Who Is Betty Broderick’s Daughter Kim Broderick and What is Her Net Worth?

Kim Broderick (born January 7, 1970) is the 53-year-old daughter of Betty Broderick, the American convicted criminal who infamously murdered her ex-husband, Dan Broderick, and his second wife, Linda Kolkena. She has a net worth of $1 million.

Kim was born into a wealthy family and appeared to have everything going well for her. But everything crashed down when her mother pulled the trigger that ended her father’s life. The situation surrounding the murder thrust her into the spotlight especially because she bravely testified against her mother afterward. She has since rebuilt her life and is now said to be worth about $1 million.

Summary of Kim Broderick’s Biography 

  • Full name: Kimberly Broderick
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: January 7, 1970
  • Kim Broderick’s Age: 53 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christinaity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Kim Broderick’s Husband: John Piggins
  • Kim Broderick’s Children:
  • Kim Broderick’s Parents: Dan Broderick and Betty Broderick
  • Siblings: Lee Broderick, Daniel Broderick, and Rhett Broderick
  • Kim Broderick’s Height in Inches: 5 ft 6 inches
  • Kim Broderick’s Height in Centimetres: 168 cm
  • Kim Broderick’s Net worth: $1 million
  • Famous for: Being Betty Broderick’s daughter
  • Kim Broderick’s Instagram: Kim Broderick

Kim Broderick Was Born 53 Years Ago In San Diego

Kim Broderick was born on the 7th of January 1970. This means she is currently 53 years old. It also means that her star sign is Capricorn. Kim was born in San Diego, California. It was also in San Diego that Kim was raised by her family.

Different reports say Kim was a very bright girl right from when she was just a child and was known to be a curious person as she asked a lot of questions. She was also doted on by her parents especially her father who was a devout Catholic and loved his children.

Kim Broderick’s Ethnicity is Mixed

Having been born in the USA, Kim Broderick is clearly an American woman. However, she is also of mixed ethnicity. This is because, according to our findings, she has Irish as well as Italian roots. Reports say Kim’s diverse ancestry is a result of the fact that her grandmother had Irish-American heritage and her grandfather had Italian-American roots.

Some reports say her Irish-American grandmother descended from immigrants who arrived in the United States during the 19th century, seeking better opportunities and a new life. The blending of these two cultures is said to have had an impact on Kim’s upbringing. Kim grew into a very strong and bold woman who could speak her mind when she felt like it.

Kim Broderick’s Parents Were Respected Members Of Society

Kim’s parents, Dan Broderick and Betty Broderick were respected members of society. Her mother was born on November 7, 1947, in Bronxville, New York, and grew up as the third of six children to Marita and Frank Bisceglia. Her parents were strict so much was expected of all the Bisceglia children, including Betty. She recalled being trained to become a housewife since the day she was born.

She was expected to attend Catholic schools, find a Catholic man to marry, support him while he works, and eventually be blessed with beautiful grandchildren in her later years. Betty attended Maria Regina High School in Hartsdale, New York, and graduated in 1965. From there, she went on to attend the College of Mount Saint Vincent, a private Catholic college in New York City. Betty completed an accelerated program in early childhood education, which earned her a degree, as well as a minor in English through her earned credits.

On the other hand, Kim’s father, Dan Broderick was born on April 6, 1944, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and was the eldest of five children. He grew up in a working-class Irish Catholic family. His parents valued education, and all of their children went on to attend college. After graduating from Notre Dame University in 1965 with a degree in economics, Broderick served in the US Navy for three years.

After leaving the Navy, Broderick attended Harvard Law School and graduated in 1972. He then moved to San Diego, California, where became a member of the law firm called Gray, Cary, Ames & Frye. Following this, Broderick briskly climbed the ladder of importance in the firm and became known as a very skilled trial lawyer as he focused on medical malpractice cases. He was known for being aggressive in the courtroom and for winning large settlements for his clients.

In 1977, Broderick started his own law firm, Broderick & Associates. The firm specialized in medical malpractice cases and expanded to include personal injury, product liability, and business litigation. The firm was very successful, and Broderick became a wealthy man. In addition to his legal career, Broderick was also an entrepreneur. He invested in real estate, bought and sold businesses, and even owned a restaurant. He was known for his sharp business sense and his ability to spot good investment opportunities.

