Who Are Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Husband and Children?

Sheryl Lee Ralph’s husband is Vincent Hughes. He is the stepfather of Sheryl Lee Ralph’s children – Etienne Maurice (born 1991) and Ivy-Victoria (born 1994), both of whom she had with her first husband, Eric Maurice.

Sheryl Lee Ralph (born 30 December 1956) is a prominent Jamaican-American actress, singer, songwriter, and activist who is married to Vincent Hughes. However, before Vincent, Sheryl was married to Eric Maurice. So in all, the prolific actress has been married twice and has two children to show for.

Who Is Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Husband, Vincent Hughes?

Sheryl Lee Ralph’s husband is Vincent Hughes. The couple has been married for over fifteen years. Sheryl married Vincent barely four years after divorcing her first husband, Eric Maurice. Sheryl and Vincent began dating after meeting through a mutual friend in the early 2000s in a relationship that eventually materialized into a marriage in 2005. When they met, Sheryl was living in Los Angeles, while Vincent was in Philadelphia.

The couple exchanged wedding vows on July 30, 2005, at the First African Methodist Episcopal Church situated in Los Angeles. Unlike their previous marriages, Sheryl and Vincent have enjoyed a long-lasting relationship.

Vincent Hughes is a Politician and State Senator

Vincent Hughes is a popular figure in Pennsylvania due to his career in politics. He has represented the 7th Senatorial district in Pennsylvania since 1994 and has also chaired the Senate Appropriations Committee.

In addition, Vincent has been a long-time advocate for providing health insurance to the uninsured and increasing wages for low-income workers. The American has also raised over $1 million in scholarship funds for underserved students to assist them in college.

Furthermore, the state senator continues working toward reforming the criminal justice system in Pennsylvania; this is according to his website. In the year 2017, Hughes founded an organization he called First Chance Fund. It is an organization created to assist children with incarcerated parents. According to the senator, it is to ensure that no child is left out of state benefits.

Additionally, Vincent created a $60 million Anti-Violence Fund, which provides essential support to schools and communities with the primary aim of reducing violence.

Sheryl Lee Ralph’s First Husband was Eric Maurice

Sheryl Lee Ralph’s first husband, Eric Maurice, is a businessman and art collector from France. The pair got married in 1990, and together, they welcomed two children, a son and a daughter. However, their union would last for only eleven years, as it ended with a divorce in 2001.

Sheryl and Eric welcomed their first child, Etienne Maurice, barely a year after getting married in 1991. Then three years later, they had their second child, a daughter named Ivy-Victoria Maurice, in 1994. And after over a decade together, the pair went their separate ways.

Sheryl took custody of the kids, with Eric spending quality time with them once in a while. But Sheryl would remarry and have support from her new husband. However, the reason for their (Sheryl and Eric’s) divorce is still a mystery.

Sheryl Lee Ralph with her ex-husband, Eric Maurice, and their kid

Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Divorce From Eric Maurice Led Her To Depression

In an interview, American actress, Sheryl Lee Ralph, admitted she had the “worst” years of her life following her divorce from her first husband, Eric. In addition, she suffered from self-doubt and depression.

She further revealed that with the passing days, her situation became more critical, and she started experiencing sleepless nights. Even more, she suffered from anger, anxiety, and budding stress. Similarly, she ultimately began to experience hair loss, and that was when she realized she needed help.

However, Sheryl recovered from her devastation when she saw herself in the mirror. Initially, seeing the bags under her eyes and her rough hair made her cry even more. Nonetheless, the actress would find hope knowing that she has two children to look after.

The Actress Found Healing From Dating Vincent Hughes

With time, Sheryl moved on from her pathetic state and fell in love with a Pennsylvania state senator named Vincent Hughes, who was also healing from a divorce himself. They later got married. Although the pair don’t share any child, they’ve been in love with each other for close to two decades.

Sheryl and Vincent had a lavish wedding ceremony at the First African Methodist Episcopal Church situated in Angeles on 30 July 2005. The ceremony had in attendance over 425 guests, including the likes of Patti LaBelle, Loretta Devine, Mablean Ephraim, and other well-known celebs.

Sheryl and Vincent’s marriage has been going on smoothly, with both of them having a good relationship with each other’s kids. Additionally, they’ve supported each other emotionally, physically, and otherwise since their blissful union.

Who Are Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Children?

Sheryl Lee Ralph’s children are Etienne Maurice and Ivy-Victoria. They are a product of Sheryl’s marriage to Eric Maurice. She had her first child, son Etienne Maurice, in 1991 and her daughter, Ivy-Victoria, in 1994.

Both her children are successful in their own right. While Etienne is currently 33 years old, his younger sister Ivy-Victoria is 30 years old, being that she is three years younger than him

Etienne Maurice is Also into Acting 

Sheryl’s son, Etienne, is a professional actor and a film producer. He is also the founder and CEO of Walk Good Productions, a film production company. He launched the company in 2015, which he runs with his sister as vice president.

Before then, Etienne had interned as an associate producer at Nancy Glass Productions. In addition, Maurice has a clothing line called WalkGood Wear, where he sells varieties of shoes and clothing. He was once the creative director of African-American Film Critics Associate (LLC), where he served for over six years, and had an executive role producer at Uber Urban. Etienne gained much recognition for producing and directing a TV series called H.E.I.R. in addition, the young American producer is responsible for hit movies like Hideous, Karateman, The Last Laugh, and the rest.

Aside from working backstage as a producer, Etienne is also an actor. Following his mother’s footsteps, he has appeared in several films, including The Counter: 1960, Basic Lee, A Backyard in Baldwin Hills, Extermination, and Young & Naive. 

Who Are Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Husband and Children?

Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Daughter, Ivy-Victoria, also Works in the Entertainment Industry

Ivy-Victoria is the second and last child of American actress Sheryl Lee Ralph. Like her brother, Ivy-Victoria has ventured into the media production industry, partnering with her brother as the vice president of Walk Good Production.

In addition, she is a digital creator and a fashion designer. Regarding her relationship life, she is still single as her brother and is instead focused on growing her career in the entertainment and fashion industries.


Who is Sheryl Lee Ralph Married to?

Sheryl Lee Ralph is married to Vincent J. Hughes, an American politician and Democratic member of the Pennsylvania State Senate, representing the 7th District since 1994.

Who is Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Son?

Sheryl Lee Ralph’s son is Etienne Maurice, an American filmmaker, actor, and activist born in 1991.

Who is Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Daughter

Sheryl Lee Ralph’s daughter is Ivy-Victoria, a digital creator and fashion designer born in 1995.

Who was Sheryl Lee Ralph’s First Husband?

Sheryl Lee Ralph’s first husband was Eric Maurice, an African-American businessman, entrepreneur, and media personality.

Is Sheryl Lee Ralph Vincent Hughes’ First Wife?

Sheryl Lee Ralph is not the first wife of Vincent Hughes. The American politician was divorced from an unnamed woman before he married Sheryl in 2005. He had two children with his first wife.


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