Truth About Ramon Hervey II, Vanessa Williams’ Ex-husband

Ramon Hervey II is an American public relations specialist, artist manager, brand consultant, and music executive. He is, however, better known as the ex-husband of Vanessa Williams, an American singer, actress, and fashion designer known globally for her exploits in the American entertainment industry.

Having been active as a music executive since the 1970s, Hervey is known and respected for the critical role he played in American entertainment, having managed and represented some very famous names in the world of music and even in Hollywood. However, he became more well-known when he became romantically associated with Vanessa Williams who had already achieved global fame as an actress and superstar singer.

Even though their marriage did not last forever, they created amazing memories together and produced children that they loved dearly. It is believed that they remain friendly even after parting ways as husband and wife.

Summary of Ramon Hervey II’s Biography 

  • Full name: Ramon Hervey II
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 18th October 1950
  • Ramon Hervey II’s Age: 71 years old
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ramon Hervey II’s Ex-Wife: Vanessa Williams
  • Ramon Hervey II’s Children: Melanie Hervey, Jillian Hervey, and Devin Hervey
  • Ramon Hervey II’s Parents: Ramon T Hervey and Winifred Hervey
  • Ramon Hervey II’s Net worth: $10 million
  • Famous for: Being Vanessa Williams’ ex-husband and a music executive
  • Ramon Hervey’s Instagram: Ramon Hervey II

Ramon Hervey was Born in Chicago

Ramon Hervey was born on the 18th of October, 1950, and is now 71 years old. The music executive was born in Chicago, a city in Illinois, USA. According to our findings, he spent some time as a child in the city of Chicago but later moved with his family to California where he spent a large part of his childhood.

Ramon Hervey II
Ramon Hervey II

Hervey is not an only child. According to some reports, he grew up with two sisters called Winifred Hervey and Christie Hervey. It is not clear if he is older or younger than they are. It is also not clear what their relationship is like at the moment.

Is Ramon Hervey II Black?

Yes! Ramon Hervey is a black man. He is an African-American man who was born to African-American parents. His father is a man called Ramon T. Hervey and his mother has been identified as Winifred Hervey.

Because very little is known about his days as a little child, it is not clear what the circumstances surrounding his growing-up days were like. Whether his parents were rich or poor remains to be known. But we do know that his parents ensured he had a good education.

Ramon Hervey is very close to his mother and the woman is still alive. In December 2020, he celebrated the woman’s 94th birthday and expressed his deep love and admiration for her. It is not certain if his father still lives.

Hervey’s Academic Qualifications

Ramon Hervey only started to attend school after his family moved from Chicago to California following his birth. Details about the elementary school he attended are not known. However, we know that Hervey has his high school education at the Lompoc Junior High School and the Cabrillo Senior High School, both located in Lompoc, a city in Santa Barbara County, California.

At the time, Hervey was already an ambitious young man who wanted a lot from life. After graduating from the Cabrillo Senior High School in 1968, when he was about 18 years old, Ramon Hervey proceeded to college. According to our findings, the music executive attended Whittier College, a private liberal arts college in Whittier, California from where he graduated in 1972 with a BA degree.

Following this, he proceeded to try and carve out a career in the entertainment industry as a public relations specialist and artist manager. It was while he was doing this that he met and fell in love with his now ex-wife, Vanessa Williams.

Who Is Ramon Hervey’s Ex-Wife Vanessa Williams?

  • Full name: Vanessa Lynn Williams
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: March 18, 1963
  • Vanessa Williams’ Age: 59 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Vanessa Williams’ Husband: Jim Skrip
  • Vanessa Williams’ Children: Sasha Gabriella Fox, Jillian Hervey, Melanie Hervey, Devin Hervey
  • Vanessa Williams’ Parents: Helen Williams, Milton Augustine Williams Jr.
  • Siblings: Chris Williams
  • Vanessa Williams’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Vanessa Williams’ Height in Centimetres: 167 cm
  • Vanessa Williams’ Weight: 68 kg
  • Body measurements in inches: 37 – 27 – 36
  • Body measurements in Centimeters: 94 – 68 – 92
  • Vanessa Williams’ Net Worth: $25 million
  • Famous for: Being a singer, actress, and fashion designer.
  • Vanessa Williams’ Instagram: Vanessa Williams
  • Twitter: Vanessa Williams
  • Facebook: Vanessa Williams

Ramon Hervey’s ex-wife, Vanessa Hervey is a world-famous American singer and actress, who is also a fashion designer. The talented entertainer is greatly admired and loved all over the world because of her incredible accomplishments as an actress and singer, and how she helped pave the way for other black American women seeking to gain stardom in entertainment.