They Got Married In 1969

Kim Broderick’s parents, Betty and Dan Broderick’s story began in 1965 when they met at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. Betty was a student at the university, while Dan was studying to become a lawyer. They hit it off immediately and started dating. Their relationship blossomed over the years, and they eventually decided to tie the knot.

Kim Broderick
Kim Broderick’s parents, Betty and Dan Broderick.

On April 12, 1969, the couple exchanged vows at the Immaculate Conception Church in Tuckahoe, New York. The ceremony was a beautiful affair, attended by their family and friends. After the wedding, they went on a honeymoon, which was a romantic and memorable experience for them. According to some reports, they flew to the Caribbean for their honeymoon.

Soon after their honeymoon, Betty discovered that she was pregnant with their first child, Kim, and was ecstatic. To her, having a child was the greatest gift and she had just gotten that gift.

Kim Is The Oldest Of Four Siblings

Kim Broderick is not an only child. After she was born, her parents went on to have three other children. In 1971, just one year after Kim was born, Dan and Betty welcomed another daughter called Lee. Their family continued to grow, and in 1976, they welcomed their first son called Daniel who is also known as Danny. Three years later, in 1979, they welcomed their second son, Rhett.

As the eldest child, Kim was trained to lead her younger siblings and she became quite protective of them later on. Unfortunately, not all of Kim’s siblings survived. According to reports, in 1983, Kim’s mother, Betty gave birth to an unnamed baby boy who passed away just four days after his birth. This was a devastating experience for the family, and they were heartbroken by the loss of their child.

But, despite their tragedy, the Brodericks were a happy family. Dan’s law career took off, and he soon began earning over a million dollars annually at his prestigious law firm. Money was no longer a concern for the family, and they lived a luxurious lifestyle in La Jolla, California. According to reports, Kim’s family owned a ski condo, and a boat, and were members of various country clubs. In the garage sat a fire-red Corvette, emblematic of the family’s newfound success.

Their home was spacious and comfortable, with plenty of room for the growing family to spread out. Betty’s dedication to her faith also played a role in the family’s life, as they attended church regularly and made it a point to integrate their beliefs into their daily lives. Essentially, Kim Broderick’s family was a close-knit one that valued hard work, and faith and had a comfortable lifestyle.

Kim Went On Yearly Vacations With Her Family

Without a doubt, Kim Broderick had a great early childhood. The early years of her childhood were filled with great memories. Much later as an adult, Kim opened up and talked about this period of her life. She explained that her parents were very doting and made sure their children had everything going for them. In fact, Kim and her family went on yearly vacations together, at least during the early years of Kim’s life.

Kim described fond memories of these family vacations, which often included trips to Disneyland and other popular tourist destinations. She recalled how her parents would pack up the car and drive the family to their destination, making stops along the way to visit various attractions. These vacations were a source of happiness and excitement for Kim and her siblings.

Kim’s father was making a lot of money at the time and the wonderful lifestyle the family enjoyed was one of the many perks that came with his huge success.

Everything Changed For Kim’s Family When Her Father Met Linda Kolkena

Clearly, everything was moving just fine for Kim Broderick and her family. The family had everything they needed and the parents doted on the kids. It was heavenly. However, things took a dramatic turn in 1982 when Kim’s father, Dan Broderick met a woman called Linda Kolkena. Linda, who was born on June 26, 1961, in Salt Lake City, Utah, was the youngest of four sisters and was raised by her Danish parents who had immigrated to the United States in the 1950s.

Linda’s family was Catholic and was raised almost in the same as Betty – to see marriage as the ultimate goal. Linda Kolkena and her sisters were raised to become housewives and were taught that high school was the only education they needed. They were not encouraged to pursue careers, and it was expected that their husbands would be the breadwinners.

Linda later became a Delta Airlines stewardess in 1981 but was fired the following year for “conduct unbecoming of a Delta employee.” She had reportedly been caught kissing and sneaking into the bathroom with a male passenger during an off-duty skiing trip with friends. After working briefly for an attorney in Atlanta, she moved to San Diego, California, to be with her boyfriend.

It was while she was in San Diego that she met Dan Broderick. Linda had gotten a job at the same building which housed Dan’s law firm. According to reports, Dan ran into Linda in the basement of his office building and was immediately smitten by her. He was so smitten by her that he decided to hire her as his secretary even though she did not have typing skills or any experience. Before long, they had begun to have an affair.

