Who is Kay Kinsey? All About Karl Malone’s Wife

Kay Kinsey is the wife of Karl Malone, the American former professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association. Kay has been married to her husband for 33 years. She was born on 8th August 1964 and is 59 years old.

Although she is today best known as the wife of the former NBA player, Kay Kinsey’s very first introduction to the limelight was in 1988 when she was crowned Miss Idaho. Before her marriage to Karl, she was a supermodel, but is now a businesswoman. Kay left her modeling career to become a business executive, managing various businesses, including the Teriyaki Grill restaurant in Ruston, Louisiana.

Summary of Kay Kinsey’s Bio

  • Full name: Kay Kinsey
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 8th August 1964
  • Kay Kinsey’s Age: 59 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Kay Kinsey’s Husband: Karl Malone
  • Kay Kinsey’s Children: Four; Kade, Kylee, Karl Jr. “K.J.”, and Karlee
  • Kay Kinsey’s Parents: Bob Kinsey and Celestina Kinsey
  • Siblings: Sharon Knsey and two others
  • Kay Kinsey’s Height in Inches: 5 feet and 8 inches
  • Kay Kinsey’s Height in Centimeters: 172 cm
  • Kay Kinsey’s Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs.)
  • Kay Kinsey’s Net worth: $75,000
  • Famous for: Being the wife of Karl Malone
  • Kay Kinsey’s Instagram: @mamail32

How Old Is Karl Malone?

Karl Malone’s wife was born Kay Kinsey on 8th August 1964 in San Antonio, Texas, United States. She is currently 59 years old and her zodiac sign is Leo. Kay is a citizen of America and belongs to a mixed ethnic background (White and Asian). Her parents, Bob Kinsey and Celestina Kinsey, met and married in 1961.

Kay Kinsey
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Her father is a retired US military officer and given the condition of his job, the family moved around a lot, living in different places in the States such as Hawaii, California, Idaho, and Texas. Sadly, Kay lost her mother, Celestine, in 2009 following a battle with colon cancer. Kay, who revealed she was very close to her mother, felt the pain of her loss more than every other person in the family.

She has three siblings with whom she grew up and apart from Sharon, the identities of the other two are yet to be revealed. Kay Kinsey attended a local high school in Idan after which she proceeded to Bosie State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

Kay Kinsey Has Been Karl Malone’s Wife For More Than Three Decades

Malone and Kinsey met for the first time in 1989 at an autograph signing event at a shopping mall in Lake Salt City, Utah. Apart from Karl, Kay’s brother-in-law was also in the line for an autograph and she asked him about Karl. Her sister, Sharon, having noticed she had an interest in the player, shared her photo with Karl afterward.

Kay Kinsey and her husband Karl Malone
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Soon after, Karl and Kay started talking and subsequently met, fell in love, and started dating. In the following year, precisely on 24th December 1990 which was on Christmas Eve, they tied the knot at Malone’s home in Salt Lake City. Today, their marriage has lasted for 54 years and still counting.

Kay Has Four Biological Children and Three Stepchildren

Kay Kinsey and her husband, Karl Malone, share seven children, however, three out of these seven are not Kay’s biological children but products of Karl’s previous relationships before he met and married her. That is to say that Kay Kinsey has four children; three daughters and a son from her marriage to the famous former NBA star.

The couple had their first child, Kadee, on 8th November 1991, one year into their marriage. Kade, who is now 32 years old, runs a staples business, dealing in homemade vape juices, hemp oils, and Dominican cigarettes. More so, going by her LinkedIn profile, Kade is the general manager of Legends Cigar and Vape located in Garland, Texas. She is engaged to her boyfriend, Cedric Johnson.

Kay and Karl welcomed their second child, Kylee on 7th April 1993. Currently 31 years old, Kyle Malone owns and runs Smile Kylee Tooth Gem, a brand that specializes in fixing pricey gems on clients’ teeth. She is married to Joey Lopez and together they share two children.

Kay’s large family including her children, stepchildren, in-laws, and grandchildren

The couple’s third child, a son named Karl Jr. “K.J.” arrived on 8th May 1995. Following in his father’s footsteps in the sports world, K.J. is a U.S. Marshall and former footballer, who played as an offensive lineman. He quit his career in 2018 after sustaining a knee injury. K.J. is currently pursuing a career in law enforcement and is reportedly dating Kaitlyn Walker.

Kay and Karl had their youngest child, a daughter named Karlee on 29th May 1998, making her 26 years old now. Karlee has an interest in taking the career path of her mother as a model. She has yet to fully start taking on the career, but going by her social media posts, she really loves fashion. Karlee is married to Brent Diaz, a Milwaukee Brewers player.

Meet Kay Kinsey Stepchildren

Kay Kinsey’s three stepchildren include a twin son Darryl and daughter Cheryl born on 6th June 1981, and a son, Demetress Bell, born on 3rd May 1984. Karl Malones had his twins with a woman named Bonita Ford and Demetress, with one named Gloria Bell. While Ceryl played basketball with the WNBA, Darryl is involved in his father’s numerous businesses.

Demetress Bell is an American football offensive tackle. In 2008, he was drafted by the NFL and played for the Buffalo Bills and has been playing ever since then. Bell has built a good relationship with his stepmother and stepsiblings. In fact, the large family is now a blended one that shares a close bond with each other. Kay and Karl are living in their six-bedroom mansion in Ruston, Louisiana.

Kay Kinsey was Previously a Model and is Now a  Businesswoman.

The wife of Karl is also notable in her own right, besides being a celebrity wife. The mother of four worked as a model in her younger years and in 1988 won the Miss Idaho USA title. However, she quit her modeling career just after her marriage and focused on business.

Since 1999, she has been running the Wolfe Krest Bed and Breakfast located in Salt Lake City. More significantly, Kay Kinsey, alongside her husband, founded and runs the Teriyaki Grill restaurant in Ruston, Louisiana. She also actively takes part in managing her husband’s Arby’s franchises in the same area.

Some of these businesses are Eskimoe’s Ice Cream, Arby’s in Ruston, and a car dealership. Apart from that, Malone also owns two other car dealerships in a city in Utah in addition to three Jiffy Lube franchises, one Burger King store in Utah and another one in Idaho. To say the least, Kay has taken gross responsibility for running these businesses.

She puts a lot of her time into them and is recording decent success. Although her net worth is estimated at $75,000, the report is not verified as it is quite certain that she is worth more than that. We only believe most part of the business proceeds are being awarded to her husband, who currently has a gigantic net worth of $75 million.


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