Who is Archie Heaton? Meet Akiko Matsuura and Charlie Heaton’s Son

Archie Heaton is the son of celebrity parents, Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura. Archie Heaton was born in England on 19 May 2014 – his zodiac sign is Taurus and he is a British citizen

While his mother is a musician, his father is both a musician and an actor. Although he is not a celebrity by achievement, he is one by virtue of being born to two parents who are popular. From the little gathered about him, the young lad has an interesting personality and so do his parents. Read on to know more about Archie and his family.

Profile Summary of Archie Heaton

  • Full Name: Archie Heaton Matsuura
  • Date of Birth: 19th May 2014
  • Age: 8 years old
  • Place of Birth: England
  • Nationality: British
  • Parents: Akiko Matsuura and Charlie Heaton
  • Religion: Christianity

Archie Heaton’s Birth was Hidden From the Media For a Long Time

Charlie Heaton and his son Archie Heaton
Charlie Heaton and his son Archie Heaton

Born on the 19th of May 2014 to a Japanese mother and a British father, Archie is the only son of his parents. He has both his father’s and mother’s names attached to his name. Before his birth, Archie’s parents were not married but were just lovers. However, they both separated after his birth and he has been living with his mother in London since then, although his father who gives a lot of his attention to his acting career comes to visit him from time to time.

The news of the child’s birth came as a surprise to most people because his parents had kept the information discreet from 2014 up to 2017 when it managed to find its way to the media. The former couple (especially Akiko) loves to keep their personal lives off the media, and they took special care to ensure that their son was not in the news, until the story was finally aired in 2017. The couple does not have any other children aside from their son, hence, Archie has no sibling or step-sibling. His parents admitted that this is why he can get away with most of his wrongdoings.

What Has Archie Heaton Been Up To Lately?

Aside from attending elementary school, the young lad seems to be working towards building a bright future for himself by all means, with the help of his parents. His father makes sure he attends acting lessons and he sometimes takes him to watch performances at local theatres, as well as the cinema. He does this with the hope that Archie will grow to love the acting profession.

Regardless of his father’s effort, the 8-year-old boy still has other areas of interest like sports. He plays soccer and basketball. He also loves to spend most of his time outside the house, and he keeps himself busy with his PlayStation whenever he is indoors. His parents also revealed that he enjoys studying mathematics more than other school subjects. However, it is still too early to guess what career path he will choose and his parents are willing to allow him to make his choice when he eventually grows up. In addition, Archie loves animals and has visited the animal shelter severally, but his parents have not gotten him his own pets yet.

Archie Heaton’s Father – Charlie Heaton Is An Actor & Musician

Charlie Heaton, an England-born Hollywood actor, and musician is Archie’s father. The 28-year-old celebrity is best known for playing the role of Jonathan Byers in the Netflix show, “Stranger Things”. Before he started acting, Charlie had joined the music industry as a teenager, and he sang in the same band with his ex-girlfriend. He started acting in 2015 and the TV series, “DCI Banks” is his debut. He went on to feature in “Rise of the Footsoldier Part II” and “Urban & the Shed Crew” in the same year and has since acted in other movies.

He missed the premiere of the “Stranger Things” season 2 project after traces of cocaine were found in his suitcase at the Los Angeles International Airport. Although things were later sorted out, he had to focus on other projects like “The Secret of Marrowbone”, “Shut in”, and “As You Are”.

Archie’s Mother – Akiko Is A Professional Drummer

Akiko “Keex” Matsuura, Archie Heaton's mother
Akiko “Keex” Matsuura

Born in Osaka, Japan, Akiko “Keex” Matsuura is supposedly the only child of her parents. One of the limited information available about her background shows that her parents owned a barbecue restaurant in their homeland, which explained her obsession with barbecue.

The 41-year-old drummer and singer discovered her passion for music at a young age and went on to form a band called “Comanechi” with Simon Petrovich, a guy she met at a mutual friend’s party. He later became the guitarist of the band. “Crime of Love” was the first album of the band, and after years of many failed attempts to gain popularity, its members disbanded due to unresolved disagreements.

Archie Heaton’s mom later joined the electronic rock band “The Big Pink” as the drummer, but she also left them. She finally joined and managed to remain in “Pre”, a British noise rock band that gained popularity partly because of her on-stage performances. She is known for performing dives, moving and jumping on the stage, and also playing music in just her underwear.

Music Brought Archie’s Parents Together But They Are Now Separated

Archie Heaton, Akiko “Keex” Matsuura and Charlie Heaton
Akiko “Keex” Matsuura and Charlie Heaton

The couple met after Charlie came to join the now-defunct “Comanechi” band group. They dated for a couple of years but soon broke up after their son’s birth in 2014. There is no detail as to what had caused the separation as both parties prefer not to discuss their relationship or reveal what happened.

However, there are assumptions that the gap in their age may have caused the separation, together with the fact that Charlie was not ready to become a father at that time. Whatever the case is, they are still friends, at least for their son’s sake. They both have access to the child, even though he currently lives with his mother in London.

Matsuura, who is not a fan of social media and the “celebrity lifestyle” has kept a low profile since her break-up with Charlie. This makes it hard to tell whether or not she is currently in a relationship. Heaton on the other hand is currently dating Natalia Dyer, a co-star from “Stranger Things”, the couple is described as being obsessed with each other, as they seem so inseparable.


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