Vanessa Williams first shot into the spotlight after she became the very first African-American woman to actually win the prestigious Miss America title when she was crowned Miss America 1984 in 1983. With this huge win, Vanessa literally made it possible for many other black American girls to aspire to beauty pageant greatness and chase their dreams. She became an icon and an inspiration.

After she had won the Miss America 1984 title, Vanessa Williams proceeded to build an incredibly successful career as an actress and singer. As a singer, she released her debut studio album called ‘The Right Stuff’ in 1988. As widely expected, the album enjoyed some success upon its release in the USA. Later in 1991, Vanessa went on to release her second album called ‘The Comfort Zone’. Three years later in 1994, she released her third album ‘The Sweetest Days’.

Throughout the 1990s, Vanessa Williams kept on seeing commercial success, clinching multiple Grammy Award nominations and other accolades as well. She has won the Billboard Music Award, Soul Train Music Award, Lena Horne award, and others. Over the years, she has recorded and put out other albums including ‘Everlasting Love’ in 2005 and ‘The Real Thing’ in 2009.

As an actress, Vanessa Williams has done excellently well on stage and screen and has starred in many successful stage productions and movies. Today, Vannessa is internationally renowned for playing the role of Wilhelmina Slater in the drama series, Ugly Betty from 2006 to 2010. She is also widely known for the role she played as Renee Perry on Desperate Housewives from 2010 to 2012 and many others.

Vanessa has scored several accolades as an actress. Her role as Wilhelmina Slater in Ugly Betty fetched her as many as three nominations for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. In addition, Vanessa has received different awards during her acting career and these include the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture for her portrayal of Teri Joseph in the 1997 film Soul Food.

How Ramon Hervey II and Vanessa Williams Met

It is interesting to know that Ramon Hervey II and Vanessa Williams became romantically attached while they were working together. The former couple first met in 1984 when Hervey was hired to be her publicist and manager. Hervey’s job at the time was to help in salvaging Vanessa’s career which was in shambles because of a controversy she was embroiled in.

Vanessa’s problem started in 1984 after she had won the 1984 Miss America crown. At first, everything was moving very smoothly and Vanessa was celebrated all over the USA as the woman who helped other black girls gain enough confidence to want to achieve fame as beauty queens. However, some weeks before the end of her reign as Miss America, things fell apart terribly for her when she was caught in a scandal after Penthouse magazine bought and published unauthorized nude photographs of her which were taken when she was just a teenager.

Ramon Hervey II and Vanessa Williams

When these nude photographs were released, Vanessa Williams became the talk of the nation as many people attacked her for posing nude. She was riled and abused and some of her own people attacked her personality. Because of this scandal, she was heavily pressured to give up her Miss America title. When she did give up the crown, she was eventually succeeded by Suzette Charles, the first runner-up, Miss New Jersey 1983.

The nude photography scandal and the way she was forced to give up her Miss America title threw Vanessa Williams into depression and for several months, she battled to save her career. In fact, at some point, she had to move back to her parents’ home to try and find some solace because of the sad situation. The entire experience was just too daunting for her and it was clear she needed help.

It was at this time that Ramon Hervey II was hired to work as her manager and publicist and help her overcome the trauma by using his connections and skills as a public relations expert to help boost Vanessa’s career and save her image and brand.

They Fell in Love While Working Together

Ramon Hervey II and Vanessa Williams hit it off really well when Hervey was hired to work with her. Using his vast knowledge as a public relations specialist, Hervey worked very hard to resuscitate her career and restore her image as one of America’s most adorable superstars. His efforts eventually worked and Vanessa returned to action following several campaigns to reintroduce her brand to the public.

Under Hervey’s watch, Vanessa Williams rebounded from the Miss America scandal to score a really successful career as a singer and actress, landing several amazing roles onscreen and releasing some of her best-known works as a singer. This includes her 1991 album, ‘The Comfort Zone’, which happens to be her biggest album in her music career. Hervey’s efforts to bring her to national prominence yet again worked so well that in 1996, she was invited to recite the national anthem at Super Bowl XXX.

