Who Are Bimbo Oshin’s Children and Family Members?

Bimbo Oshin’s children are Michael Olusegun Ibironke and Iyanuoluwa Ibironke. The veteran Nigerian actress, producer, writer, and businesswoman, who is well known for the movie Akobi, welcomed her two children with her late husband, Ola Ibironke, also known as Dudu Heritage. 

Bimbo got married to her late husband in 2005. They were happy in their marriage before her husband’s tragic death in 2021. Here is all to know about Bimbo Oshin’s children and family members.

Meet Bimbo Oshin’s Late Husband, Ola Ibironke

The popular Nollywood actress was married to the late Ola Ibironke, a popular actor, music promoter, and the Captain of Ibadan Golf Club, also known as Dudu Heritage. He was born and raised in Osun State, but there are no details of his date, month, or year of birth. He was, however, said to be in his 50s at the time of his death.

The music promoter is from Ijesha in Osun state and is from the Yoruba ethnic group, while he is of Nigerian national.

Ola Ibironke had his early education in Osun State, Nigeria, before moving over to London to complete his higher education. He also earned part of his education in the United States. Ola started his career in the entertainment industry in the United States before moving down to Nigeria, where he was based before his death.

Bimbo Oshin and Ola Ibironke were in a loved-up marriage before his death. There are no details of how and where the duo met, but they exchanged their marital vows in 2005. They were together for almost 16 years before he died in 2021 due to blood-related issues.

What to Know About Bimbo Oshin’s Children

Bimbo Oshin welcomed two children with her late husband, Ola Ibironke. She has a son named Michael Olusegun Ibironke and a daughter named Iyanuoluwa Ibironke. Below are things to know about Bimbo Oshin’s children:

Michael Olusegun Ibironke is Bimbo Oshin’s first child. He was born on April 5, 2005, in Nigeria. The actress is known to keep details about her son away from the media. There are no details of his education, but based on his age, he should have obtained his senior school certificate or is in the university.

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Iyanuoluwa Ibironke is the second child and only daughter of a veteran Nollywood actress and her late husband. Her year of birth is unknown, and as such, her exact age cannot be pegged, but she celebrates her birthday every year on June 20th. Just like her older brother, details of her education have also been kept out of the media.

Their Marriage was Rocked by Several Controversies

Ola Ibironke had been previously married to Sola, with whom he had four children. The duo was revealed to have met during their secondary school days. After they got married, they moved to the United States and later returned to Nigeria, where he met Bimbo. As of then, she was still in the prime of her career but was able to become the music promoter’s second wife.

After Ola Ibironke got married to Bimbo Oshin, rumors began to spread that he abandoned his ex-wife in the United States to be with the actress. The genuineness of this information, however, was never confirmed. Bimbo Oshin has kept details of her personal life private, making it difficult to learn more about her marriage.

Ola was also revealed to have dated other women in the movie industry, but this was neither denied nor accepted. The actress and the music promoter were met once again with rumors of separation. In 2020, the couple was reported to have separated, with the actress leaving her home.

However, the music promoter debunked the claims in an interview, stating that he was still living in the same house and shared the same room with his wife. He went on to call his wife during the interview to confirm his statement. Bimbo Oshin responded in line with her husband’s statement and stated that she was still in her husband’s house.


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