Interestingly, Linda Kolkena was way younger than Dan Broderick but the difference in their ages did not stop their budding romance. Dan Broderick was born in 1944, and Linda Kolkena was born in 1961, which makes her approximately 16 years younger than Dan. Their significant age difference was a notable aspect of their relationship.

Kim Broderick
Dan Broderick and Linda Kolkena

Linda Kolkena’s Affair With Kim Broderick’s Father Led To Her Parents’ Divorce

When Kim Broderick’s father, Dan Broderick first began his affair with Linda Kolkena, it was a secret thing. No one knew about it. However, Dan’s wife, Betty soon became increasingly suspicious of the two’s working relationship. This was because Dan began to have lunch together with Linda and they even attended events together as a pair.

Betty, who was already feeling jealous, was not comfortable with this arrangement at all, so she asked her husband to fire Linda as his secretary. However, Dan refused to do so. He rather went ahead and gave her a promotion from being his secretary to being legal assistant, a move that made Betty uneasy. One day, she paid a surprise visit to Dan’s office and found him out to lunch with Linda. To make matters worse, Betty saw two empty champagne glasses on Dan’s desk, leading her to believe that the two were romantically involved. Her suspicions were confirmed when she saw this.

Betty’s initial suspicion quickly turned into anger and resentment towards Dan and Linda. She knew her husband was seeing someone else and she didn’t know how to stop it. This infuriated her greatly. She began to destroy household items, including stereos, bowls, and ketchup bottles, in a fit of rage. According to Kim Broderick, who later talked about the events, Betty once burned her father’s clothes in the front yard while their children watched. Betty also scratched Dan in anger.

During all this, Dan did not admit to dating Linda. He told Betty he was not seeing anyone any time she brought up the topic of his cheating. Eventually, in 1985, Dan finally admitted that he had been dating Linda for the past three years and asked Betty for a divorce. This got her even more enraged. She was horrified by the news and felt betrayed by her husband.

The situation escalated when Dan moved out of his family home to live with Linda, and Betty’s erratic behavior led to Dan filing a restraining order against her. As the bitter divorce proceedings continued, Betty became increasingly volatile. She reportedly told her children that she would kill their father and began leaving her younger children at Dan’s house out of spite.

How Kim’s Mother Pulled Her Into The Bitter Row

Betty Broderick was so angry and irritable that her anger for her husband extended to other people, including her children. Kim Broderick later recalled that her mother pulled her into the bitter row between her and Dan. Kim revealed that her mother’s anger for her father spilled over to her as well as the acrimonious divorce proceeding continued. Kim explained that her mother even hurled insults at her sometimes.

Kim said her mother usually made derogatory comments at her, saying things like, “You just make me sick … You’re just a traitor, you make me sick, you make me wanna throw up. I wish you were never born.” Kim did not understand why her mother would make all those derogatory comments against her. But she later explained that maybe her mother wanted her to confront her father about his affair with Linda Kolkena and since she did not confront her father about it, Betty considered her a traitor.

Betty Broderick’s behavior culminated in her crashing her car into Dan’s home, violating the restraining order against her. She claimed that this was in response to the court-ordered sale of her home, which Dan pulled off without telling her. Kim Broderick recalled the crash “sounded like a chainsaw,” leading her to run out of the backdoor. Police discovered a knife in Betty’s car and placed her in psychiatric care for three days.

Kim Broderick Got A Stepmother In 1989

While all these were going on, Kim’s father, who was not very fazed by Betty’s anger, proposed to Linda in 1988 and Linda accepted. The following year, in 1989, he finalized his divorce from Betty and gained custody of their children. This infuriated Betty even more because she felt Dan was using his influence as an established lawyer to get custody of their kids.

A few months after her parents got divorced, Kim Broderick got a brand new stepmother as her father tied the knot with Linda Kolkena. According to reports, Dan and Linda got married on April 22. The marriage was the final blow to Betty who was horrified by the idea that her husband had just married another woman and gotten custody of her kids.

How Kim’s Mother, Betty Murdered Her Father And Stepmother

In November 1989, Kim Broderick’s mother, Betty Broderick committed a heinous crime that shook San Diego and the rest of America to its core. It was the day that she killed her ex-husband. Betty had purchased a Smith & Wesson revolver eight months prior and was determined to use it to kill her husband, Dan. She drove to Dan’s house on Cypress Avenue, located in the Marston Hills neighborhood near Balboa Park.