While they were working together, Ramon Hervey II began to want more than just a working relationship with Vanessa Williams. He wanted a romantic one. However, at first, Vanessa was not too receptive to the idea even though she had grown to love Hervey too. It took some time for him to win her over and she eventually got into a relationship with him albeit secretly at first.

But, it soon became crystal clear that Ramon Hervey II and Vanessa Williams had great chemistry. In fact, there were several rumors within their camp that the two could have started something romantic together. These rumors were soon confirmed. It is not clear exactly when the couple began to date, however, by 1986, it was clear they were up to something and that they had both fallen in love.

They Tied the Knot in a Catholic Church

Soon after their romance had become public, Ramon Hervey II and Vanessa Williams decided to make everything more interesting by getting married to each other. It is not clear when Hervey proposed to Vanessa but we know that they eventually walked down the aisle in 1987, about three years after they started working together.

Ramon Hervey II and Vanessa Williams on their wedding day

According to our findings, the couple got married at the St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, a popular catholic church located in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, New York City which is administered by the Society of Jesus. The wedding was attended by many prominent figures, including family members and close friends.

Following their marriage, Ramon Hervey II continued as Vanessa Williams’ manager and Vanessa’s career soared. During their marriage, she achieved some of her biggest feats as an actress and a singer, and also bagged some of her most prestigious awards and nominations. It was clear that Hervey and Vanessa’s relationship was a magical combination that worked magic.

Because he was married to her, Ramon Hervey II found himself working on promoting Vanessa’s career while also combining this with raising their children. Of course, the actress was also active in the training of their kids.

The Couple Had Three Kids Who All Took After Their Mother

The marriage between Ramon Hervey II and Vanessa Williams was very fruitful and produced three children called Melanie Hervey, Jillian Hervey, and Devin Hervey. Interestingly, all their children took after their mother and have done varying degrees of work in the entertainment industry.

Melanie Hervey

Their first child, Melanie Hervey was born on June 30, 1987, and is now 35 years old. Today, Melanie Hervey is doing very well for herself and has worked in different industries including the entertainment industry as her parents have done.

Melanie is actually an actress who scored her first acting role when she was just 13 years old in the year 2000 after she was cast to star The Courage to Love, a romance/historical drama film. Apart from acting, she has worked in different companies and firms including the Henri Bendel, a women’s department store based in New York City, and Allure Magazine.

She has also worked in real estate, pulling stints with different real estate firms like The Corcoran Group. She is also a fashion stylist and has worked with different fashion outfits like Melian Group and Outdoor Voices. She is now a fitness expert who has worked with a number of fitness companies and studios and is also a certified Pilates and Barre instructor.

Jillian Hervey

Their second child is also a daughter called Jillian Hervey who was born on June 19, 1989, and is now 33 years old. Jillian took after their mother by becoming a singer. Having picked an interest in singing since she was little, Jillian is now part of a group called Lion Babe which she formed with her partner, Lucas Goodman.

She has achieved lots of success with Lion Babe. The group received some critical acclaim after releasing their debut album in February 2016 and soon landed record deals with Interscope Records and Polydor Records. The group has also collaborated with different high-profile musicians. Their third album called Rainbow Child was released in 2021.

Jillian is also an actress who has starred in movies, including Courage to Love in 2000 and The Dog Thief in 2019.

Devin Hervey

The last child, and only son that Ramon Hervey II and Vanessa Williams had together is called Devin Hervey. He was born on 14 April 1993 and is now 29 years old. Even though not many things are known about Devin, we understand that he also took after his parents by delving into the entertainment industry.

Devin is actually an actor, having starred in the 2000 movie, The Courage To Love. Some reports also say he is a record producer. However, we have not independently confirmed this. It is clear that Ramon Hervey and Vanessa Williams’ kids are doing very well for themselves and doing their parents proud in the process.

It is noteworthy that Ramon Hervey is very close to all his children today. This is evident in the way he posts about them on social media. A quick look at his Instagram page shows how much bond there is between father and children. Some of the photos he posts show him having amazing moments with his children. His kids also post about him on their social media pages, showing how much they value his companionship.

Hervey’s Marriage To Vanessa Crashed After 10 Years

After welcoming their last child Devin Hervey in 1993, Ramon Hervey II and Vanessa Williams continued to enjoy a happy marriage as they put a hold on any more childbearing. During this time, they never got involved in any scandal and were never in the news for wrongdoing. At first, it appeared that they were the perfect couple who were going to last together forever. At some point, their union was one of the most talked-about marriages in the early 1990s.

