What Is Baba Ijesha’s Net Worth?

Baba Ijesha’s net worth is estimated to be between $100,000 and $250,000. He has been able to accumulate his wealth through his career as an actor, singer, producer, content creator, radio and TV director, and comedian.

Baba Ijesha rose to prominence after appearing in the film Ololo. The actor, who began acting in 1985, has many movies to his name currently. He has also been able to have a large fan base because of his mixture of comedy in interpreting roles. With his varied career, he has been able to amass his net worth.

How Much is Baba Ijesha’s Net Worth?

Baba Ijesha’s net worth is estimated to be between $100,000 and $250,000. Following his active years in his multifaceted career, his net worth is seen to be commendable. His on-screen gigs have gained him a spot as one of the best Yoruba actors.

Having discovered his talent as a kid, he worked towards it to get to where he is today. Below are some of the ventures that boosted Baba Ijesha’s net worth:

Acting is the Main Source of Baba Ijesh’a Net Worth

Baba Ijesha began acting in the Yoruba movie industry in 1985 with the film Omo Orita. He is mostly known for his unique style of acting, as he always projects himself as a comedian in all his films. He came to the peak of his acting career after he produced, wrote, and starred as a messenger in the 2005 Yoruba film Opolo.

The movie featured top Yoruba actors, including Adeola Adebunmi, Adedapo Adegunola, Yinka Aderalegbe, Jide Kosoko, and many others. Though the specific amount that he earns from his acting gigs is unknown, he is seen to earn well based on his level and perfection of roles. The actor has appeared in numerous movies and contributed to their success.

His exceptional interpretation of a role in a movie where he played an Ijesha native gave him the name Baba Ijesha that he is widely known by today. Baba Ijesha has contributed to the success of many other movies, which are:

The Actor’s Movie Project

  • Opolo
  • Masun
  • Adunni Egbin
  • Ololo

Comedy Skits  

The actor, mainly known for his great sense of humor, which he portrays in his movies, also has a few comedy skits to his name. He has also gained fame for sharing his comedy skits on his various social media handles, where they have received massive views. Below is a list of his successful comedy skits:

  • Everyday For The Thief, One Day For The Owner
  • Buhari Is Not A Soldier
  • If You Don’t Get It, Please Forget It
  • Alagbe Sakete Is Back
  • Queen Elizabeth Is In Nigeria

YouTube Channel

The actor created his own YouTube channel titled OfficialBabaIjeshaTV in 2018. He takes to his channel to share his comedy skits and some of his acting projects. Reports have it that the platform pays about $3 per 1,000 views, and the actor has garnered over 1 million views. He also has about 11.3k subscribers on the channel and has over 100 uploaded videos. Tracing his journey in the movie industry, Baba Ijesha earns well from the platform.

Endorsement Deals

Having made a name for himself in the Yoruba film industry with a large fan base, Baba Ijesha’s net worth has increased significantly from his endorsement deals. He once bagged an ambassadorial deal worth N15 million with a real estate company, MATRIX HOMES AND PROPERTIES Ltd.

The actor became the brand ambassador of Booku Chicken in 2018. He is also the brand ambassador of the real estate company known as Trophy and Pragmatic Homes.

All of His Endorsement Deals

  • Booku Chicken
  • Trophy and Pragmatic Homes


Baba Ijesha is no doubt good at what he does and seems to be everywhere whenever it comes to films. As a film writer, he wrote and produced the movie Opolo in 2005. He also ventured into making music, and his work is evident in the cover of Adekunle Gold’s song, Pick Up.

The actor has also worked on several other music projects. As much as his earnings in these endeavors are not known, he is seen to get a reasonable amount as all of them were a success.

Streams Of Baba Ijesha’s Net Worth

  • Acting
  • Comedy skit
  • YouTube Channel
  • Endorsement Deals
  • Others

A Glance Into the Actor’s Houses and Cars

Most successful Nigerian actors and actresses are known for acquiring opulent rides and posh houses. The Yoruba actor is not an exception as he has a car, though the brand, model, and how much it cost is unknown. It is not known if he lives in his own home or a rented apartment, but it was revealed that he lives in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State.

The Actor Has Lost Money Through His Rape Ordeal

The actor was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment after he was found guilty of the sexual assault of a minor on July 14, 2022. The girl that he molested was a colleague’s (Damilola Adekoa, popularly known as Princess) foster daughter. A video of the actor molesting a 16-year-old girl in her house went viral on April 19, 2021. The case was reported to the police the same day by Princess, stating that the incident took place in her home.

On April 22, 2021, Baba Ijesha was arrested and arraigned on June 24, 2021. It was reported that he was granted bail and moved on with his daily activities. Reports had it that he molested the same girl in 2013, while she was still 7 years old, by inserting car keys into her private parts. Being a child who was not yet exposed, she couldn’t speak up for herself till a few years later when she confided in her foster mother.

The actor, however, denied all the charges in court, stating that it was a movie scene after he confessed to having committed the act when he was caught. He further told the court that he was tortured to accept the allegation, which was made without his lawyer present. This confession didn’t sit well with the public, as they held him accountable for his first confession.

The case was further complicated after a doctor revealed to the court that the minor was penetrated, though it wasn’t recent. To have strong evidence, a forensic test was carried out on the victim to check if she was lying or was trained to narrate what happened. More evidence was presented in court against the actor, as another lady claimed that he molested her when she was 12 years old.

To defend himself, Baba Ijesha hired 2 Senior Advocates of Nigeria and 17 lawyers to represent him in court. On July 14, 2022, he was sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment, which was broken down into 5 years imprisonment on count 2 for indecent treatment of a child, 3 years on count 3 for sexual assault, 5 years on count 4 for indecent treatment of a child, and 3 years imprisonment on count 5 for sexual assault.

Following the court sentences, the actor will serve a 5-year term as the sentences run at the same time. Having been found guilty and currently facing his prison terms, Baba Ijesha is seen to put his career on pause and, as such, cause a decrease in his net worth. He also lost a N15 million endorsement deal with MATRIX HOMES AND PROPERTIES Ltd in April 2022 following the rape case. Baba Ijesha might still lose other deals in the future as he is facing his prison terms.


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