Betty Broderick in court

Upon getting to the house, Betty entered the building using a key that she had stolen from her daughter, Lee. In the early hours of the morning, while the couple slept, she proceeded to shoot and kill them. The murders took place at 5:30 a.m. on November 5, 1989, just two days before Betty’s 42nd birthday and just 17 days before Dan’s 45th birthday. Linda was 28 years old at the time.

According to reports, Linda was shot in the head and chest, killing her instantly. Dan was hit in the chest as he was trying to reach for the phone to call for help. Two bullets were recovered from Linda’s body, one from Dan’s, and the other two were found embedded in the wall and nightstand. Betty later claimed she tried to kill herself as well but could not because she ran out of bullets.

When she was later dragged to court, the evidence that was presented during Betty’s trial showed that she had taken Dan Broderick’s phone/answering machine from his bedroom in order to prevent him from making calls and get for help. Also, the medical evidence presented suggested that Dan had not died immediately but survived for a while. Betty later confirmed this when she claimed that she actually sat down and spoke to Dan after shooting him.

After shooting and killing her ex-husband and his new wife, Betty called her daughter Lee and Lee’s boyfriend to tell them about what she had done. After this, she calmly drove herself to the police station and turned herself in to the authorities. Betty did not try to deny that she shot Dan and Linda but she claimed that the crime was not premeditated as she did not plan to kill them. She claimed that she never intended to kill Dan and Linda but only went to their home with a gun to scare them.

However, when Linda woke up and screamed, Betty said she was startled and so involuntarily pulled the trigger, killing her. She then shot Dan too when he tried to call for help. In the aftermath of the Broderick murders, the case became a media sensation and sparked widespread discussion and controversy. Many people were shocked and appalled by the brutal and senseless killings, and the case quickly gained national attention.

After their sad killing, Dan and his wife, Linda got buried together. According to reports, the couple is now buried side by side each other at the popular Greenwood Memorial Park in San Diego, where they were mourned by their family and friends. More heartbreaking is the fact that Linda and Dan had only been a married couple for just 7 months before they met their demise at the hands of Betty. The tragedy of their untimely deaths has remained a significant event in San Diego’s history and serves as a cautionary tale of the devastating consequences of domestic violence.

Kim Testified Against Her Mother In Court

Interestingly, Kim Broderick testified against her mother when Betty was taken to court. In fact, her testimony during her mother’s trial was a pivotal moment. Kim had the courage to speak up and share details about her mother’s behavior that could have influenced the outcome of the trial. Kim’s account of Betty Broderick’s emotional detachment during her confession shed light on Betty’s mental state and possible motivations for the crime. Her testimony helped put her mother behind bars.

At the end of her trial, Betty Broderick was convicted of two counts of second-degree murder. She received the maximum sentence under the law, which consisted of two consecutive terms of 15 years to life, as well as an additional two-year term for illegally using a firearm. She has been in custody since the day she committed the murders and is currently serving her sentence at the California Institution for Women (CIW) located in Chino, California.

But, Kim’s testimony has also put her at loggerheads with her mother. In fact, Kim revealed that Betty continued to make life difficult for her, even while she was incarcerated. Betty accused Kim of being a traitor and claimed that she would not be in jail if it weren’t for her daughter. Perhaps because of this, Kim has become detached from her mother over the years and has failed to help her find freedom again.

Kim Broderick
Kim Broderick testifying against her mother in court

In her memoir, “Betty Broderick, My Mom: The Kim Broderick Story,” Kim revealed that she had consistently declined her mother’s requests to write letters in support of her early release. This shows that Kim has not forgiven her mother for her actions and does not believe that she deserves leniency. Kim says the most significant heartache she has experienced in life was losing her father. His death left a permanent scar on her life, and the pain has undoubtedly been compounded by the subsequent events involving her mother.

What Is Kim’s Relationship Like With Her Mother Today?

When Kim Broderick’s mother, Betty killed her father, Kim was devastated and developed a deep hatred for her mother. Kim’s resentment of her mother was one of the things that made her testify in court to make sure her father got justice. This act also enraged Betty who considered her daughter a traitor for going against her.

After her mother was convicted and sent to prison, Kim did not go to see her for a long time. However, as time went on, she became softer and began to pay her some visits. However, despite going to see her mother, Kim has refused to lend her voice to her mother’s plea to be released.