However, in 1996, rumors began to fly around that Hervey and Vanessa had parted ways and that Hervey was no longer Vanessa’s manager. The rumors became so strong that in April of that year, an assistant of Vanessa had to come out to address the matter. The assistant confirmed that Vanessa had indeed dropped Hervey as her manager but said they were still together as a couple.

Unfortunately, months later in 1997, about ten years after they got married, it was confirmed that their marriage indeed crashed. This was quite unexpected for many people because virtually everyone saw them as the unblemished couple who were both very much into each other.

Why Did Ramon and Williams Get Divorced?

At first, the main reason why the marriage collapsed was not known. However, many years later, Vanessa talked about why she parted ways with Hervey. In an interview she had with Glamour Magazine in 2019, she explained that her work schedule often got in the way of her marriage. She said she was always working and was very busy that her romance suffered.

In fact, even though Hervey was her manager who was always with her career-wise, she could not give him the kind of attention a marriage needed. According to her, the reason for this was that her kids’ schedules always came first, and then her career came second. Unfortunately, this meant that her marriage came third on her list of priorities. Because of this, the marriage suffered.

She also hinted that Hervey was not faithful during their marriage. She explained that they had some issues with infidelity and this was a big problem for them that they tried to settle severally. According to her, she endured the situation for a while until it became unbearable for her and she had to leave the marriage.

On his own end, Ramon Hervey II has not spoken about the divorce since it happened. It is also not clear if he has gone on to marry another woman. However, we know that Vanessa Williams has met and married other men since she left Hervey. At the moment, she is married to her third husband, Jim Skrip, an American real estate agent, entrepreneur, and former accountant.

Despite her divorce from Hervey, the former couple are still cordial with each other and see from time to time, especially on big occasions like birthdays and Christmas. They also get together as a family from time to time. In October 2020, Hervey shared a photo showing him posing with Vanessa and their kids to celebrate his birthday.

How Ramon Hervey Built an Enviable Career in Public Relations

Whenever Ramon Hervey II’s name is mentioned, many people immediately think of Vanessa Williams. This is because it was his marriage to her that brought him to the mainstream limelight. However, it is important to know that marrying Vanessa was not the only good thing he has done with his life. As a matter of fact, Hervey had already built an enviable career as a public relations specialist, artist manager, and music executive before he even met Vanessa.

After obtaining his BA degree from Whittier College in California in 1972, Hervey immediately started looking for work to do and the next year, in 1973, he got a job as a flight attendant. According to some reports, he worked with Pan American Airlines. While he was working as a flight attendant, he didn’t really find fulfillment and his interest began to shift to the music industry as he felt he had a part to play there.

Soon after, he quit his high-paying job with Pan American Airlines to kickstart a career as a publicist for music publications. He then landed a job as a publicist for a popular artist management company called Starlite Music Artistes in 1974. He was still a rookie at this time so he used the opportunity he got at the company to gain first-hand experience about how the industry works. His duties included writing copies on behalf of artists and presenting them in the best light possible.

Ramon Hervey II worked at Starlite Music Artistes for only a year before quitting his job at the company to join Hamlett Marsh Publishers, another music agency where he worked as an editor. By this time, he was already gaining a lot of experience as a publicist. He worked with Hamlett Marsh Publishers for about a year before leaving the company.

His Stint with Motown Records and Rogers & Cowan

After leaving Hamlett Marsh Publishers, Ramon Hervey II joined Motown Records in 1976 and his life began to change. At the time, Motown Records was one of the biggest artist management companies in the world and was home to many world-famous acts like The Jackson 5, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, and others. So, it was a huge opportunity for Hervey to showcase his talent and do great things.

While he was with Motown Records, Ramon Hervey II was assigned as the publicist for a number of artists who had signed with the company. Some of the artists that he designed and executed publicity campaigns for include Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, and Marvin Gaye. At this time, he began to get popular within the artiste management field as a man who was good at his job.

Hervey worked with Motown Records for a few years before he left the company to work as a writer and publicist with Rogers & Cowan, a global marketing and public relations agency. He was very good at his job that he was soon promoted to serve as the director of music and the vice president of music and talent within the company.

