Check Out These Water Tables That Create Illusionary Animals Emerging From Water


The wonders of creativity will definitely never end. W. Clement Stone once said that Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve. Recently, I came across what I call an amazing work of creativity by a man called Derek Pearce. His ‘Water Tables’ represent art in a class of its own.

Derek Pearce is a man with a unique vision. His stunning Furniture Sculptures are famous worldwide, collected by everyone from Rock Stars to Royalty. Like I said, Derek is simply a man of unique creative vision.

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To call him a designer is to understate the case wildly. His remarkable “Water Tables,” as they have come to be known, are stunning coffee tables that portray animals “floating through water.”

From hippos to dolphins to ducks, the tables are designed in such a way that the animals would be plunging in and out of the glass, which represents the water’s surface.

They’re gravity defying in both senses of the phrase: substantial carved and cast figures seemingly floating through water – and impossible to look at without smiling.

Water table2
Hippos plunging in and out of glass depicting the water’s surface.

In a world of anonymous, mass produced commodities, the vision, wit and craftsmanship of Derek Pearce’s singular works stands out, reflecting the skill and labour behind creativity, irresistible to anyone seeking a modern heirloom that will provoke pleasure, amusement and comment for years to come.

Derek’s Water tables were first seen in 1997 and have since been exhibited and sold throughout Europe, America and Japan.

Water table3

Looking for a unique piece of furniture to spice up your living room? A coffee table portraying a floating animal? Derek Pearce’s amazing ‘Water Tables’ may just be what you are looking for.

Take a look at some fantastic piece of furniture below:

water tables
Water Table

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Derek’s ‘Water Tables,’ first seen in 1997, have since been exhibited and sold throughout Europe, America and Japan.