Who are Zach Lavine’s Parents? All About Paul And Cheryl Johnson-LaVine

Zach Lavine’s parents are Paul and Cheryl Johnson-LaVine. The duo are former athletes who inspired the career of their son Zach Lavine. Zach Lavine’s father, Paul Lavine, played professional football and softball while his mother Cheryl Johnson-Lavine played softball. Zach’s parents have been together for decades and are still married. Apart from Zach, their only son, they have three daughters named Chandi Leishman, Linda Carter, and Camryn LaVine.  

Given the remarkable feat of the shooting guard/small forward in the NBA, it is no surprise that Zach Lavine’s parents have gained the attention of the NBA community. Among other things, it is said that Paul and Cheryl played a vital role in Zach’s success story. Apart from passing their athletic gene to him, they have been supportive of his aspirations right from when he was a child. Because of this, the NBA star thinks highly of his parents and takes every chance he gets to appreciate all they have done for him.

Who Is Zach Lavine’s Father, Paul Lavine?

Zach Lavine’s father Paul Lavine is a former football and softball player from San Bernardino, California, where he was born and raised. Although much isn’t known about his family background, we can tell that he came from a broken home and belongs to the African American ethnic group. Paul was born on the 1st of May 1962 and is 60 years old right now.

Paul Levine had a rough childhood as his father wasn’t a part of his life. He attended Highland High School in Bakersfield, California where he played football. Many years later, Zach Lavine’s father would admit that sports saved his life. According to him, he was born and bred in a bad neighborhood but sports and scholarship kept him away from the bad lifestyle that might have ruined his life. After graduating from high school, Paul Lavine furthered his education at Utah State University in Logan, Utah, where he also played football.

He went on to play professional football in the United States Football League (USFL) and National Football League (NFL) as a linebacker. From what we gathered, he also played for a season in Canada and eventually gave up football after he was injured during a tryout with the Oakland Raiders. But this wasn’t the end of his journey as a professional athlete. After Paul gave up football, he embraced softball and played in a professional league.

What Does Zach Levine’s Father Do for a Living?

Zach Levine’s father is now a businessman. Apart from being a former professional athlete, he has made a living through other means in the past. After he retired from playing professional football, he took up playing softball.

According to some accounts, he would later become a construction worker and then start a delivery business. Growing up without his father around made Paul prioritize his kids over his career. Because of this, he left his construction job which was taking up much of his time. The need to be available for his children was also why he gave up softball to start a delivery business.

Who Is Zach Lavine’s Mother Cheryl Johnson-LaVine

Zach Lavine’s mother Cheryl Johnson-Lavine, also known as C.J. Lavine, is also an athlete. It is said that she played softball but it is not known if she ever made it to the professional level. She is not as popular as her spouse, so much information about her early life and upbringing is not known.


Facts like Cheryl Johnson-Lavine’s age, who her parents and siblings are, and the schools she attended are yet to be uncovered. However, she is an American woman who belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. What she does for a living is also not known but she reportedly worked two jobs at a go to support her family

Are Zach Lavine’s Parents Still Together?

Zach Lavine’s parents are still together and have been together for several decades now. It is hard to tell when their relationship began. When they got married is also not known but given the year they gave birth to their son Zach, one can conclude that the couple has been together since the 80s or at least the early 90s.

While Zach who happens to be their only son is the famous child of the couple, he is not the only child they have. In all, Paul and Cheryl Johnson-LaVine are parents to four children –one son and three daughters. The names of their daughter are Chandi Leishman, Linda Carter, and Camryn LaVine. While Camryn is yet to get married, Chandi and Linda are married.

Paul and Cheryl Johnson-Lavine are also grandparents. Chandi and Linda have probably made the couple grandparents earlier but nothing is known to the public about that. However, through their famous son, it is known that they are grandparents to Saint Thomas LaVine. Saint was born to Zach and his wife Hunter on the 21st of August 2022.

Zach Has a Great Relationship With Both of His Parents

It’s no secret that Zach Levine shares a great bond with both of his parents. The NBA star has publicly thanked them several times for their sacrifices. As stated earlier, Zach’s mother use to take two jobs at a go to provide for him and his siblings. His father, on the other hand, gave up his career to be around for his kids. As far as Zach is concerned, he wouldn’t have reached the height he has attained as a professional basketball player without the support of his parents, especially his dad.

The Chicago Bulls player once described his father as his biggest influence. Paul Lavine noticed when Zach was an infant that he was inclined to sports, so he began training and preparing him for the NBA. According to Zach, Paul didn’t only teach him how to push himself as an athlete but also prepared him for things like speaking to the press. He said his father would often interview him while they are in the car as though he had just finished playing a game. He didn’t understand what Paul was doing but it all made sense to him when he went pro and he is very appreciative of this.


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