This Nollywood Actress is Hurt and Needs Your Help!


Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama is not happy about a recent incident that happened to her.

Someone came into her home and stole her designer wristwatch, which according to the actress, is a limited edition of Tag Heuer wristwatch.

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She took to Instagram to express her grief;

“I’m so hurt. This very sentimental piece was taken or should I say stolen from my home. No I wasn’t burgled. A person that visited me stole it and that’s why it grieves my heart.

“It can’t be sold to a proper jeweler because it has security mark but I suspect it could have been locally sold here in the UK or to some innocent person in Nigeria or may have even been pawned for cash.

“I pray that someone who has seen it somehow contacts me. it’s a limited edition & not common. Please Thank You.”

Victoria Inyama was at one point one of Nollywood’s best actresses. She rocked the movie industry just the same way the likes of Beverly Naya and Ini Edo are currently trending.

The Abia State indigene, who’s known for her acting prowess and eloquent delivery has long been missing in the movie screens and is currently managing a catering business.

Prior to her acting break, she featured in Silent Night, Glamour Boys, Danger Zone, Odum, Love from Above, Eze Nwanyi, Iyanga, and more recently, Gangster Paradise (2001), Woman Rapa (2003), Ofeke (2003), among other movies.

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Some years ago, the Enugu-born actress, who has a degree in Creative Arts, had a beef with another Nollywood star, Regina Askia, before she relocated to the UK. Now reconciled with her colleague, Victoria is married and has three lovely children.

Let’s help her retrieve her asset back, it seems to be worth some cool cash.

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