Who Is Courtney Taylor Olsen? Biography of Elizabeth Olsen’s Sister

Courtney Taylor Olsen (born 10th of May 1997) is a 26-year-old American woman best known as the half-sister of actors Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen.

Courtney Taylor Olsen falls under the class of celebs who tested fame because of their blood ties with mainstream celebrities. In Courtney’s case, she is the half-sister of juvenile actors, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen who are now making waves in the fashion industry. Another one of her half-sisters, Elizabeth Olsen is an actress known for the roles she has played in several productions, especially The Avengers franchise.

Left alone, Courtney is a private person who loves to live her life under the radar, consequently, very little is known about her, but tidbits keep filtering out to the public space.

Courtney Taylor Olsen’s Bio Summary
  • Full Name: Courtney Taylor Olsen
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 10th of May 1997
  • Courtney Taylor Olsen’s Age: 26
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Courtney Taylor Olsen’s Parents: David and Mckenzie Olsen (born Martha Taylor)
  • Siblings: James Trent Olsen, Ashley and May-Kate Olsen (twins), Elizabeth Olsen, and Jake Olsen.
  • Courtney Taylor Olsen’s Height in Inches: 5’4″
  • Courtney Taylor Olsen’s Height in Centimetres: 163
  • Courtney Taylor Olsen’s Weight: 123 pounds
  • Body measurements in Inches: 34-25-33
  • Body measurements in Centimeters: 86-64-84
  • Famous For: Being a celebrity relative
  • Courtney Taylor Olsen’s Instagram: courtneytaylorolsen

Courtney Taylor Olsen Was Born to David and McKenzie Olsen

Courtney Taylor Olsen
The Olsen family picture image source

Born in Los Angeles California, Courtney Taylor Olsen celebrates her birthday every 10th of May, and her year of birth is said to be 1997. There were minor misunderstandings about Courtney’s age as a claim from media outlets said she is a 1996 baby, however, that particular grey area was elucidated through her mother’s tweets.

She is the first child born to David Olsen and his second wife, McKenzie Olsen whose name at birth was Martha Taylor. While David earns a living as a real estate developer, McKenzie used to work as his secretary before they got married. David has Norwegian ancestry.

Far from being an only child, Courtney is the fourth of David Olsen’s children. She spent her growing up years with five siblings, three sisters and two brothers namely, James Trent, Ashley, Mary-Kate (twins), Elizabeth, and Jake Olsen.

As for Courtney Taylor Olsen’s academic history, there is no bit of information about that aspect of her life. However, it is believed that she is well educated.

What Parent Does Courtney Taylor Olsen Share With Elizabeth Olsen?

It is true that Courtney Taylor Olsen is a sibling to Elizabeth Olsen as witnessed in her Insta Stories where she claimed the movie star as her big sister. However, it has been established that they are not full siblings. They only have their father, David Olsen in common.

Elizabeth’s mum is quite different from Courtney’s mother. The star of the WandaVision series was born by Jarnette Olsen, the first wife of David Olsen. Jarnette is also the mother of Trent, and the twins, Ashley and Mary-Kate. Courtney’s only direct sibling is Jake Olsen, the baby of the family.

Is Courtney Taylor Olsen Older Than The Olsen Twins?

Courtney Taylor Olsen is relatively very young compared to her half-sisters. In fact, she is the youngest Olsen sister. The oldest child in the family is James Trent Olsen who made appearances in juvenile roles in some direct-to-video shorts but is presently a producer, jazz musician, and co-author of comic books. Trent was born in 1984.

After Trent came the celebrity twins, the movie stars turned fashion designers Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen who are two years younger than Trent as they were born in 1986. The third Olsen sister Elizabeth Olsen joined the family in 1989, three years after the twins were born.

It was only after David Olsen have divorced his first wife and married his then secretary, Mckenzie that Courtney Taylor Olsen was born in 1997 – this makes her 13 years younger than Trent Olsen, 11 years the twins’ junior, and eight years younger than Elizabeth.

Courtney is only older than Jake Olsen who is the baby of the family. Jake is her junior by one year and they are both the children of Mckenzie and David Olsen.

Did Courtney Olsen Follow The Steps of Her Sisters In Acting?

People who are privy to Courtney Taylor Olsen’s existence have asked if she followed in the footsteps of her siblings. Considering the level of fame and popularity the Olsens have raked up, that particular question isn’t out of place at all. The twins, Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen spent nearly their first 10 years on Full House from nine months to their ninth year. It was after starring in New York Minute that they left to pursue a fashion career which has become a smashing success.

Elizabeth Olsen, Ashley and Mary Kate’s immediate younger sister became an onscreen hit starting at the age of four with several cameos. She made her name in Martha Marcy May Marlene in 2011, earning praises and commendation. Today, Elizabeth is best recognized for the role of Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch in The Avengers franchise.

With sisters who have written their names in gold in the entertainment industry, fans really expected Courtney Taylor Olsen to toe the same line, but that is obviously not the case. She has decided to keep the details of her professional life under wraps but it is glaring that the fourth Olsen sister is not involved in the entertainment industry in any capacity.

However, Courtney’s penchant for privacy has not stopped fans from dressing her in borrowed robes. At a point, she was mistaken for a certain Taylor Olsen who is a working actor with onscreen roles in productions like YOLO: The Movie and Malignant Spirits: Sense of Fiction. Even the trusted IMDb came up with claims that they are the same person.

It was YOLO: The Movie producer who decided to clear the air in the film’s YouTube comments section. The moviemaker agreed that the movie sports a Taylor Olsen, albeit a dude.

Even her direct brother Jake has also been a victim of the same mistaken identity. Fans have continuously mistaken the youngest Olsen sibling for any actor that goes by the same name but Jake has never graced the screen in any production.

We must also acknowledge the fact that all the Olsen sisters have one thing in common – their total aversion to the radar of the media. They prefer to live their lives privately and never share much about themselves while on interview sessions.

Courtney Taylor Olsen is on Instagram

Despite keeping the details of her career life away from the prying eyes of the public, Courtney Taylor Olsen established a presence on the picture-sharing platform, Instagram. However, the IG page has never been used for sharing revealing information about the Olsen family, fans only get to see glimpses of brief snapshots of Courtney’s life.

One thing that Courtney’s Insta Stories have revealed is the fact that the fourth Olsen sister is close friends with A-list celebrities Luka Kloser – a musician, Madison Pettis – an actress, and Julia Scorupco – the daughter of Izabella Scorupco, a known actress of Polish origin.

It was also on Courtney’s IG page that we witnessed her share a poster of Elizabeth where her half-big sister was seen in the Avengers: Infinity War ad. The caption “Just admiring my badass of a sister” is an indication that Courtney and Elizabeth have a close bond. However, because the Olsen family loves to keep their lives under lock and key, it is difficult to say how close they are to each other.


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