Where Is Hank Anuku Now? – Fun Facts About The Life And Recent Whereabouts Of The Actor

Hank Anuku is notoriously known as ‘Nollywood’s Bad Boy,’ thanks to the fact that he played villain roles for most of his acting career in the Nigerian movie industry. The veteran Nollywood actor is famous for his baritone voice which comes with a twisted American accent. In addition, his perfect interpretation of roles is one of the traits that endeared him to Nigerian movie lovers, which saw his rise to the apex as he became one of the most sought-after actors by producers of his time. However, for some unknown reasons, the Oyo State-born actor has been away from our screens, and this has got fans asking where he is and what he is up to now.

Hank Anuku Started Acting In The Early 2000s

Hank Anuku made his Nollywood debut in the 2001 film titled “Skeleton.” This was after he was introduced to Nollywood by Regina Askia. He soon became reputable for playing roles like a criminal, leader of a campus confraternity, warrior, palace guard, presidential agent, rebel leader of a militia gang, and other antagonistic characters. Hank was simply a delight to watch as he perfectly brings these characters to life.

This is why whenever he appears in a movie, the audience is always uptight and on edge. His bad-boy characters were enjoyed by the audience, and this won him more movie features such as; “Broad Daylight,” “The Senator,” “Bitter Honey,” “The Captor,” “Men on Hard Way,” “Fools on the Run,” “Desperate Ambition,” “My Love,” “Wanted Alive,” “Rambo” and a host of others. Before his long break, his last known movie was “Justice Must Be Done,” which was released in 2018.

The Roles He Played Don’t Represent His Real Life Personality

As an actor, you have to be very good at taking on multiple personalities, motivations and even looks for different roles. On this note, certain stars will forever be remembered for playing a particularly remarkable role/character. Hank Anuku seems to be in this category of actors. The actor always played bad boy, thug, and often ready to shoot or kill characters.

However, in reality, he is not like that at all. His roles don’t represent his personality in the slightest, according to people who know him. Many of his colleagues describe him as warm and friendly, which is a far cry from what he is known for in the entertainment industry.

Hank Took A Break From Nollywood After He Left Nigeria For Ghana 

Did Hank Anuku really stop acting? This has been frequently asked by his fans, who are keen on seeing the ‘rugged’ actor grace their screens again. It became public knowledge when the actor announced in 2017 that he had quit anything that has to do with Nigeria and had relocated to Ghana. One of the reasons he gave was that Nigeria does not have a working system for creativity to thrive. He also cited the growing insecurity issues and crisis as one of his core reasons for relocating.

Indeed, a crisis thorn country cannot experience economic growth. Hank revealed that he relocated his family first to Ghana and later to the United States while he hustled in Ghana. He was acting in Ghanian movies, but none seemed to gain as much attention as his roles while in Nollywood. He also, at some point, stayed away from social media for a while. This spurred speculations on different occasions that he was sick and that he eventually passed on.

He Debunked The Death Rumours

In a video published on his Instagram, Facebook, and as widely carried by the press, respectively, Hank noted that he is still alive. He called out the press as poisonous vipers who are bent on spreading lies about him. He wished his haters death instead and boldly stated that God is his deliverer in the hands of the wicked who wish him evil.

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The Oyo State Born Actor Currently Lives In Delta State, Nigeria

Although Hank Anuku relocated to Nigeria’s West African neighbors, Ghana, where he disclosed he was going to settle for the next phase of his life, it appears he changed his mind at some point. He currently lives in both Delta State, Nigeria, and Ghana. Recently, the actor returned to the Nigerian acting scene in 2020, featuring in a few movies, including “The Lighter” and “Okosisi.”

Other Fun Facts About The Life Of The Actor

He Is From Ibadan, Oyo State

Away from his flavored American accent, Hank Anuku is a native of Ibadan, Oyo State. He also spent his early childhood growing up in the ancient city of Ibadan, where he attended Loyola College. He later proceeded to Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State, where he graduated with a Higher National Diploma (HND) in mass communication in 1981.

He Is 63 Years Old

The lanky actor was born on August 12, 1960. in Ibadan, Oyo State, Southwestern part of Nigeria. Hank Anuku comes from the independent generation – those born when Nigeria gained her sovereignty from Britain and became an independent nation.

He Was Once The Highest Paid Actor In Nollywood

As surprising as it sounds, Hank Anuku was one of the highest-paid actors in the Nigerian film industry at a point in his career. This comes from the fact that his services were mostly sought by producers in criminal, hitman, and action-thriller movies.

Best Actor Of The Year By Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards

Due to his energetic acting skills, in 2003, Hank was voted the Best Actor of The Year, an award he won for his brilliance in the movie, “The Senator.” This, no doubt, opened doors for him to feature in other top movies.

Hank Anuku Has Over 150 Movies To His Name

He began his acting career in the early 2000s and spent almost two decades in the industry, featuring in over 150 movies during the peak of his Nollywood career.

Hank Anuku Is Listed In Top 10 Nollywood Bad Boys

Alongside these veterans, Sam Dede, Saint Obi, Gentle Jack, Emma Ehummadu, the late J.T. Tom West, Sylvester Madu, Jerry Amilo, Ernest Asuzu, and Jim Iyke, Hank Anuku make the all-time top 10 Nollywood Bad Boys.

He Changed His Name Due To His Love For Ghana

It is important to mention that the actor really got love for Ghana where he obtained naturalized citizenship sometime in 2017. He changed his name from Hank Anuku to Nana Kwame Fifi Kakra Anuku (although it is not certain if this was done legally).


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