Who Is Tose Page? Inside The Life of Regé-Jean Page’s Brother

Tose page is an English-born male music artist and producer who the internet cannot talk about without making mention of his celebrity younger brother Rege-Jean Page, an English-born actor who became famous globally for his breakout role in the Netflix period drama Bridgerton.

A life-turning event for one single member of a family can be as well the same life-turning event for almost every member of that same family. Although Tose does his own thing through his music, somehow his celebrity brother’s achievements tend to take over any discussion that centers on Tose and Tose going back to the shadows of his brother.

Summary of Tose Page’s Biography

  • Full name: Tose Page
  • Nickname: Tose
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: Black English
  • Nationality: English
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Siblings: Rege-Jean Page
  • Famous for: Brother to Rege-Jean Page
  • Tose Page’s Instagram: @tunyamusic
  • Tose Page’s Twitter: @tunyamusic

How Old is Tose Page?

Tose Page’s date of birth is unknown at the time that this report was put together. However, his celebrity younger brother Rege-Jean Page is 34 years old. He was born in London, England, to a Zimbabwean mother and an English father. While his mother was a nurse who worked in a London hospital at the period of his birth, his father was an English preacher.

Apparently, Tose is the first of four children and is a mixed race if we are to go by his brother, Rege-Jean’s birth circumstances. The only known information about his parent’s background is that they both have different cultural races. Tose is considered to have an English, Zimbabwean background, however, he is brought up in London.

How is Tose Page Related to Rege-Jean Page?

Tose and Rege-Jean Page are related biologically. As earlier stated, Tose Page is Rege-Jean Page’s elder brother. They spent the early part of their childhood in Harare, Zimbabwe, before returning to London for their education.

After returning to the UK, they created a rock music band together. If the music band had a name or not, we are not able to confirm. They performed together in many gigs, with Rege-Jean being the lead singer of the band while Tose was a backup artist who sometimes plays the drum or the bass guitar.

Although Rege-Jean loved music, he also had dreams of becoming an actor and so he took up acting as a hobby at Saturday school and studied sound engineering at the National Youth Theatre in London.

The brothers were close so it will seem, as they did things together, but not much is known about Tose as it looks like he is the most private one among them. However, after some years together, Rege-Jean started chasing a career in film acting, and after two years of auditioning, he was accepted at the Drama Centre London.

What Does Tose Page do for a Living?

Tose Page is a music artist, songwriter, and producer and is in a music group called Tunya Music with his brother Rege-Jean Page. Tose and his brother it would seem still maintain the music relationship they created as kids. Although Rege-Jean eventually chased a career in film acting, Tose secretly kept his musical ambitions alive.

When and how Tunya Music group was created is not made known yet, all the same, it is reported that the two of them have written songs together and featured in various bands since their teens, and the pair now independently produce their own music and collaborations as stated on their music group official webpage Tunya Music 

About a year ago, the duo released a single song titled “Don’t Wait”, which was released with a music video on youtube and was directed by Lanre Malaolu a renowned actor and director. The song went viral gaining close to 400k views on Youtube and, much to the astonishment of many followers of Rege-Jean on social media who were not aware of his musical talents.


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