Rapper Wale: Fires Critics Calling Nigeria Money Spraying Culture “Vulgar & Degrading”


The Nigerian-American based rapper, Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, popularly known as Wale has hit back at critics who have criticised him for showering his daughter with money – dollars at her birthday party.

Wale took to his Twitter page to give them the epic response captioned:

“Oluwakemi is Nigerian and we sprayed her on her birthday ..some of y’all poppin off in the comments realize the world is bigger than ur home”

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Below is the video that attracted so many vulgar words from critics who feels they are in the position to judge other people’s way of life.

Bola Mosuro of BBC Focus on Africa radio explained that spraying money in a special event in Nigeria is a tradition used to express love, support and appreciation quote:

“Money spraying is a widespread phenomenon at some Nigerian parties and celebrations.

“Some like it, some don’t.”

“It’s used as a way to show love and appreciation for the celebrant, their parents or even musicians playing at the party.

“Most people use $1 bills, sometimes it’s lower denomination Naira [Nigeria’s currency], but generally people aren’t using large amounts of money. 

“In some people’s eyes it is sometimes done in a vulgar way, and recently a video went viral showing a couple tossing money in a way that many deemed excessive.

“A minority have been said to use spraying machines, but on the whole most would do it discretely by placing the notes on the body.

“Ultimately it’s a matter of choice.

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Speaking further on TMZ, rapper Wale boasted of his Nigerian heritage and how proud he is of being a Nigerian.

More exchange of words and opinion were rained on Wale. Some Nigerians even supported such comments but here’s what one of the American Al Lebowitz said:

“If a culture is vulgar and degrading, we in the west can say so.”

Some even went as far as comparing it to strippers’ style, quote: “making it rain” on strippers.

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Wale, as his stage name implies, is a Nigerian- American rapper from Washington, D.C. He rose to prominence in 2006, when his song “Dig Dug (Shake It)” became popular in his hometown.

The rapper became locally recognized and continued recording music for the regional audience. He was discovered by Producer Mark Ronson in 2006 and signed him to Allido Records in 2007. As the label musician, Wale released several mixtapes and appeared in national media including MTV and various Black-American-focused magazines.

The 33-year old has won several awards including BET Awards for Best Collaboration; BET Hip Hop Award for Best Club Banger; Soul Train Music Rythm Music & Bars Award and Nigeria Entertainment Award for Best International Artist.

Wale’s Albums include:

  • Folarin (2012)
  • The Album About Nothing (2015)
  • The Gifted (2013)
  • Attention Deficit (2009)
  • More About Nothing (2010)
  • Shine (2017)
  • Ambition (2011)

Wale has up to 5.56 million followers on Twitter and has enjoyed fame with some of his songs making it to No. 1 on the Billboard chart.