According to reports, Kim and her siblings still visit their mother sometimes in prison, especially on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. Kim has also revealed that her mother is now softening up a little and is beginning to see life a little differently from the way she used to see it.

Did Kim Broderick Inherit Her Father’s Estate?

Kim Broderick inherited her father’s estate alongside her other siblings. Kim and her sister, Lee, were legal adults at the time of their father’s death as Kim was 19 years and Lee was 18 years. But, their siblings, Rhett and Daniel were still minors when he passed away.

It is not clear how much Kim got from her father’s will, but, according to Dan Broderick’s will, his children would inherit their share of his estate when they reached certain ages. The children listed in the will were entitled to half of their inheritance when they turned 25, and the other half at age 30.

It is noteworthy that, over time, Kim’s father, Dan Broderick’s net worth has increased significantly from the time of his death in 1989, according to reports. When he passed away, his estimated net worth was around $60,000. However, as his assets were sold over the years, his net worth grew to $1.6 million. This was a significant increase, and it meant that his children’s inheritance would be worth a lot more than he originally anticipated.

In addition to his estate, Dan Broderick had taken out a $2 million life insurance policy. This policy was taken out just one month before his murder. According to reports, he did so with the intention of making sure that his children would receive additional financial support if anything were to happen to him or his wife, Linda. If Dan Broderick had survived the attack, his children would have received an additional $250,000 each from the insurance policy.

Linda, had she survived, would have received a $1 million payout. Unfortunately, Linda was also a victim of the attack and did not survive. Essentially, the inheritance left by Dan Broderick was quite significant.

One Of Kim’s Siblings Was Excluded From He Father’s Will

Interestingly, one of Kim’s siblings, Lee, was not included in her father’s will. According to reports, in 1986, following his divorce from Betty, Dan Broderick created a will and testament to specify how his assets would be distributed after his death. He wanted to ensure that his children and loved ones would be taken care of and that his possessions would go to those he intended.

However, in August 1988, Dan made a sudden and unusual modification to the will. He completely omitted one of his children, Lee Gordon Broderick, from the document. This was a significant change, as the will explicitly state that Lee would receive no provision from Dan’s estate. When questioned about the exclusion, Lee shared that her father had mentioned removing her from the will in the past. However, she never thought that he would actually follow through with it.

Dan’s decision to exclude his daughter from the will was a puzzling one, and it remains unclear why he made this decision. Speculations about the reason behind Dan’s decision abound. Some believe that he may have been trying to get back at Betty, who Lee had supported throughout the divorce proceedings. Others think that Dan may have been unhappy with Lee for some reason, though the specifics are not known.

The exclusion of Lee from the will must have been difficult for her to come to terms with, especially given her close relationship with her father in the past. Some reports say this decision had a small impact on the family dynamic and caused tensions among family members especially as they grew older.

Kim Broderick Is Now An Author

Kim Broderick has grown into a woman who has her own voice and is willing to use it. As a matter of fact, she is an author. In 2014, Kim wrote and published a memoir titled “Betty Broderick, My Mom: The Kim Broderick Story”. The memoir chronicles her experiences growing up with her mother, Betty Broderick as well as her father and siblings.

The book provides a unique perspective on the events leading up to the murders and the aftermath, as told through the eyes of someone who was directly affected by them. Kim Broderick recounted her childhood experiences with her mother, including the divorce of her parents and the strained relationship that developed between her and her mother in the years leading up to the murders.

The book also sheds light on the complicated dynamics of the Broderick family, including the role that Kim’s father played in the breakdown of their marriage and the subsequent custody battle that ensued. Essentially, Kim offered a personal and intimate portrayal of her family tragedy and provided readers with a deeper understanding of the complex emotions and relationships involved.

However, it’s worth noting that the book is not without controversy, as some critics have questioned the accuracy and fairness of Kim Broderick’s account, particularly in light of her close relationship with her father.

Was Kim A Part Of The Dirty John Movie?

In 2020, a television series, Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story, was released. The series which premiered in May 2020, is the second season of the Dirty John anthology series, which is based on true crime stories. The series follows the life of Betty Broderick, as she becomes embroiled in a bitter and violent divorce from her husband Dan.

In the series, Betty Broderick is portrayed as a woman who sacrificed her own dreams and ambitions to support her husband’s career and raise their children. As Dan’s career takes off, he becomes increasingly distant from Betty, eventually leaving her for his much younger assistant, Linda Kolkena. Betty’s life spirals out of control as she battles depression, anger, and desperation in her attempts to win back her husband and maintain custody of their children.

