Who Is Rose Mendez? Everything About Alexa Demie’s Mother

Rose Mendez is a Mexican writer, producer, makeup artist, and fashion expert who is best known as the mother of Alexa Demie, a famous American actress and singer.

Alexa came into the limelight after playing the role of Maddy Perez in a teenage drama titled “Euphoria”. Her mother has since taken advantage of her fame to grow her brand. Find out everything about Rose Mendez in this article.

Rose Mendez’s Bio

  • ROSE MENDEZ AGE: 42 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: 25th October 1979
  • BIRTHPLACE: Michoacan, Mexico
  • BIRTH SIGN: Scorpio
  • ETHNICITY: Mixed
  • MOTHER: Martha
  • SIBLINGS: Hugo (brother)

Rose Mendez was Born 42 Years Ago in Michoacan, Mexico

Rose Mendez was born on the 25th of October 1979 to a woman named Martha and her husband. She was born into a Christian home in Michoacan, Mexico. The writer has a brother named Hugo, but we do not know if she has other siblings aside from him. There is not much detail about her family and the name and identity of her father are not known to us either.

What Does Rose Mendez Do for a Living? 

On her Twitter handle, Rose describes herself as a writer, producer, celebrity makeup artist, and beauty and fashion expert. She is the president of Wide Awake and Dreaming Creativity. Although there is no detail about her career in the media, she appears to be doing well, especially as a makeup artist.

The makeup artist started her career back in her hometown of Michoacan, Mexico. In the 1980s, she decided to relocate to the United States for better opportunities. She has always been a hard worker, but she was able to gain popularity and become a celebrity makeup artist following her daughter’s fame.

She has since continued to gain more media attention for the sake of her business. Most times, she uses Alexa or her second daughter as her models. She does their makeup, takes pictures of them, and posts them on her Instagram page.

Who is Rose Mendez Married To?

Presently, there is no information about who the writer is married to or whether she is in any form of romantic relationship. However, she was once married to Scott Wilson Vanerstrom, Alexa’s father. The former couple separated when Alexa was only eight years old. The reason for their separation is not known, but the actress revealed that her father left them and she was raised by her single mother, aunty, and grandmother.

There is no information about Scott and what he has been up to since then. Alexa Mendez claims that regardless of her father’s absence during her early life, she still has a great relationship with him. As for his relationship with his ex-wife, we cannot tell how that is going as she has kept the matter private.

How Many Kids Does Rose Mendez Have?

Aside from Alexa Demie who is an actress and the most popular of her daughters, Rose has two other daughters; Falize Rome and another daughter whom much has not been disclosed. Meet the Mendez girls below.

Actress Alexa Demie is Rose Mendez’s Eldest Child

  • ALEXA DEMIE AGE: 32 Years Old
  • BIRTH YEAR: 1990 
  • BIRTHPLACE: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • ETHNICITY: Mixed-American
  • FATHER: Scott Wilson Vanerstrom
  • MOTHER: Rose Mendez
  • SIBLINGS: Felize Rome

Alexa Demie formerly went by the full name Alexa Demie Wilson Vanerstrom before she changed it to her present name. She is the eldest of Rose Mendez’s three girls and has grown to become an actress of high standing.

She is popular for her role as Maddy Perez in Euphoria (2019), an HBO American teen drama series. Aside from this, Alexa has acting credit in other TV series like The OA (2019, as Ingrid in Episode: “Treasure Island”), Love (2018 as Marina in 2 episodes), and Ray Donovan (2016 as Shairee in 3 episodes).

In addition, Alexa has starred in films like Nineteen on Fire (2021 as Paisley), Waves (2019 as Alexis Lopez), Brigsby Bear (2018 as Merideth), and others. With an acting career, she has about $6 million as her net worth and earns roughly $215, 000 yearly.

Regarding her relationship life, Alexa is single but possibly with Christian Berishaj (an R&B musician and music producer) since December 2018. The duo had met earlier in 2017 but sometime around 2020, they reportedly had a squabble between them but neither of them has confirmed or denied their breakup.

Rose Mendez’s Second Daughter Falize Rome is a Model and Fashion Designer

  • BIRTHPLACE: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • ETHNICITY: Mixed -American
  • MOTHER: Rose Mendez
  • SIBLINGS: Alexa Demie

Falize Rome is the writer’s second daughter and younger sister to Alexa. She is an Instagram sensation and a fashion designer who owns a clothing line named “RomebyFalize”. She sells female wear, especially bikinis.

Unlike her sister, details about her birth, paternity, and career exploits are far-fetched. But from the content she shares online about her modeling gigs, it is generally believed that Falize is doing well in her career. The beautiful model stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches and weighs 45 kg.

Rose Mendez’s Youngest Child is Also a Girl

The third child of Rose Mendez is not popular and we do not yet have information about her, her father, or when she was born. But from the videos and pictures her mother shares about her on Instagram, it can be seen that she is still a young girl.

Rose Mendez is a Great Mum

The mother of three shares a beautiful bond with her daughters, especially the most famous one Alexa. Evidently, she is doing well as a mother and she relates with her daughters as though they are friends. She also follows them to red carpet events and you can hardly tell that they are not of the same age.

It is safe to say that more than anything else, Rose Mendez loves being a mother. On her Instagram profile, she proudly describes herself as the proud mother of three girls, among other things she does for a living. Even more, she flaunts her daughters as often as she can, especially Alexia and Falize who are both Instagram personalities with a good number of followers.


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