Who Is Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Spouse? Meet All the Wives He Married

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s current spouse is Kristin Austin. Before her, he was married to three other women; Kathryn Burrhus, Jeanie Clarke, and Debra Marshall.

Although Steve’s first three marriages all ended in divorce, his current marriage with Kristin Austin has lasted for 14 years. Get to know all about the wrestling champion’s spouses here.

Kathryn Burrhus is Stone Cold’s First Spouse (1990-1992)

Kathryn Burrhus and Steve Austin met in Edna High school and dated each other for several years. After they graduated from high school, Steve got a football scholarship to Wharton County Junior College, and this was followed by another scholarship to the University of Texas. As a result, the two lovers had to live apart from each other.

Despite the distance between them, Steve and Kathryn continued dating each other, and on November 24, 1990, they got married in a quiet ceremony with their family and close friends in attendance.

Stone Cold Cheated on Her

Kathryn and Steve’s marriage was a rocky one as Steve was never fully committed to her. When they were still married, Steve cheated on her with his then colleague named Jeanie Clark. This put a strain on his marriage, and on August 7, 1992, they got a divorce. Their marriage lasted for two years and did not produce any children. After Steve divorced Kathryn in, he went on to marry Jeanie in a private wedding on December 18, 1992.

The Former Wrestler’s Second Marriage was to Jeanie Clarke (1992-1999)

Stone Cold met Jeanie Clarke in the early 1990s when they both worked together. At the time, Jeanie was paired with Steve as a valet, and despite him still being married to Kathryn Burrhus at the time, Steve and Jeanie started dating each other.

Jeanie Clark Coined Steve Austin’s Stage/Nickname ‘Stone Cold’

Jeanie Clarke, more popularly known as Lady Blossom, revealed in an interview that she was the one who came up with Steve Austin’s nickname “Stone Cold.” Steve had previously been known as “The Ringmaster,” but he soon desired to change that.

Jeanie stated that the inspiration for the nickname had come when she was drinking tea with Steve, and he loved it. The name stuck ever since.

Why Did Stone Cold and Jeanie Clarke’s Marriage End?

Stone Cold’s marriage to Jeanie Clarke ended as a result of her addiction to substances. The addiction started after she got married and moved to Texas with Steve, and it affected her health, leading her to the hospital severally.

This addiction ruined her relationship with Steve, and after seven years of marriage, they got divorced on May 10, 1999. Two years after rehabilitation, Jeanie published an autobiography titled The Shattered Glass in 2016, chronicling her life and battle with addiction.

Stone Cold Steve Austine and Jeani Clarke Had Three Kids Together

Steve Austin and Jeanie Clarke had three children together. Meet them here.

Jade Adams is their First Child Together

Jade Adams is not Steve Austin’s biological child. She is the daughter Jeanie Clarke had with her partner Chris Adams. After she got married to Steve, he legally adopted her as his daughter. Jade is currently married to a professional wrestler named Adam Windsor, and they welcomed a son in 2010.

Stephanie Britt Williams was Born in 1992

Stephanie Britt is the first child Steve and Jeanie had together. She was born in 1992, the same year her parents got married.

Cassidy Skye Williams is their Youngest Child

Two years after the birth of their first child, Steve and Jeanie welcomed another daughter named Cassidy Skye Williams

Stone Cold Steve Austin does not Enjoy a Good Relationship with His Daughters

When Steve Austin was still married to Jeanie Clarke, he was not actively involved in their lives as he focused more on his career. After Steve and Jeanie’s divorce in 1996, Jeanie got custody of the children and moved back to the United Kingdom with them in 2001. This further damaged his relationship with the girls, and they are still not close to him.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Third Wife is Debra Marshall (2000-2002)

A year after he divorced Jeanie Clarke, Stone Cold Steve Austin married Debra Marshall, a wrestling manager and OAP. Debra had previously been married to professional wrestler Steve McMichael, and their marriage ended in 1998, the same year she met Steve.

Debra and Steve dated for two years before getting married on September 13, 2000, at a small ceremony held at The Little White Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas. Debra was five years older than Steve.

They Divorced Due to Domestic Violence

As Stone Cold Steve Austin’s spouse, Debra’s marriage was fraught with domestic violence. On June 15, 2002, Debra invited the cops to their San Antonio home while Austin was out. She reported domestic violence, and this was confirmed by the swollen eyes the police met her with. An arrest warrant was issued, and two months later, he surrendered himself to the police.

Debra further alleged that Austin had physically abused her on several occasions, and she blamed his violence on his use of steroids. Austin was fined $1,000, ordered to render community service, and given probation of one year.

A month after Debra called the cops on Austin, he filed for a divorce, and the proceeding was finalized on February 5, 2003, with Debra auctioning her wedding ring on eBay. Austin and Debra’s union lasted for almost three years, and they had no children together.

Kristin Austin is Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Current Spouse

The last person on our list of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s spouse is Kristin Austin. She was formerly known as Kristin Feres and is Stone Cold Austin’s current wife. The couple got married in 2009, although they have not revealed details of how they met and how long they dated.

As a result of his previous failed marriages, Austin and his wife Kristin decided to keep their marriage away from the media. There is no information available about Kristin’s background, family, and career. She is also not available on any social media platforms, and this makes it difficult to keep track of her current activities.

Kristin Feres have been married for 14 years, and they do not have any children together. They live together in their home in Marina Del Rey, California, and their marriage has been devoid of any scandals.


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