These 10 Signs Suggest that a Marriage Is Not Meant to Be


The wedding day is one of the happiest days of every bride aside her birthday. However, a bad marriage can be foreseen from the way the ceremony goes.

Although things can go wrong naturally during a wedding, due to bad planning, wrong timing and logistics, but when they are beyond normal, it’s a red flag.

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Our grandmothers used to say a bad omen on your wedding day could depict a bad marriage to come. Those things might be signs trying to say “stop” don’t marry him or her.

Bad Marriage

It has never been recorded that anyone halted a wedding because of any of the signs below. However, according to grandma’s myth, they could just be indicators of a bad marriage waiting to be consummated. Let’s see the signs.

1. Groom Sees Bride in Her Wedding Dress Before Wedding

You probably must have heard that it is not good for a groom to see his bride in her wedding dress before they say I do. In as much as it is mostly avoided, some grooms still get a view of the bride before she walks down the aisle.

According to wedding experts, it’s a bad sign and brings ill luck to the couple. The groom is supposed to be surprised by the beauty of the bride at the altar, not before the wedding.

2. A Quarrel Erupts Between Bride and Groom

Bad Marriage

What could possibly be the problem that couldn’t have been resolved before the wedding day? If the couple-to-be quarrel unending during the ceremony, something is likely to go wrong in the marriage.

Take some lessons from the marriage between Nigerian celebrity singer and her manager cum husband.

3. Wedding Dress Rips Off

Whoa! This can break any bride’s heart. If the wedding dress rips off while she’s trying it on, or while walking down the aisle, it  just has to be a bad sign that the marriage won’t last just like the wedding dress.

4. Traffic Delays Bride or Groom

The common time for a bride to arrive in church for a conventional wedding ceremony is between 9. am to 11 am, although it differs with churches. However, when a bride gets stuck in an unnecessary traffic, then check again, she might have a delay in conceiving after marriage. It gets worse if the bride or groom gets into trouble with road safety officials and their car gets impounded. Simply catastrophic!

5. Rain Ruins the Ceremony

Bad Marriage

It’s normal for rain to fall during raining season, but if the wedding is holding during harmattan or dry season and then rain shows up from nowhere, it must have been sent to stop the ceremony – another sign of bad marriage lurking around the corner.

6. Photographer Shows up After Reception

What’s a wedding without pictures? If the photographer doesn’t show up on your wedding day, it’s a complete disaster. Why won’t there be pictures for others to remember your wedding? Is it not worth remembering?

7. An Ex Interrupts the Ceremony

No one prays for a bad past to show up in their future. Couples usually have their hearts in their mouth when the pastor asks the dreaded question; “if there’s anyone here who thinks this couple shouldn’t get married . . .”

If a mean ex chooses the wedding day to make a confession or expose some secrets, it could just end the marriage even before it started.

8. Groom Gets Drunk at the Reception

Bad Marriage

When the groom drowns himself in alcohol on his wedding day to the point of stupor, then there is something wrong.  This is definitely a sign of irresponsibility.

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It is assumed that such a man will be a bad husband and may have just shown his true self on his wedding day. It’s either depression or over excitement that could lead a groom to get drunk on his wedding day.

Obviously, he is still a learner on how to handle his emotions as well as keeping his marriage.

9. Groom/Bride Gets Arrested

How bad could it get, for the Police to storm into a wedding ceremony to arrest the groom or the bride? Whatever the crime is, the consequences can wait till after the wedding, but if it doesn’t, the marriage may start experiencing severe crisis at an early stage that would eventually break it.

10. Guests Complain of Food Poisoning

This is another wedding day nightmare. After the caterer failed to show up on time, her food gave guests running stomachs or diarrhoea! Maybe the bride is also a bad cook and got served what she deserved. You already know it’s a bad sign.

At the end of the day, no one can actually tell the content of a book until it’s read. Like I mentioned earlier, these signs are mere myths and may not completely mean that a marriage will turn out bad.