Volunteer Wanted! 103-Year Old Priest Wants To Be Deflowered Before Death


Attention ladies! Wonders they say, shall never end! An information from worldnewsdailyreport.com says a Wyoming man, Barnum Atkins, is seeking a volunteer to lose his virginity before he bids the world farewell and he has the full support of his family. 

The family of Barnum who celebrated his 103rd birthday on February 1st, claims he has vowed to lose his virginity before his death. After blowing out the 103 candles on his birthday cake, the old man reportedly informed his family of his desire to “get laid” for the first time before ending up six feet under.

“Let’s just say it took us by surprise,” admits his niece, Laura Atkins. “We did not expect this at all! But when he told us, we gave ourselves the mission to do everything in our power to fulfill his wish,” she told local reporters. “He has done so much for us and our community, we may as well help him dip his wick once in his life” states his great nephew, Anthony Atkins.

Family members of Barnum who are ready to do anything to fulfill his wish.

The only challenge facing the family presently is that there are not a lot of women signing up to help make Mr. Atkins’s birthday wish a reality.

In Big Horn, we’ve got tons of horny women, but escorts don’t grow on trees!” says with a laugh 24-year-old Johnny Atkins. “There is only one prostitute in town, but she just won’t have s*x with the old geezer, even for $200, she won’t give him a blowjob” he admits, visibly annoyed.

A flicker of hope remains however for Barnum Atkins. A prostitute in the region who heard about Mr. Atkins’s story offered her services for $600 excluding transportation, hotel accommodation and feeding.

“There is a woman living out in Owl Creek, a few hundred miles out of here, but she’s charging us $600 and that doesn’t include transportation, lodging and food,”  another family member claims. He adds, “And we don’t know how long the s*x is going to last, over $600 for 30 seconds of pleasure is a heck of a price to pay!” he acknowledges. “But hey, we don’t really have a choice!”.“We’re just afraid the old man’s heart won’t survive the banging, but hey, it’s a risk worth taking,” he admits with concern.

If you are interested in this lifetime business opportunity call +94377…….loooool. Seriously, these white folks will never cease to amaze me o! What could have happened? Is it possible that the priest’s memory has been affected by old age to the point that he has forgotten the oath of celibacy he took before God many years ago? How come of all the things he could wish to do before he dies, this is his priority! What if his heart does not survive the “bang” like his family fears, what will he tell God? Or does a priest become free from his priestly vows when he’s old and retired? Please, whoever sees Mr. Barnum Atkins should tell him to answer these questions. Na wa o!! Infact, THE POPE MUST HEAR THIS!!!!