How to Check Your WAEC Results Online

Post-primary education in Nigeria is finalized by West African Examination Council (WAEC). This is an assessment that provides entry to university education. Students usually get very nervous when the exam results are released as it plays a very important role in the development of their future.

Some of the parents tend to put an immense amount of pressure on their kids that usually have a negative impact. The fact is that one can resort to drastic consequential actions after they realize that they will not be proceeding with the education. Students should realize that there are various options out of this scenario and not do any regrettable deed. You can always get your results online, it can even save the time you would have spent lining up to get the results, but how do you go about this?

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There are various ways that one can access his or her WAEC exam results in Nigeria, but doing it online has proved to be the most considered option as it is even an easy process. We will guide you on how to check your WAEC exam results online.

Requirements Needed to Check Your WAEC Results Online

Before you can be able to access your results online you ought to have the following.

1. A computer or a very high spec smartphone

Obviously, this is the medium through which you can access your results online. Not all phones can be able to achieve this as you will need to have a web browser that will not have problems opening the webpage and delivering your personal details. A computer will always serve best and you also have the option of visiting a cyber café.

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2. Broadband

To be able to access anything online you must acquire the services of Internet service provider. There are many options if you stay in Nigeria and it includes Etisalat, MTN, AirtelCoolink, Glo and many others. Try to find out one of the best ISPs that will best suit your needs.

3. Email address

Though you can still access your results online without having an email address you will agree with me the advantage it possesses in terms of saving a copy of your result. Apart from receiving your results, you will always find more use of an email address than this. You can always check your results online, but if you need to recheck another time you will have to spend again unless you have an email address and instruct to be sent a copy of the same which you will be able to access any other time you wish.

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4. Scratch card

Unfortunately, before you can access your results online you need to have a scratch card that will contain the pin and serial number required at the specific web page. You can always purchase this specific card at the National Office of WAEC organization or the branch offices across the country. You should know that one card is used only to access an individual result and you can do this only five times after which the card will have been exhausted.

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5. WAEC Examination Number

It is a ten digit code that is issued to the students as exam identification number. This number will provide the particular unique identification to gain access to your specific results without errors.


When everything is set, you will need to access the official WEAC website to check your results. The web page has a section which provides you with a text box into which you have to key in the desired information in order to display the results.

After you have entered the required information, take note to be very careful and give only correct information. The Serial Number will be located on the back side of the Scratchcard you purchased.

You should confirm that every information is correct before you click the submit button. You wouldn’t want to waste your scratch card on unhelpful information. If the information you give is correct, your results will be displayed and you can finally print.


You can always be sure of the information you get from the WAEC website as it is the official site of the organization and is competent to provide such information, so anytime you need to access your WAEC exam results and you are pressed for time, doing it online is always considered among the best option.


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