10 Ways Facebook Has Completely Ruined Your Life

Oh yes! ICT is gaining a wider acceptance and your family and friends seem close to you even when they are actually not so close. Social networking might seem quite amazing with a free resource to make you stay connected to your loved ones, to make new friends and lots more, but it’s slowly breaking you down. Did you know that social networking has stolen some pleasures from you, ruined your confidence and has caused lots of injuries to your life without your notice? Read on to see what you have missed for using social networking.

When Was The Last Time You Sent Someone A Real Greeting Card:


No one can tell how many real, physical birthday cards they had gotten on their last “big day”. Even our old relatives we used to depend on to give us a Hallmark card each year during exams, birthdays and the likes now lavish such wishes on our Facebook walls. It only makes sense now to take to social networking walls to bestow those huge wishes, hugs, and kisses. Since everybody has joined Facebook, expecting physical cards would be a waste of time, you might as well start hugging your Facebook wall and timeline cos that’s where all the hugging happens these days.

You See Relevant News When It Has Become Old News To Others:


When your friend is expecting a baby, or one of your relatives just got engaged or your schoolmate or roommate has been employed into a good and awesome new job, you might only hear the news through Facebook. Check it, when was the last time you celebrated this kind of awesome news with your loved ones face-to-face? Even when you get to hear the latest things happening in the lives of your family and friends on Facebook, you would notice they had already gotten more than 80 “likes and comments on that very topic you are just getting to know despite the digital age.

Funny enough, you get to know things through the comments others had left behind most of the times.

You Always Wish You Were Someone Else:


When people who seem like they are better looking, have nicer homes, cuter life partners, awesome vacations, behaved kids and more cool friends than you show off their pictures on Facebook, odds are that you would wish to be like them. They get you thinking all day, and you end up thrusting yourself into a world of fantasy. You may spend all day wishing you were like them when in fact, you may be better than them. It actually rubs your nose in the fact that some of your Facebook friends enjoy a lifestyle way better than you could even dream of. You need to wake up and realize that your life is beautiful just the way it is.

It Changes Your Choice Of Food:


Nothing really ruins your resolution like seeing posts from friends who seem to eat lots of fresh and tasty food, digging into treats and cool yummy dishes that are too good to ignore. You would like to have a bite too, isn’t it? You might have to change things you used to eat for their own kind of food just to feel as happy as they seemed while gorging on the good stuff. Yes, nothing says it right until you give it try….right? Remember everything on Facebook might ‘seem’ but it might not be. Plus what is good for them may not be good for you and so you’ll end up ingesting more calories than necessary.

You Find Your Old Friends Boring:

A man looking at his mobile phone

With the rise in constant Facebook chat, those your quiet friends you had a strong bond with while in school, would turn to a boring bunch to be with. Those work colleague you thought was really charming, confident and elegant would no longer be attractive to you after you get to see more charming and elegant people on Facebook. Those people who just couldn’t be with had become your less favourite after meeting new friends who might be “fake”. Fake Facebook close friendship exposes the dull nature of others.

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You Find Yourself Boring:


When you see other people post pictures and get plenty likes and comments, you will start asking yourself the big question ‘why don’t I ever get to cause traffic when I upload images as my friends? Why do I always get zero comments or likes after making a post? The answers can slowly break you. The feelings you would experience when something you thought was really amusing or humorous or cute get ignored by your Facebook friends, is rather nerve-wracking. Being convinced that something you posted was very interesting and fascinating and yet no one actually thinks so, doesn’t help matters all the time.

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You Have Become A Lifelong Sufferer of FOMO:


Facebook check-ins and Twitter updates of the fun your friends are having can spark the instant insecurity of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). You are always anxious about your friends having more fun than you. You always glue your eyes on posts others send to Facebook to see whether or not they are having fun where ever they are. Sometimes when two or more of your friends have a shot without you, you would start thinking who arranged the whole thing, why they didn’t tell you about it, why they all feel comfortable together while you are not there, why they snubbed you, what went on after the shot and even where they took the shot. The fear of missing out would have a grip on you, and let’s face it, that’s not an easy feeling to shake off.

You Try Too Hard To Look Good:


You need to work out, burn all the fats possible, get brighter teeth, brighter skin, have a good hairdo, put on too much makeup and dress beyond your ability in order to set the record as one of the pretty babes. You even take a long walk out of a lonely life by finding a partner just as everyone has even if it does not necessarily mean marriage. Not to mention that Facebook advertisements can really kick you in the guts, especially if you’re gullible. You always want to dress to impress your friends before taking any shot that would be sent to Facebook so your friends don’t get to say you are slacking on fashion.

It Helps You Waste Your Time:

facebook_time waste

Facebook sucks away your golden time you would have used to something more productive, learning new skills or engage in educative conversations. Have you ever wondered how many books you would have read by now if you had ignored Facebook all your life? The time we waste on Facebook all day if invested in something useful would triple our yields. If the average African Facebook user spends more than 40 minutes every day on the site, which is slightly over 10 collective days every year you spend on the social networking site. Isn’t that a big time wasted for just prying into people’s affairs?  It is undoubtedly time spent on doing something that hadn’t any value. It is one big time wasted that you can’t ever get back.

You Can No Longer Keep Your Life Or Activities A Secret:


With Facebook, there is no such thing as privacy. Even when do not post something, someone else will post it or tag you in their post. Gone are the days when you can lie to your boss or your parents or even your kids, they will find out and you will be in hot pepper soup.

So what do you think, has Facebook ruined your life in any of the above ways, let us know in the comment section below.


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