Using Public Toilets Can Create 11,000 Jobs – Experts


Environmental specialists have revealed that the establishment of high-quality public toilets can generate revenue, create 11,000 jobs and promote a healthier environment in the country.

Country manager of Bio-Power Environmental Solutions Ltd, Yomi Awoniyi, while speaking to newsmen said, construction of high-quality  public toilets with effective treatment would encourage sustainability of such toilets and support healthier environment in the society.

Awoniyi said the company was committed to creating strong awareness on the importance of keeping toilets tidy, adding that the essence of the sensitization was to let people know the dangers involved in using dirty toilets as well as living in an unhealthy environment.

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He said they are committed to advocate for change and connecting the society into knowledge and experience to help people in building a better life.

He said one of the objectives of the company was to ensure a healthy environment by producing anti-septic products such as Bio-Sol SL36 for treating public toilets and environment.

The product is an organic solution without chemically based product used in treating of pit toilets, septic tanks, restaurants, industries, schools, hospitals among others.

The major objective of the product is to actually eliminate unnecessary odour and reduce the level of the faeces in the pit latrines.

The company says through it’s working model, they are committed to ensuring a healthier environment by treating 20,000 toilets which can generate as much as 11,000 jobs.

They believe that so long as the products are of a good quality, there is this possibility of job opportunities for unemployed youths.

Bio-Power Environmental Solutions Ltd say they are producing a new Flush-Tech Sanitation System whereby a fixed quantity of water can be recycled through such process to ensure that toilets always have preserved water. The company says it had started distributing the products to people for public buildings and industries.

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Awoniyi explained that the system would help to address the challenge of using toilet without water to clean the toilets.