We Will Have To Cut Down On Our Campaign Promises – Lai Mohammed


Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed says President Muhammadu Buhari’s led administration will have to cut down on its campaign promises. According to him, the promises were made based on $100 per barrel oil, so with current realities of $30 per barrel, the government may  fall short of its promises.

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The Minister made the comments during an appearance on Politics Today aired on  Channels TV on Sunday, February 28, 2016. Mr. Lai assured Nigerians that the  Buhari government is still committed to fulfilling  the promises it made during the 2015 election campaigns but added that it would have to cut down on some of them or prioritize its programmes due to the oil price decline.

“We are in a completely different situation from that which we envisaged. We did not in our wildest dreams think that the price of crude will crash from about $100 to $30. When you campaign, you say you will do a,b, c, but when you win election, you prioritize.

“We are still faithful to those promises, but as you have rightly said, when we were campaigning the price of crude was $100 a barrel, today it is $30 a barrel so definitely, we will have to downsize some of the things intended to do but this does not mean abandoning those promises.”

 He added  that any  promise the government is unable to fulfill this year,it will fulfill in subsequent years.

“You do not make a budget for four years, you make an annual budget and in this year’s budget, we have outlined those parts of the policy that we intend to keep. Those we cannot keep this year, we will keep in 2017, 2018 and 2019. This is how government works.”

According to a recent report by Buharimetre, a civil society monitoring forum focused on tracking the implementation of the president’s campaign promises, President Muhammadu Buhari has only been able to achieve 1 out of the 222 tracked promises made to Nigerians during the 2015 general election promises.

Analyzes statistically, this constitutes 0.5 percent of the promises. More so, it reveals that while the government is taking action to achieving only 27 (12.2 percent approximately) of the tracked promises thus ongoing, 194 electoral promises are still ‘Not Rated.’ The latter constitutes 87.3 percent of the tracked promises, Buharimetre reported.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has however assured the nation that that  APC-led administration would implement its campaign promises immediately the National Assembly (NASS) passes the 2016 budget into law. he made this known while speaking at the Ogun state 40th Anniversary earlier in February.

“Our administration will fulfill its campaign promises with massive employment generation as the cornerstone. I want to assure the people that immediately the budget is passed into law, we will zoom into action and all our promises will be fulfilled. These promises would commence as soon as the 2016 budget is passed to law. We will train 500,000 volunteer teachers to boost the nation’s educational system,” he said.

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