What is Glo Customer Care Line and Whatsapp Number?

Glo Communication Network is one of the giant data and voice communication companies in Nigeria. They are widely respected not only for their method of operation but also for the level of customer care they provide to customers. Glo developed a standard customer care department that is devoted to ensuring quality service delivery.

One of the acknowledged parts of the customer care department is the ability to receive complaints and respond timely. The Glo customer care department provided different channels of communication where one could reach them.

How To Contact Glo Customer Care

Below are some of the ways one can reach Glo customer care service in Nigeria:

  • USSD Code
  • Phone numbers
  • social media platforms

Glo Customer Care Code Number for Calling from Glo Line

To resolve some issues with Glo services, the customer care unit provided different codes that can be used to file complaints or make inquiries. This is a means of reducing the number of customers flocking to the office for minor issues that can be resolved. The number for reaching the customer care unit are:

  • 121 – Used by prepaid and postpaid customers
  • 200 – Used by corporate customers

The fact remains that either of the two numbers can connect you with a customer care representative.


Glo Customer Care Number to Speak with an Agent

200 is the number to use to speak with a customer service representative. This service doesn’t offer one the ability to demand any of the major languages frequently used in Nigeria.

Below are the steps to speaking with a Glo customer service agent:

  • Dial 200 with your Glo number
  • Listen to the information and service promotions
  • From the options on the prompt, press 0, to speak with a representative

This automatically connects you with a Glo customer care representative on the ground.

Note: 121 currently does not grant access to speak with a Glo customer service representative. Rather, it provides all the necessary information and services for Glo customers. From the information provided by 121, one can resolve problems that will require the attention of a customer service representative. However, reaching customer service by dialing 121 offers one the opportunity to select the preferred language.

Languages available with the use of 121 include:

  • Igbo
  • Yoruba
  • Hausa
  • Pidgin English
  • English language

444 can be used to reach the Glo customer service unit when you have an issue that specifically relates to internet services.

The Fastest Way of Reaching Glo Customer Service

Among all the methods of getting through to the Glo customer service unit, the fastest means remains to dial the 200 number. The method is free, fast, and grants one access to have a conversation with a standby customer service agent.

Glo Customer Care Code Number for Calling from Other Networks

In a situation whereby your Glo number is blocked and you can’t contact the Glo customer service representative through your number, Glo provided different code numbers to reach the customer service department with any other line.

Glo Customer Care Number for Complaint

  • 0805 002 121- Prepaid call center
  • 0805 002 200- Corporate call center
  • 171-Premium help desk
  • 08077701030- Broad access
  • 0805 123 4567- For Blackberry users
  • Glo Link- 01 904 5254, 01 903 0121, 0805 903 0121
  • 01 904 4444- Just dial card
  • +448006353456- UK Top card
  • 08070140444- Prepaid 3G H.S.I Helpline
  • +234 (0)1 904 5002- Fax Number

The first two numbers (0805 002 121 and 0805 002 200) can be used to contact Glo customer care service through another network. Just as previously explained, 0805 002 200 can connect you to customer service when you listen to the prompt and tap 0. Meanwhile, 0805 002 121 provides necessary information about products and services. It can also help customers in the area of plan migrations.

Is Glo Customer Care Number Free?

It is free. However, there is another number – 171, that can be used to connect to the services of the customer care unit with the use of other networks. 171 is known as the Glo Hurry Up Help Line. It is specifically designed to bypass waiting time. The use of the code attracts a charge of N25 for any call. But the advantageous side of it is that it has no limit to the call.

Glo Customer Care Social Media Platforms

Glo, as a communication company that promotes the use of social media platforms, understands the need to reach out to its customers through these platforms. That is why the Glo customer care unit provided channels of communication on different social media platforms. Some of the social media platforms to reach Glo customer service include:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Glo Customer Care WhatsApp Number

Currently, there is no number available to connect to Glo customer service through WhatsApp. We hope to update you with their WhatsApp number as soon as they introduce one on their platform.

Glo Customer Service Facebook Page

Glo customers can drop complaints and messages on products and services through the use of a customer care Facebook page. To reach Glo customer service on Facebook, click here

Glo Customer Service on Instagram

The communication network also makes use of Instagram to link with its customers across the world. Through this platform, they are able to display new products and also get comments that help in building Glo products and services. To link up with Glo customer service on Instagram, click here

Glo Customer Care on Twitter

Reaching Glo customer service on Twitter is one of the best customer service strategies that bonds Glo with its customers. They also use this medium to gather complaints and inquiries, which helps them in formulating better services. To contact the Glo customer care unit on Twitter, click here

Glo Customer Service on LinkedIn

Glo customers are not left out of the opportunity to link up with a Glo customer service on LinkedIn. To contact the customer service unit through LinkedIn, click here

Glo Customer Service on TikTok

The customer service of Glo Nigeria can also be reached through TikTok. To contact Glo customer service on TikTok, click here

Glo Customer Service on Youtube

Youtube is one social media platform that is structured to cover a wide range of people. Glo customer service took advantage of the wide coverage of Youtube to transmit information on products and services. Customer service makes use of the comment section of the platform to gather information about their products and services. To connect to the Glo customer service platform on Youtube, click here

Glo Live Chat Platform

This is another platform developed by Glo Communication in order to gain access to customers. The live chat is an open chat platform provided within the Glo website. To gain access to the Glo live chat platform, follow the quick steps provided below:

  • Log in to the Glo official website or click here
  • Scroll to the section with a chat symbol and click on it
  • At this point, you are ready to chat with a customer representative.


This is another means of communicating with Glo customer care. The customer can send a complaint or inquiry through email. All that is required is for the customer to use this email address: [email protected] as the recipient.


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