Who is Angela Nwosu? – Biography and Rise to Fame of The Digital Ogbanje

Angela Nwosu (born April 20, 1988) is a Nigerian celebrity, former actress, and social media influencer. The self-trained love therapist discusses issues concerning relationships, marriage, couples’ sex life, among others, on her vlog. She is also known as “digital ogbanje” because she sells many items she claims are spiritual and gives spiritual advice to her thousands of social media followers. Angela is equally known for her philanthropy, which has won her many fans and followers.

Profile Summary of Angela Nwosu

  • Full name: Angela Nwosu
  • Date of birth: 20th April 1988
  • Age: 35 years old
  • State of origin: Anambra
  • Education: Tonia International College and Madonna University
  • Occupation: Spiritualist, sex therapist
  • Relationship: Married
  • Spouse: Austin Nnaemeka

Angela Nwosu Spent Her Childhood in Western Nigeria

Despite being a trendy and controversial person, not much is known about Angela Nowsu’s personal life, especially her early life. The Igbo lady from Nnewi town in Anambra State was born on 20th April 1988 in her hometown. However, she spent a more significant part of her childhood in the Western part of Nigeria, Lagos State precisely. There is no available public information about her parents and siblings or how many they are in her family.

However, she revealed during an interview that she comes from a Christian home and her father made her study the Bible cover to cover, so she knows a lot about Christianity and the Bible. She added that she was very stubborn and disobedient as a child, making people call her “oganje,” an Igbo word for a person possessed with an evil spirit. She said that although, as a child, she cried whenever she was called that, she has grown to embrace and love the name.

Angela had her primary and secondary education in Lagos. She graduated from Tonia International College, where she sat for her SSCE. When it was time to further her education into the university, she returned to the East and attended Madonna University, Okija in Anambra State, where she graduated with a BSc in Physiology. After graduating from the university, the love therapist started her career in the entertainment industry as an actress. She featured in several movies, including; “Faking It” and “Omambala.” During her years as an actress, she worked alongside other popular actors like Jim Iyke, Sola Sobowale, Enoobong Effiong, and lots more.

Angela Nwosu’s Journey as Digital Ogbanje

The 35-year-old lady started her journey to fame as a spiritualist by making videos on Facebook. She got attention in 2016 when her videos of sex talks with vulgar Igbo words went viral. Some people praised her, while others disliked her vulgarity and reported her to Facebook. The platform banned her four times, and then it banned her permanently. She moved over to YouTube, where she faced the same situation. Later, it was rumored she had to beg an IT guy to help her write to Facebook that she will change for the better.

Many people said Angela Nwosu was only talking dirty on social media during her early days to gain attention and popularity. On the contrary, she claims she is a sex enthusiast and only wanted to discuss with people. Since she had no friends, she decided to start making videos and posting them. People who were discouraging her said that she would never get married if she continued with such a way of life. Ironically, a few years later, she met her husband on Facebook, and he liked her mainly because of her videos and stand on spirituality.

The controversial spiritualist continued to advise her viewers on different things, especially relationships, and people who loved what she was doing started to follow her page. She then grew from a love therapist to a digital ogbanje. According to her, the spiritual aspect of her life has always been there, but she did not manifest it yet until she had an excellent platform to do so. Though born into a Christian home, she abandoned Christianity to answer “the call of nature,” as she loves to put it. According to her, what she does is not the traditional Igbo worship but a connection to nature.

She Claims to have Helped Failing Marriages

Since she introduced herself as a spiritualist, Angela Nwosu has been doing many things through her social media handles. She sells spiritual items to her followers, including scrubs for spiritual cleansing and amulets for luck. She also confessed to helping a lot of women conceive and helping to save failing marriages. Her offer also covers rituals and spiritual counseling on how to use nature better. She most likely earns over N25 million a month from her online career, which is not limited to selling spiritual merchandise.

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Some people doubt her acclaimed power despite numerous testimonies from her followers. They say it is just mere coincidences and that she does not have the power to do all of that. Others who believe in her have continued to patronize her. Generally, she is both hated and loved and has become popular through the unintended contribution of both groups of people. She has a social media following of over four hundred thousand people.

Apart from her spiritual products and counseling, which she offers, another thing that has drawn such a large crowd to her page is her philanthropy. Angela Nwosu is known for always giving away gifts and cash prizes to her followers and well-wishers. Her charity work has earned her more love over the years as more people overlook her stand on spirituality because of her good heart and free-giving nature. She sees charity not just as giving back to society but as a spiritual mandate to appreciate the universe.

The Digital Ogbanje is Married to Austin Nnaemeka

Angela Nwosu is happily married to Austin Nnaemeka, a businessman and movie director. They got married on the 13th of September 2019 and have lived happily married since. They are currently expecting their first child.

Obviously, many of her fans admire her marriage while others who doubt what she does, continue to cast aspersion on her, her career, and family life. Be that as it may, Angela possibly has more fans and admirers than she has critics.

On the part of her husband, he obviously loves his wife and is proud of what she does and who she is. The couple has not relented in showing the world how much they are in love from the pictures and videos they post online about their happy moments and even vacations to choice destinations. Austin sometimes joins his wife on her social media pages.


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