What’s A ‘PodRide? This Funny Craft Is A Bicycle-Car, Check It Out!


This fantastic funny piece of craft that looks like a baby skate boot is called a “PodRide.” What do you say we indulge this kind of ride, no smaller than the tricycle (Keke Napep) and other four wheels, but is designed to serve as a bicycle and car as the same time. So maybe it’s high time we ditch the Grandpa Long-John bicycles we use to ride. Shall we?

Although originally designed for adverse weather like winter, the Swedish man Mikael Kjellman, who designed ‘PodRide’ has also demonstrated in a video, how it can be ridden in other gritty or dirt terrains. Kjellman’s main purpose of designing the PodRide is because he wanted a bicycle that can offer weather protection and more comfort than the traditional bike.


According to JMK-Innovation, PodRide is a four-wheeled bike with a solid body that offers a dry and safe bike ride in any weather, comfortable saddle, uses no driver’s license, uses both roads and bike path, cheaper to run and better for the environment.



Kjellman also designed the PodRide to be used for commuting and errands in small towns and close environment. According to him, it has about the same seating position and height as a small car, making it easy to get in and to see and be seen in traffic.

The PodRide has a comprehensive water body to keep you warm or dry in any weather, he says. Heated windshield with wipers, soft seat with back support, air suspension and studded tires for slippery roads, bag Space, and a trailer hitch to the children’s bicycle trailer or perhaps a kayak trolley. The electric motor and the battery are the same as on an electric bike so it counts as a normal pedal cycle and may therefore run on bike paths and all.

Since uploading his idea to YouTube in April 2016, Kjellman’s PodRide has garnered dozens of comments from strangers who wish him well with his design and say they’d buy one in a second. I bet you, even teenagers would want to own this ride.

Market for PodRide

His market prediction suggests that in the long-term, 20-30 years, more small PodRide-like vehicles than passenger cars would be sold. So don’t be left out on this new technological wonder.