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Vconnect is a trusted local business directory and search engine in Nigeria where people and businesses connect to find, buy and sell.

The platform has a huge database of local businesses and services in Nigeria with over 500,000 business listings. The site which boasts of a smart search algorithm that lets one find information easily also provides convenience to buyers while empowering sellers.

VConnect bridges the information gap between people and businesses. It offers business search services on the internet, mobile and fixed line platforms making it convenient for users to find information about any product, service or business whenever and wherever possible.

The search engine and information service provider is the simplest and most cost-effective way for Nigerians to get local business information. It is transforming how businesses access their markets and how customers find and engage with local businesses.

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VConnect was launched on 8 March 2011 by the Tolaram Group represented by Deepankar Rustagi who is also the General Manager of the company. The company says it is poised to “help people express their opinions about local businesses in a way that can help others make purchase decisions”.

Recognized by Forbes Magazine as the “Hottest Tech Startup in Africa,” VConnect is a part of the Tolaram Group, which is headquartered in Singapore. has spent $1 million on business data gathering and optimization and currently employs more than 125 people.

Over the years, as internet awareness grew and local eCommerce became increasingly popular, the average Nigerian internet user expected not just to be able to interact, but also to transact with businesses online.

Consequently, businesses listed on the platform began demanding the ability to sell on the platform. In response, the search engine created, a now defunct Groupon-inspired deals discovery platform.


An interesting feature on VConnect is that registered businesses get the rare benefit of seeing real time feedback from people. They are given access to a Business Owner Dashboard ( which helps them see how people are interacting with their business pages which help businesses improve their services, accordingly.

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In a bid to support the development of entrepreneurship in Nigeria, VConnect recently hosted a business forum for SMEs in conjunction with Nolands Tax.

At the forum which addressed some of the challenges hindering the growth of Nigerian SMEs, business owners were educated on how to leverage on the new ‘Vconnect for Business’ platform to grow their businesses. The interactive business forum enabled participants and business owners discuss concerns facing their businesses especially as relating to web presence.

The search engine also used the forum to unveil its newly released website services where businesses can create their own website with three simple clicks by creating their profiles to get a free one month trial.

How To Register Your Business On VConnect

To attract clients easily on VConnect, you can place adverts on any products and services free of charge provided it is valid. Use the following steps below to get your business enlisted on the platform.

  • Visit the website and SIGN UP for a free account
  • Click on the REGISTER A BUSINESS icon after creating an account
  • After filling the registration form, within 2 days at least, you will receive a call from a VConnect representative seeking to confirm vital information about your business.

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To confirm if your business has been listed on Vconnect, check the website and search for your company name. If you have been successfully registered, your company profile will be displayed.