While he was with Rogers & Cowan, Hervey got to work with so many elite superstars and clients including Herb Alpert, Bette Midler, Nick Nolte, the Bee Gees, and George Benson, among others. His experience at the company gave him great confidence.

Ramon Hervey II Now Owns His Own Company

Having had a lot of experience as an artist manager and publicist, Ramon Hervey became convinced that it was time to set up his own company and be his own boss. But, before setting up his own company, joined another media firm called The Gibson Group, serving as a partner and co-president in the mid-1980s.

It was while he was with this firm that he was hired to use his experience and expertise as a publicist to work with Vanessa Williams and revamp her career. He would later end up marrying her. Other notable clients that he worked with at the time included Rick James and Little Richard.

Ramon Hervey eventually left The Gibson Group to set up his own company. In the late 1980s, the renowned publicist established his own artist management company which he called Hervey & Company. According to reports, the very first client Hervey & Company recorded was the popular gospel singer Andraé Crouch.

As expected, over the years, Hervey & Company has done very well, becoming quite reputable in the artist management market. The company especially became quite popular in the 1990s and was home to several op stars including the Grammy Award-nominated a cappella group called Sweet Honey in the Rock, and the popular British pop singer Glen Scott.

The company is also known to be involved in managing artists from a vast and diverse range of music genres including rap, hip-hop, R&B, rock, and gospel. Over the years, Hervey & Company has branched off into other things aside from artiste management. The company also organized live events and concerts and also brings actors and filmmakers to several major film festivals across the world.

He is a Film Producer

Interestingly, Ramon Hervey II is not just an artist manager but also a movie producer and music consultant. In 2004, he was the executive producer of a lauded documentary called Chisholm ’72: Unbought & Unbossed. This documentary later emerged winner of a Peabody Award.

In 2012, he was the music consultant for the drama/comedy movie, Should’ve Been Romeo. The same year, he was the music supervisor for another documentary called Free Angela and All Political Prisoners.

It is reported that while trying to break into Hollywood as a producer, he got the chance to manage many other actors and actresses, and is now working hard to break through as a director.

He is an Author

Apart from his exploits as a public relations expert and artist manager, Ramon Hervey II is also an author. In 2022, he published his first book titled “The Fame Game: An Insider’s Playbook for Earning Your 15”

He tries using the book to share insightful tales of his remarkable four-decade career plotting and overseeing the fame and success of artists at the top of their game. The book has attracted quite some attention.

Why He is Still Better Known as Vanessa Williams’ Ex-Husband

Over the years, Ramon Hervey II has achieved great things as a public relations specialist who has worked with some of the biggest names in the world of music. He has become the owner of his company and is respected for his work in the entertainment industry over the years.

However, even with this, he is still more widely known as the “ex-husband of Vanessa Williams”. The reason for this is the astronomical rise of Vanessa to global superstardom. At the time Hervey was hired to be her manager in 1984, she was still a young woman navigating the shores of stardom, but she has since grown to become a global household name, overshadowing Hervey and his accomplishments.

Because of her huge superstardom, it is impossible for anyone to become romantically involved with Vanessa and not become famous as well. Her fame rubs off automatically on whoever she gets involved with usually putting their own achievement on the back foot. This is what happened to Ramon Hervey II.

Also, it is noteworthy that the kind of work that Hervey does mainly requires him to be behind the scenes. So, he is rarely seen even though his works break a lot of ground for other artists. Because of this, he has largely remained out of sight and is only mainly remembered as a man who became romantically involved with the superstar actress, singer, and fashion designer, Vanessa Williams.

What is Ramon Hervey’s Net Worth?

Ramon Hervey is currently worth $10 million according to different sources. This is not hard to believe because of what he has achieved as a public relations specialist. Having worked with a considerable number of topflight artists over the years, and, having established his own company, it is clear that he has raked in a lot of money.

Over the years, Hervey earned money working as;

  • A public relations specialist with different companies
  • An artist manager and publicist, representing many A-list superstars including his ex-wife
  • A film producer and music consultant who has worked on movies and documentaries
  • The owner of his own media company called Hervey & Company
  • An author whose book has caught quite some attention

Apparently, Ramon Hervey II is a man who has done well for himself financially and has earned a reputation as a renowned music executive.

Where is Ramon Hervey II Now?

We know that, at the moment, Ramon Hervey II lives in the United States of America with his family and is believed to be very involved in running his company. He is busy spreading awareness about his book and also enjoys the goodwill of his fans on social media.


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