Who Is Kerrion Franklin, Kirk Franklin’s Son and Why Was He Jailed?

Kerrion Franklin (born on May 1988 and is currently 34 years old) is the son of Kirk Franklin, whom he had with his teenage partner Shawn Ewing a few years before they divorced. Currently, Kerrion earns a living as an entertainer. Here’s more to know about him.

Summary of Kerrion Franklin’s Biography

  • Full name: Kerrion Franklin
  • Gender: Male
  • Year of birth: May 1988
  • Kerrion Franklin’s Age: 34 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Kerrion Franklin’s Mother: Shawn Ewing
  • Siblings: Kennedy Franklin, Carrington Franklin, Caziah Franklin
  • School Attended: Santa Monica College
  • Famous for: being Kirk Franklin’s son
  • Kerrion Franklin’s Instagram: @kerriondivine

Kerrion Franklin, Born in 1988, is the First Among Kirk Franklin’s Kids

Kerrion Franklin is 34 years old. He was born in May 1988 and is the eldest son of Kirk Franklin, who was born to him by Shawn Ewing. Kerrion is American by nationality and is affiliated with the Christianity religion. A few years after he was born, his parents separated. He, however, has other siblings whose names are Caziah Franklin, Kennedy Franklin, and Carrington Franklin.

Like his father, he attended Santa Monica College while pursuing a career in the arts. He began his career as the director of photography for Christina Milian’s apparel line in 2015 and has subsequently worked for Evidence Productions and, as of 2016, Revolt Media & TV.

Who is Kerrion Franklin’s Biological Mother?

As earlier mentioned, Kerrion Franklin’s biological mother is Shawn Ewing. Shawn Ewing is a public speaker, minister, and philanthropic developer. Kirk Franklin was 17 years old when he got Shawn Ewing pregnant. The parents welcomed their first child Kerrion in 1988. The teen parents encountered numerous challenges, and their relationship eventually hit a rock.

Kerrion Franklin Doesn’t Share a Good Relationship With His Father

It is public knowledge that Kerrion does not have a good relationship with his father. Since he was a teenager, there have been issues in their relationship. As one of the most famous men in the world of gospel music, Kirk Franklin has worked hard to maintain an excellent reputation. However, Kirk Franklin’s public image is being questioned due to the recently released audio of his estranged son, Kerrion. The audio includes profanity and threats from Kirk Franklin.

On March 13, Kerrion posted an audio clip of him and Kirk arguing over the phone on Instagram. In the clip, Kirk can be heard saying, “You need to get your ass out of the way before I break my foot in your ass.” Kerrion responds by challenging him, and then Kirk says, “I’m going to break your neck. Never disrespect me.” Shortly thereafter, the call ends abruptly.

Kirk Apologized to Kerroin for His Conduct

In the post’s caption, Kerrion wrote of his father: “I don’t feel safe around him.” After the post, Kirk and Kerrion began to trend online as the media sought to unravel to what extent the relationship between the duo had degenerated. Discussion over the audio got more intense after Kirk posted a video of his own on his social media profiles in which he apologized to his fans.

With all the attention and controversies, Kirk went on to clarify the matter and also apologized to his son for his mistake. The Grammy Award winner explained his own side of the story and how the incident came about and expressed regret for his statement in a touching video that he put on Instagram.

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Kerrion Franklin Does Entertainment Business like His Father

Like his father, Kerroin Franklin is also talented in arts. Available reports have it that he works as a producer and cinematographer and has as well authored some literary works. On his social media pages, more especially Instagram, he often shares pictures of his works with the company name Swank Media LLC.

Aside from this, Kerrion also has some credits as he has appeared on the screen. The films “Cartwheels and Backflips” (2015), “Comedy Bit: Trash,” and “Mike, Guy Who Takes Everything Too Literally” (2014) all feature Kerrion Franklin.

What is Kerrion Franklin’s Net Worth?

As of this writing, Kerrion Franklin has an estimated net worth conservatively put to be about $300,000, which he has been able to earn working as an entertainer and sound producer ever since he left school.

Seeing how well Kerrion is already doing in his chosen profession, there is almost a certainty that he will keep growing and get to the zenith of his career in no distant time, and this should expectedly translate into his overall net worth.

Is Kerrion Franklin Gay or Bisexual?

Kerrion Franklin is bisexual. A heterosexual cast member persuaded him into admitting that he was bisexual during an episode of Bad Boys: Los Angeles. Kerrion Franklin said, “Let me put this out there. Love is blind, so I can’t control who is attracted to me; all I can do is do my thing. I’ve got every letter in the alphabet in my DMs. I’m polyamorous, first and foremost.”

The relationship between Kerrion and Kirk became worsened after Kerrion revealed that he was bisexual.

In 2007, Kerrion was Arrested and Detained for Driving a Missing Woman’s Car

Kerrion Franklin was detained without bond as a result of prior warrants. According to news publications, he neglected a court order in 2007 after being charged with three misdemeanors, including lying to a police officer, using a fake California driver’s license or California identity, and having custody of alcohol while underage.

Kerrion was detained on Sunday, April 10, at around 7:30 a.m. According to Beverly Hills Police court documents, he is accused of using a vehicle that belonged to a woman who was reported missing and is believed to have passed away. Kerrion denied ownership of the vehicle and any connection to the woman in question, even though a gun was also found in the car.

Talk Show Host Larry Reid Claimed Kerroin was Wrongfully Detained

According to an Atlanta-based entertainment news talk show host Larry Reid, Kerrion was “wrongfully detained” after being initially pulled over by police. Kerrion believes the charges were added after authorities claimed he resisted arrest, even though it appeared the arrest was related to another allegation brought against him.

From a prison cell, Kerrion called Reid. “I’m simply trying to think positively. I genuinely do want to lead a moral life; none of this is essential. Just remember me in your prayers, Kerrion stated, according to Reid. Kerrion was later released on June 1. Although, Kirk Franklin didn’t say anything about the detainment of his son.

Kerrion Franklin’s Social Media Account

Kerrion makes use of social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook. His Instagram username is @kerriondivine. He has more than 140,000 followers on Instagram. He also has a Facebook account with the username Kerrion Franklin. However, he’s more active on Instagram, where he uploads numerous posts.


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