body stature and is taller than her twin sister. But, the reverse is the case as Kehinde is said to be the elder while Eniola is the younger one.

Eniola Ajao’s Twin Sister is a Successful Businesswoman

Even though Eniola and her twin sisters are identical twins, they have different passions and career paths. Unlike the actress who took up acting as a career, her twin sister, Kehinde, chose the business path. She is described as a successful businesswoman, although her business type is not revealed. But, she is notably nowhere near the entertainment industry in terms of career.

Significantly, Eniola Ajao’s twin sister, Lolade Ajao, is a married woman. She reportedly got married in 2012 to her Muslim husband, who is also a twin and bears the same name as her, Kehinde Busari. The man works as a Service Technician with Star TV Network and runs his video and photo production firm.

Eniola Ajao’s twin sister and her husband are blessed with two lovely daughters. Unlike her sister, Eniola, who is more or less career-oriented and enjoys the fame that comes with it, Kehinde Ajao Busari is more family-oriented and prefers to live a private life.


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