Truth About Emilio Owen, Gary Owen’s Son

Emilio Owen is the oldest son of Gary Owen, the famous American stand-up comedian and actor fondly called the “Funniest Serviceman in America. He was born on January 18, 1991, and is 33 years old .

Interestingly, Emilio is not the biological son of Gary Owen. He was born to another man and raised by his mother, Kenya Duke, who later married Gary. Emilio became very fond of Gary Owen and had a heartwarming relationship with his step-siblings, who were born to Kenya and Gary.

Summary of Gary Owen’s Biography 

  • Full name: Emilio Owen
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: January 18, 1991
  • Emilio Owen’s Age: 33 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Emilio Owen’s Parents: Gary Owen and Kenya Duke
  • Siblings: Austin Owen and Kennedy Owen
  • Emilio Owen’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Emilio Owen’s Height in Centimetres: 179 cm
  • Emilio Owen’s Weight: 74kg (163 lbs)
  • Famous for: Being Gary Owen’s son

Emilio Owen Was Born 33 Years Ago in California

Emilio Owen was born on January 18, 1991, and is now 33 years old. According to our findings, he was born in Oakland, a city on the east of San Francisco Bay, California, USA. He spent much of his childhood growing up in Oakland before eventually moving out.

Reports show that after spending several of his childhood years in Oakland, he eventually moved from there to Ohio, another US State, with his mother. He is said to now reside in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, with his family.

Emilio Owen is a well-read man. When he was still in Oakland, Emilio had his elementary education at a local elementary school in the city. However, the name of this school has never been made known to the public. After finishing his elementary education, he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he continued schooling.

After arriving in Cincinnati, Emilio enrolled in Lakota West High School, a public high school in West Chester Township, a suburb of Cincinnati, where he had his high school education. He spent about four years in Lakota West High School before graduating.

After finishing high school, Emilio Owen eventually gained admission into The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati, a private college of art and design in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is unclear exactly what he studied in college, but it must have been something related to the arts.

Who Is Emilio Owen’s Biological Father?

Emilio’s biological father is a man called Emilio Toliver Sr. Not much is known about who Toliver is. In fact, it is not clear where he is from or how old he is.

It is also not certain how he met and fell in love with Emilio’s mother, Kenya Duke. What we are sure of, however, is that both Toliver and Duke were in love with each other in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Their relationship progressed into a whirlwind romance that produced Emilio in 1991.

There are no reports to indicate just how long the relationship between Kenya Duke and Emilio Toliver Sr. lasted. There are also no reports to show if Duke and Toliver were ever married or not while their love story lasted. However, it is believed that the former lovebirds parted ways in the early 1990s, soon after Emilio was born.

It is not clear what Toliver is up to at the moment. But, for the record, we know that Emilio’s mother, Kenya Duke, is an American media personality and entrepreneur. She achieved widespread fame when she got married to Gary Owen.

Is Emilio Owen Still In Touch With Toliver Sr?

There are no indications that Emilio Owen has kept in touch with his biological father, Emilio Toliver Sr. After Kenya Duke and Toliver parted ways, Duke took it upon herself to raise her son alone. It is not clear how involved Toliver was in his upbringing.

Ever since he came into the limelight following his mother’s marriage to Gary Owen, Emilio has not once mentioned his biological father. Kenya Duke also does not talk about Toliver as the father of her son. From all indications, Emilio has not been in contact with his biological father.

Emilio Owen
Emilio Owen with his family. L-R: Kennedy Owen, Kenya Duke, Gary Owen, Austin Owen, and Emilio Owen.

How Emilio’s Mother, Kenya Duke, Met, And Married Gary Owen

Emilio Owen’s mother, Kenya Duke, met Gary Owen in the late 1990s. According to our findings, the couple first met at a comedy club where Gary performed his comedy routine. For the record, Gary Owen is one of the most popular comedians in the USA who is loved by many.

Having kickstarted his career in 1997, he has become a huge figure in the comedy business world, cultivating a very large African-American. This is because he has headlined shows on cable channel BET and has performed at different targeted events, including Shaquille O’Neal’s All-Star Comedy Jam Tour.

