What Is Shatta Bandle’s Real Net Worth and The Sources of His Wealth?

Shatta Bandle is a Ghanaian internet sensation and socialite with an estimated net worth $70 billion, according to him.

In the past, the title of celebrity used to be exclusively for either musicians, actors, or their likes who have worked really hard to earn their stardom. Lately, this has changed significantly. Attaining a celebrity status is no longer exclusive to people with known talents, knowledge, or those who work the hardest. In recent days, we have seen people rise to fame in the most unconventional way; some simply because they appear on a reality TV show or gather attention online like in the case of Ghanaian internet sensation and socialite Idris Firdaus who is popularly known as Shatta Bandle.

Shatta Bandle gained wide attention for his show and display of wealth online. He has since become one of the internet celebrities and not just common people but celebrities like Tundeenut, Don Jazzy, and other notable people are amazed by his humor. Also, his shocking claims in a viral short video posted in 2018 where he claimed to be richer than Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote has also spurred many people into wanting to know about him with many curious about his real net worth and the sources of his wealth.

Shatta Bandle’s Real Net Worth Has Remained A Mystery

Ever since his video went viral, the pint-sized Ghanaian socialite has been faced with the burden of proving to people in doubt of his wealth that he is indeed richer than the richest black man alive. Sadly, Shatta Bandle has not been able to come out with an authentic report of his wealth but has been heard on interviews claiming he is worth $70 billion and some other inflated figures to match his self-acclaimed billionaire status.

Based on this, the Karaga-born is regarded on the internet as Ghana’s self-acclaimed billionaire and this does not actually mean he is an actual billionaire. So, if we are to go by how rich Shatta Bandle is, considering the kind of exotic cars he cruises, the posh mansions he displays, wads of dollar bills he flaunts, beautiful women, and expensive wine he posts for the gram, then we may be judging wrongly. This is because, multiple reports have linked his opulence lifestyle to be sponsored by his bosom friend, Nana Kojo Boateng alias Dada Joe Remix.

What Is Shatta Bandle’s Real Net Worth and The Sources of His Wealth?
Shatta Bandle and Dada Joe Remix

From all indications, Dada Joe Remix is a multimillionaire who has stakes in real estate and other investment ventures that provides him a lot of money, even to go round as to fund the lush lifestyle of his little man friend, Shatta Bandle – who has turned an internet sensation.

Shatta Bandle Earns From Making Public Appearances 

Although Shatta Bandle can’t credit his fame to doing pretty much something of substance, he has accomplished enough fame to get invited to top-notch occasions and he has transformed this opportunity into a source of income.

Bandle makes money doing nothing than most people earn in an entire year and all he has to do to earn his check is walk through the door, flaunt some opulence, and probably say some impossible things he has achieved and get paid. This gig has been a means of income in his life since he became famous.

The exact amount he collects for making these appearances isn’t known though, however, it is assumed that Bandle receives good amounts of money for each appearance he makes in a show.

Other Ways He Makes Money

Video Vixen

Bandle also gets paid to make cameo appearances on videos, and series such as in the music video “Audio Money”, by Rudeboy – a member of one of Africa’s best duo, Psquare.


The Ghanaian socialite has further parlayed his career towards comedy. Making use of his favorite words such as  “young, young rich nigga” and other humorous slangs, which have won him admirers and endeared many followers to him. Some of these loyal fans usually send him money privately to acknowledge his talents while some invite him personally for a fee.


Having built an engaging Instagram page with his videos getting thousands of views and a loyal fan base, Shatta Bandle also makes some money by promoting people’s songs both upcoming and famous artists who want more audience to listen or download their songs.

The Internet Sensation Thrives By Showing Off His Lifestyle

As a social media star who’s seemingly famous for showcasing impressive wealth online, it’s not unusual to find Shatta Bandle giving an Instagram tour of luxury cars to his over followers. He uses the Internet as a hotbed for extravagant displays of wealth, and this keeps his fans engaged and keeps them coming back for more. Naturally, the more engaged followers a celebrity has, the more the number of companies/organizations seeking endorsement with the celeb. Many brands leverage on this so they partner with him on sponsored posts that help get the word out about their products and of course, these deals which usually involve the creation of content—Instagram ads, a post, a video, or a story attract a fee, a free product, a service, a gift, etc.

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Shatta Bandle Is Not Richer Than Dangote

One thing that comes to mind is, showbiz is the easiest way to fame and popularity right now and in the entertainment circle, many people will say unfounded things just to stay relevant in the discussion. So, how do you not get the point that Shatta Bandle took the unconventional path to fame and within a short time, was on the lips of everyone asking, if indeed, he is truly richer than Dangote?

Whenever this question pops up, one thing you should ask is; does Shatta Bandle have a real business or an investment that is worth any of Dangote’s investment? Again, does Shatta Bandle have an existing business that has grown over the years accumulating profits in different countries?

There are many who think that Dangote may not be the richest man in Africa, some, due to personal reasons and another school of thought is of the opinion that there are ‘silent billionaires’ who do not like the public glare and stay away from any publicity or sort. But, considering the facts on the ground, if you ever believed that someone will just show up and claim to be richer than not just the richest African but the richest black man, then, you must have skipped your economics and commerce classes.

Also, a look into Shatta Bandle’s early life shows that he comes from humble beginnings, and his dad was a spiritualist who helped people with their spiritual needs. The internet billionaire who suffers from dwarfism and malformation faced frustration during his teenage but over time, he found his confidence and began making videos online. And, it all seems to end in the videos he posts online. Outside this, Shatta Bandle has not revealed how else or other means he actually makes the money he flaunts online. With this said, it is unlikely he is anywhere as rich as the African richest, Dangote.


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