Who is Ian Drennan? Everything To Know About Caroline Polachek’s Ex-Husband

Ian Drennan is a musical artist but he is mostly known as the former husband of Caroline Polachek, a popular American singer-songwriter.

Ian and Caroline got married sometime in 2015 after dating for a while. Their marriage gained so much publicity as it was extensively covered by Vogue magazine. But as fate would have it, the union was not meant to last: it packed up in 2018, leaving many to wonder what happened to the couple who seemed inseparable.

While a lot of people might need to be told a thing or two about who Ian Drennan is; it is not the case for Caroline Polachek who has enjoyed mainstream recognition across the globe for over a decade and a half, thanks to her career as a singer-songwriter. The American singer is widely admired for her musical style often described as alternative pop. She has also become a force to reckon with in genres like experimental pop, indie pop, and art pop.

Summary of Ian Drennan's Bio
  • Full name: Ian Drennan
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: September 24 (Year Unknown))
  • Ian Drennan’s Age: Early or Mid-30s (As of 2022)
  • Ethnicity: White American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ian Drennan’s Ex-Wife: Caroline Polachek
  • Famous for: Marriage to Caroline Polachek

Ian Drennan Was Born and Raised Somewhere in Bergen County, New Jersey

Unlike his ex-wife Caroline Elizabeth Polachek, many details are yet to be learned about the family background and early life of Ian Drennan. For instance, it is no secret that Caroline was born in Manhattan, New York City but raised in Connecticut. It is also common knowledge that she is 36 years old as she was born on the 20th of June 1985. All of such information about her ex-husband is not easily accessible.

Drennan’s age is yet to be confirmed but reports have it that he celebrates his birthday every 24th of September. Solely based on his looks, it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that he is in his early 30s or approaching mid-30s at the moment. Regarding his family background, it is clear that he is a white American.

The only fact we can substantiate about Ian’s background is that he is a native of New Jersey. From what we gathered, he was born and raised somewhere in Bergen County which happens to be the most populous county in the state. After Drennan finished high school in New Jersey, he moved to Boston to further his education and his career pursuit would eventually have him settle in New York City.

He Also Makes a Living as a Musical Artist

Alex Craig and Ian Drennan
Alex Craig and Ian Drennan image source

If Ian Drennan and his ex-wife Caroline Polachek have anything in common, it’s the fact that they are both passionate about music. Although the former is nowhere near the latter’s career achievements, there is no doubt that he is a talented artist. If we are not mistaken, he first gained some measure of publicity as an artist when he partnered with Alex Craig to form a musical duo known as Big Trouble.

Alex had been his long-time friend with whom he attended the same high school. After high school, Alex left for New York for college and Ian went to Boston but they later got back together and decided to record; this marked the birth of Big Trouble. According to Drennan, his biggest musical influence was the early and mid-90 garage rock.

Ian Drennan and Caroline Polachek Got Married in 2015 and Divorced in 2018

The former couple was not secretive about their relationship but they weren’t the kind to share everything about their relationship with the public. For instance, it is hard to tell how they met, what attracted them to each other, and exactly when they began dating. However, it is speculated that it was music that brought them together and that they dated for a while before they got married.

Details of the beginning of their relationship may not be known but it was not a secret that they got married in 2015. Their wedding took place in Staten Island at the New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden. Given the status of the woman to whom Ian was getting married, it’s no surprise that the wedding gained the attention of the media and was extensively covered by Vogue.

It was a memorable wedding officiated by Pamela Kuhn known to be Caroline Polachek’s opera teacher. Sadly the marriage didn’t get to witness three years. Ian and Caroline decided to part ways and officially did so in 2018.

Ian Drennan and Caroline Polachek
Ian Drennan and Caroline Polachek image source

Why Did Ian Drennan and Caroline Polachek Divorce?

It seems Ian and Caroline had a peaceful separation as there was no public drama surrounding their divorce. Right from the time it emerged that the former couple decided to end their marriage, people have been curious about what led to it. But the former couple has decided to keep whatever transpired between them.

Neither of the two has addressed what happened to their marriage but it is believed that Caroline addressed this in several songs of Pang, her 2019 album. Songs like “Ocean of Tears”, “Look at Me Now”, and “New Normal” bothers around her relationship with Ian but are elusive of what led to their separation.

In all, the quiet nature of their divorce has made it hard to figure out what happened. They had no kids together so there was no child custody battle which has had many couples spill the beans regarding what transpired in their relationship.

Who Is Ian Drennan Dating Now?

The ex-husband of Caroline Polachek, as far as the public knows, has not been in any relationship since his divorce from the famous American singer-songwriter. While it is possible that he has been in a relationship and kept it away from the public, it is widely believed that he is not dating anyone at the moment.

Polachek, on the other hand, has moved on with her love life. She is currently in a relationship with Matt Copson. Reports have it that Copson is a visual artist with whom Caroline has co-directed some of her music videos.

Where Is Ian Drennan Now?

Various reports have it that Ian Drennan still lives in New York City and continues to explore musical opportunities. He wasn’t someone known to embrace the spotlight when he was married to Caroline Polachek. So his divorce from her has made it hard to keep up with him.


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