Who Is Jo Koy’s Girlfriend and What Happened With Chelsea Handler?

Following his most recent relationship with Chelsea Handler, Jo Koy has not been officially in a relationship with anyone. However, he recently sparked dating rumors after he was spotted with a mystery woman on a picnic.

Joseph Glenn Herbert, best known by his stage name, Jo Koy, is an American stand-up comedian and actor. Away from his flourishing career in the entertainment industry, the entertainer has been in the news for some time because of his romantic life. Here’s more, including a timeline of his longtime relationship with fellow comedian Chelsea Handler.

Who Is Jo Koy Dating Now?

Jo Koy’s current relationship status has been of great interest to his fans. As of the time of writing this post, the American comedian is not publicly in a relationship with any woman. Jo, who has always been open about his personal life, has this time not been open about dating anyone.

Meanwhile, it seems the comedian has unofficially found love again. Jo was in September 2021 spotted on a picnic with a woman whose identity is yet to be known. The alleged couple was seen in a garden spending quality time together and displaying some PDA. This came just two months after he broke up with his girlfriend, Chelsea Handler.

Jo Koy and his alleged new lover
Jo Koy and his alleged new lover, image source

Although nothing about the lady’s identity is known to the public, the new woman has been described as a brunette. The duo lay passionately close to each other on a blanket on a lawn outside Alfred Coffee in Pacific Palisade, Los Angeles, California.

Moreover, a source who claimed to be close to them said that they were seen kissing in the coffee shop shortly before stepping out for the picnic. Howbeit, as we earlier mentioned about Jo being always open about his romantic life, this time, he has not made any comment regarding the lady. Be it as it may, Jo seems to have moved on from his previous relationship with Chelsea.

Are Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler Still Dating?

No! American comedians Jo Koy 52 and Chelsea Handler 48 are no longer dating. The former couple called it quits in July 2021 after more than twenty years of friendship and nearly one year of dating.

What Happened Between Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler?

Even though it appeared that Jo and Handler were inseparable, the once beautiful relationship eventually turned sour. Their friendship/relationship was one that many people, especially their fans, developed an interest in. However, some years down the line, the story turned differently for the two love birds, and they would go their separate ways.

Jo Koy and Chelsea Started as Friends in 2000

In early 2000, Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler were introduced to each other through a mutual friend, Jon Lovitz. They started as casual friends, but as time went on, they got used to each other. Given that they are both pursuing the same career as comedians, Jo and Chelsea started working together more often. They frequently shared stages between 2007 and 2014 at Chelsea Lately, Handler’s late-night show.

The Duo Privately Started Dating Twenty Years Later, in 2020

Koy and Handler’s platonic relationship would gradually blossom into romance. In December 2021, during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the pair recalled how their romance started the previous year. In December 2020, Jo asked Chelsea if he could call her, and she responded, “Not if you’re trying to f— me.”

They began to talk and call each other more frequently, and their friendship advanced over the next eight months. By 2021 summer, Chelsea had begun to make appearances in several videos on Jo Koy’s Instagram. In June 2021, Jo posted a video where both of them were seen hanging out and teasing each other.

In the same month also, Koy shared a video on his Instagram where he was showing Chelsea how to cook rice. All these sparked rumors that they were dating, but they remained silent about it. In an interview with TMZ in September 2021, he revealed to have known Chelsea for a long time and that they have been great friends.

Speaking further, he said that Handler made the first move in August 2021 by asking him to kiss her. Although their relationship was still exclusive at this time, Jo had no problem singing Chelsea’s praises at any opportunity he had. They continued to hang out and be photographed together on several occasions. Yet, they kept people in the dark even amidst a lot of relationship rumors.

The Lovebirds Announced their Relationship and Publicly Professed Love For Each Other

Koy and Handler went official on 27th September 2021 after decades of friendship. On her official Instagram page, Chelsea shared two photos of them, one sharing a kiss with Jo and another posing with her right hand connected around his shoulder. “He’s on tour, I’m on tour, sometimes we tour together,” she captioned the photos.

In the following month, Handler hosted Jo on her Dear Chelsea Podcast, where both of them discussed how their friendship evolved over the course of several years. According to the lovers, they had this amazing chemistry in the early days of their friendship but did not acknowledge the attraction.

Revealing how and when their love began to unfold, Handler said that things started to heat up between them when Koy asked her to write the blurb of his book, Mixed Plate. Then, they had reasons to stay together more often, and from there, things started to progress “organically.”

Also, on The Tonight Show, Chelsea, while speaking to Jimmy Fallon, revealed more about her romance with Koy. In her words, men are very discouraging, and she wasn’t sure who she would eventually end up with, but that was until she started a relationship with Jo Koy. “If I fell in love at the age of 46, I have hope for every person in this world,” she added.