The story is told through a series of flashbacks and interviews with Betty and Dan’s friends, family, and legal team. The series examines the dynamics of the Broderick marriage, the flaws and failings of the legal system, and the social and cultural expectations placed on women in the 1980s. It ultimately culminates in a shocking and violent conclusion that leaves the audience questioning the events that led up to it.

Kim Broderick and the rest of her siblings were all well aware of the series being created and released to the public. However, it is not clear if she or any of her siblings were involved in the making. It is also not clear if she was consulted in the build-up to the creation of the series. A quick look at different reports about the show and how it was made did not reveal Kim’s name as one of those who took part in the show.

Questions have been asked about if Kim or her siblings were paid any money for the series. Since the show portrayed her life as well as her mother’s, fans of the show have asked if she was paid for the use of her story. At the moment, there is no public evidence that Kim was offered any money for the use of her image in Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story.

What Is Kim Broderick’s Net Worth?

It is difficult to determine Kim Broderick’s exact net worth at the moment, as not many records exist to point this out. The exact worth of her inheritance from her late father is not clear so it is not easy to put a figure to her net worth. It is believed that she received a significant inheritance from her father’s estate, but the exact details of what she got are not public knowledge. Also, Kim has mostly stayed out of the public eye and has not pursued a career in the spotlight. So not much is known about what she does for a living now.

However, Kim is an author, having published a memoir and this counts for something. Her book is said to have sold a lot of copies but the exact number of copies sold or the estimate is not clear. Despite this, some reports have pegged Kim’s net worth at about $1 million at the moment. This figure is not hard to believe considering the fact she indeed got something significant from her father’s estate and the fact that she is a published author.

Is Kim Broderick Married?

After surviving the horrors of having her father killed by her own mother, Kim has managed to move forward and has built a happy life for herself. According to reports, Kim is now a married man. She is now happily married to a man called John Piggins. Her Instagram account confirms this; a quick look at her profile shows that she bears the last name Piggins in the bio.

Not much is known about Kim’s husband, Piggins as details about the man are not readily available. It is not clear what he does for a living or where he comes from. Also, details about how they met or when they got married have not been made public. But it is believed, however, that he is supportive of Kim. Kim has been vocal about the fact she never wants to end up like her mother who can kill people she dislikes. So, it is believed that she is cool-headed and is making concerted efforts to maintain a good and happy home for herself and her family.

In addition to being a wife, Kim is also now a mother. According to reports she is actually a devoted mother to two daughters. Not much is known about her daughters except that one of them is called Kendall. The name of the other one is not publicized. Kim is clearly very fond of her daughters. She is known to often share pictures of herself and her daughters on her social media accounts, demonstrating her love and dedication to her family.

While Kim has not disclosed much information about her daughters, it is clear that they are a source of joy and happiness in her life. Kim’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and the ability to overcome difficult circumstances. Despite the tragedy that she has experienced, she has managed to create a happy and fulfilling life for herself, surrounded by the love of her family.

Where is Kim Broderick Now?

Kim Broderick presently lives in Idaho, a northwestern U.S. state. She relocated there following the significant emotional turmoil and upheaval in her life over the traumatic events. She has remained there ever since.

The fact that Kim moved to Idaho after her mother’s conviction suggests that she may have been seeking a fresh start. Starting a new life in a new location can be a way to distance oneself from painful memories and create a new sense of identity. And Kim did find new beginnings right there in Idaho. She is reported to have met her husband there and lives there with the man and their children at the moment. Building a new family and creating a sense of stability and love in her life has helped her to heal and move on from the past.

According to some reports, Kim’s siblings, Lee and Rhett are also living in Idaho at the moment. In fact, they are said to be living in close proximity to each other and are known to frequently organize family gatherings to enjoy each other’s company. Without a doubt, the fact that Kim’s siblings also reside in Idaho must have been a source of comfort for her. Being near family members who have shared similar experiences and can relate to her struggles may have been an essential aspect of her healing process.

Evidently, Kim Broderick and her siblings have moved beyond their family’s tragic past and have forged new and remarkable lives. It’s clear that Kim and her siblings have worked hard to rebuild their lives and have emerged stronger from the tragedy that befell their family.


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