Welcome To Nigeria – The Land Of Lawlessness


Nigeria is one funny country where anything and everything goes. In other countries across the world, there are certain rules and regulations set to checkmate the people, their behavior, and conduct at every point in time. In Nigeria, it happens in reverse, not that there are no laws guiding its citizen, but the same people who set these laws are usually the first to break them.

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This is why all and sundry can sneak in and out of the country without scrutiny or access denial into the ‘Giant of Africa.’ If you are new in Nigeria, or just got back after a long time away, welcome back – the land has evolved to something different from what you know.

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Welcome to Nigeria; a country where sex is free and love is costly.

A place where virgins are not celebrated but militants are.

Welcome to Naija, where losing a phone is more painful than losing virginity.

Where cheaters are seen as ‘smart’ and non-cheaters losers.

Welcome to Nigeria, a place where Bathrooms have become photo Studios

Where getting a galaxy phone is greater than achieving a college degree.

Where yahoo boys have brighter future than graduates.

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Where temples are turned into dating spots and pastors have more concubines than chiefs.

Welcome to the land where lies are turned into realities and people prefer to be lied to than accept the hard truth.

Where ladies fear pregnancy more than HIV . . . and children fear canes more than horror films.

Welcome to a community where pizza delivery is faster than emergency response

Where people fear thieves, robbers & Boko Haram more than God . . .

Where the number of Churches & Mosque are more than the worshipers

And people go to Church/Mosques with phone chargers rather than Bible/Koran

Where we say “Up NEPA” more regular than we say “Praise THE LORD”

Nnoo! Here, guys are scared of getting married but love to have sex, and single ladies prefer married men to single boys.

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Welcome to the country with the highest number of musicians due to unemployment.

Where the higher your offense, the lower your punishment and vice versa.

Where a school drop-out politician is ten times richer and more respected than a Professor

Where unemployed youths fight in support of same politicians who deprive them of employment

Where someone who cannot speak English is given honorary Doctorate degrees.

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WHAT A COUNTRY!!! you would say, but welcome all the same to the new Nigeria that can be renewed anyways. We await change from the grassroots to the paramount class. Welcome to Nigeria.

Foto druk verkeer in Lagos, Nigeria. Als voorbeeld; graag keuzebeelden Traffic jams form along Nnamdi Azikiwe street in Lagos January 22, 2003. Drivers in Lagos are stopping to gape at UFOs - unidentified flashing objects - that have been mysteriosly appearing at busy intersections around the city of Lagos, the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria. REUTERS/George Esiri GE/GB

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