Young Adz Age, Real Name and Ethnicity Explored

Young Adz (Born July 29, 1995) is a 27 year-old British rapper of mixed ethnicity. The musician, who is one of the members of the hip-hop trio D-Block Europe, is named Adam Nathaniel Williams.

D-Block Europe is a British hip-hop group that consists of three members – Adam Nathaniel “Young Adz” Williams, Ricky Earl “Dirtbike LB” Banton, and Lil Pino. The group’s name is often abbreviated to DBE and is a reference to the 90s American hip-hop group called The Lox. While Young Adz started showing his passion for music from a very young age, he rose to fame as a member of DBE in 2017 when the collective dropped numerous singles, including the hit track “Large Amounts.”

Young Adz Real Name

Though his stage name now takes center stage when the rapper is mentioned, Young Adz’s real name is Adam Nathaniel Williams. The British rapper was given the name by his parents upon his birth in England, and he spent the early years of his life bearing the name.

Yong Adz began rapping as early as seven years old, and when he had made up his mind to follow his passion to build a career in the music industry, he sought a stage name that resonated with him. Though we can’t say exactly when the moniker – Young Adz was born, the rapper appears to have coined it from part of his real name. The name has now become his identity, and he hardly uses his real name in the professional sphere.

How Old is Young Adz Now?

Young Adz is currently 27 years old, as he was born on July 29, 1995. The young rapper was born in the city of London, England. From his physical features, it can be deduced that he is from a mixed background, but the identities of his parents and any other members of his family have not been made public.

The British rapper seems to be educated, but so far, he has not shared the details of the schools he attended and the level of education he attained. He is currently investing his energy into building his musical career more than anything else. Young Adz started showing signs of being a music star from an early age, and the support he got from his folks helped him establish a career through his passion.

He Began Rapping at the Age of Seven

Young Adz was seven years old when he began experimenting with rap bars. He ventured further into the rap game by the time he was thirteen years of age. At this budding stage of his rap career, he gained underground acclaim with the release of tracks like “Ya Feel Me” (2009) and “Dope as It Gets” (2010).

At the age of fifteen, he became sure of his career path and went on to sign a deal with Universal Records. The was dissolved in 2013 following some disagreements with the label. Leaving Universal Records gave Young Adz the opportunity to run things on his own terms to build the career of his dreams.

It was around this time that he teamed up with rapper Aero Sinc to form the hip-hop collective known as D-Block Europe (DBE). The group, which works around the trap and grime genres, was formed in 2014, and so far, two members – Aero Sinc and KB have left the collective.

D-Block Europe is made up of three members – Adam Nathaniel “Young Adz” Williams, Ricky Earl “Dirtbike LB” Banton, and Lil Pino. The trio has been dishing out tracks through their own label since 2014, but it was in 2017 that fame found them. The hip-hop group’s debut mixtape titled Any Minute Now is a collaborative effort with fellow British rapper Yxng Bane. The mixtape was released in 2018, taking the number 14 spot on the UK Albums Chart. The second mixtape by DBE is titled PTSD and was released in 2019. PTSD performed even better than the first one, taking the number 4 spot on the UK Albums Chart.

DBE released its debut album in 2020. The album titled The Blue Print: Us vs. Them reached number 2 on the Uk Albums Chart. The group’s collaborative effort with Central Cee debuted among the Top 10 on 26 November 2021. DBE’s latest musical offering is an album titled Lap 5, which was released in September 2022.

What Is Young Adz Ethnicity?

Though he has not shared the specifics about his background, Young Adz’s ethnicity is apparently mixed. This conclusion comes from the fact that he has those unique physical traits that make people with genes from different races stand out.

The absence of Young Adz’s parents in the spotlight makes it difficult to say what race they belong to. Also, no sibling has been linked to the rapper, but it has been reported that he is not an only child. For now, Young Adz is reportedly from a mixed background, but the exact details are not public knowledge yet.

What is confirmed about Young Adz is his nationality as a British citizen. He is a South London native born in the United Kingdom city. He has not identified as a citizen of any other nation, but his music has gone beyond the shores of the United Kingdom. The British rapper also identifies as a Muslim.

His Only Known Family Member is His Daughter

Determining Young ADZ’s actual ethnicity through his family members has not been as simple because their identities have been kept private. The only family member he has introduced to the public is his daughter named Khalilah.

Khalilah has made appearances on her father’s Instagram page, and some of the pictures he has shared show him hanging out with his little girl a lot. However, the rapper has not deemed it fit to share further details about the mother of his daughter.

While we still don’t know who the mother of his child is, there were reports that Young ADZ admitted to being in a relationship in 2020. The claims started gaining traction when the rapper shared pictures he took with a mystery girl but didn’t share the finer details of their relationship.

Meanwhile, according to Capital XTRA, Young Adz is married as his faith as a Muslim doesn’t permit him to date without officially getting married. However, the rapper is yet to confirm anything about his alleged relationship or marriage. He is more focused on taking his career to greater heights.


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