She told Fallon that they couldn’t let each other go after Koy appeared on E! show. “…so he became my best buddy and then I also, you know, get to have sex with him … Fun time!” she revealed. The two kept on strengthening their relationship by frequently professing love for each other both on social media and at public events, stunning fans with how well they were able to get along with themselves.

Timeline of Jo and Chelsea’s Couple-Goal Relationship

Jo Koy and Handler’s relationship grew to become one of the most talked about love stories in the American entertainment scene. In November 2021, the two had their best times on a vacation in Hawaii. They individually took to their Instagram to share various loved-up photos of themselves.

“It’s Jo Koy day in Hawaii and I’m celebrating with the woman of my dreams”, Jo captioned one of his posts. On 7th December 2021, they made their red carpet debut at the 2021 People’s Choice Awards, where Chelsea won an award for her show, Vaccinated and Horny.

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Jo proved that they were able to handle not only the good in their relationship but also the bad. Handler, in early February 2022, was hospitalized after she was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. Koy stood by her side and assisted her in every possible way until the time she was discharged from the hospital.

On 2022 Valentine’s day, Handler and Koy appeared on an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show and talked about the growth of their relationship. Later in the same month, the couple enjoyed another vacation in a bid to celebrate Chelsea’s 47th birthday. They were seen all over the media having a great time together. “Doing all the things I love with the man I love,” Handler captioned some of the vacation posts.

On 3rd April 2022, Handler publicly appreciated Koy for staying by her side as she marked her first Grammy nomination. The couple together walked the red carpet at the 2022 Grammy Awards. For one certain thing, Handler and Koy were well known for always lavishing kind and sweet words on each other. It was indeed a great love story for the two.

On 2nd June 2022, which was Jo Koy’s 51st birthday, Chelsea took to her Instagram and penned a sweet message for Koy, which read in part, “Happy birthday, to my guy! I love you to the moon and then over to the sun, and back. You’re the sweetest @jokoy.” They also found time to visit New York City, and as usual, shared a series of their vacation photos looking cozy at Grand Banks, an oyster bar at Pier 25 in Manhattan.

Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler Announced Their Breakup in July 2022

As beautiful as their relationship appeared, Jo and Chelsea eventually broke up, to the shock of their fans. On 18th July 2020, after barely one year of official dating, Chelsea Handler announced on her Instagram page that she and Jo Koy had broken up.

Accompanying the information was a beautiful video they had previously filmed in anticipation of their one-year anniversary, which would have been in September. The breakup message read in part, “It is with a heavy heart to announce that we have decided together that it is best for us to take a break from our relationship right now…”.

In the video, they spoke about the lessons they learned from each other. Also, Chelsea did not fail to acknowledge the fact that many of their fans invested in their love and wanted to see them stay happily together ever.

She further thanked their fans for their continuous support and love and said, “continue to root for both of us.” Handler had nothing but good things to say about her ex Jo. To say the least, she penned, “to be loved and adored by @jokoy has been one of the greatest gifts of my life.”

The Ex-couple Are Still In Good Terms

Despite their breakup, Koy had said that he and Chelsea are still great friends. When asked during an interview with TMZ if they still keep in touch, Koy said that everything is fine between them, that they have always been great friends, and that the love they have for each other is still there.

As expected, the interviewer tried to persuade him to reveal more about their breakup, but Jo wouldn’t speak further or disclose who ended the relationship.

On 31st July 2022, on the carpet for his new movie, Easter Sunday, Jo told Entertainment Tonight that he and Handler are still on good terms and would always get each other’s back. He categorically stated that the goal is for everyone to win and also added that going back to being friends again feels so great.

Chelsea Hinted at How She Felt About the Breakup

Although their split seems amicable, it is obviously not without pain. In August 2022, Chelsea Handler, for the first time, opened up about how she felt over her break up with Jo and how she’s been keeping up with her emotions. While speaking on the “We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle” podcast, Handler shared the psychological toll the breakup is taking on her.

She admitted that the split caused her pain, but she is also thankful for the courage and ability to recognize when something isn’t working out. Handler said to be handling the breakup in an honest way for the first time in her life. She also said that she is going to therapy which greatly helped her understand that every door that closes is another opening for a new beginning.

Nevertheless, she told of how Jo renewed her faith in men and made her be completely who she is. She reiterated how much it means for a man to love a woman and not ever get intimidated by her success and fierceness.

What Actually Led to Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler’s Separation?

It is worth noting that neither Jo nor Chelsea stated exactly what went wrong between them. But, just as we expected, different versions of rumors have been making rounds, citing different stories of what was the actual reason for their breakup.

While some sources quoted that they did not give each other enough time owing to their conflicting schedules, others have it that they started having a lot of disagreements over everything, which would result in frequent arguments and quarrels. In all, none of these are verified information, as the ex-couple seems to have decided to keep mute over it

Meanwhile, a source reported that some friends that are close to them are hopeful that this is not a permanent separation and that they can still work it out. Their relationship didn’t produce any child.


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