He has also starred in movies, becoming quite a huge film star. His huge popularity had impacted heavily on Kenya Duke, who rose to stardom when she got romantically attached to him. When Kenya Duke and Gary Owen first met at the comedy club in the late 1990s, they took note of each other during the first meeting but did not make contact.

However, a few days later, they met again at the same comedy club, and this time, Gary asked for Kenya Duke’s number, and she gave him. They soon fell in love after this, and things progressed quickly between them. Gary would later reveal that he felt very proud of himself for getting Duke to love him, considering how beautiful and charming she was.

After dating for some time, Kenya Duke and Gary Owen decided to tie the knot as husband and wife. The wedding eventually took place on July 19, 2003. The wedding was chaotic because Gary arrived late, making the officiating priest get angry and leave early. There was also a brawl at the wedding, and the baker bringing the wedding cake ended up shattering it.

However, despite all these, the wedding was still held and was witnessed by close friends and family members. Emilio was also present at the wedding and is believed to have played quite a big role at the event.

They Divorced After 17 Years Of Marriage

When they married in 2003, Kenya Duke and Gary Owen remained married until 17 years later, in March 2021, when Duke filed for divorce. The main issue that caused the breakdown of their marriage is not certain, but Duke cited irreconcilable differences as the reason why she was filing for divorce.

The strain of the divorce process took a huge toll on the relationship Gary Owen had with his children, as it appears they have all sided with their mother and have developed some kind of animosity towards him. In August 2022, Gary revealed that he had not spoken to his children, including Emilio, in over a year due to the divorce proceedings.

He, however, hopes to return to their good side again. Considering how good-natured and thoughtful Emilio has always been, it is believed that he will become friendly with Gary again in the future.

Did Gary Owen Officially Adopt Emilio?

It has never been confirmed whether Gary Owen officially adopted Emilio as his son and signed papers. However, Gary and Emilio had a real father-son relationship. Gary always referred to Emilio as ‘my oldest son’ whenever he mentioned him in social media posts and elsewhere.

Emilio also refers to Gary as ‘my father’ whenever he spoke of him. Apparently, the relationship between them was a heartwarming one. There have been reports that Gary Owen legally adopted Emilio as his son following his marriage to Kenya Duke. This is why Emilio is now known as Emilio Owen and not Emilio Toliver.

However, after a thorough search, we found out there are reports to validate these claims. What is clear is that Gary and Emilio Owen saw each other as father and son, whether Emilio had been legally adopted or not.

Emilio Has Two Siblings

After Kenya Duke got together with Gary Owen, they welcomed two children together; a son called Austin Owen and a daughter named Kennedy Owen. So, Emilio has two siblings with whom he is very close. Austin and Kennedy were born before Gary and Kenya Duke married in 2003.

Austin was born on November 26, 2000, and is now 23 years old, while Kennedy was born on July 3, 2002, and is now 21 years old. Austin is believed to be on track to take after his father in the comedy business as he has followed Gary to several comedy shows and has even opened for his father at one of his comedy events.

It was revealed that Austin even wrote all the jokes he told that day. On the other hand, Kennedy is not keen on following her father into the comedy business. She is a very strong-willed person, just like her mother, and is said to be most likely to be rebellious in the family. She has a day job and is doing well for herself.

Emilio Owen is very fond of his siblings, who are also very fond of him. Gary and Kenya Duke have spoken glowingly about how Emilio, Austin, and Kennedy have bonded over the years to form the best sibling bond anyone can wish for. Their closeness and fondness for each other were even more evident from the way they appeared together on The Gary Owen Show and what their interactions were like.

What Does Gary Owen’s Son Do For A Living?

Emilio Owen is very private; so much is not known or reported about him. In fact, it appears that he does not even own a social media account. We did a quick search through the main social media pages and found no trace of him. Also, it is noteworthy that his parents have never tagged any handle said to be his own, even though they post about him a lot.

For the record, Emilio Owen is a reality TV star. This is because, in 2016, he starred in The Gary Owen Show, a reality TV show that chronicled his father, Gary Owen’s life, and the day-to-day activities of his hilariously multiracial family. However, apart from this, he has not starred in any other TV productions since.

Unlike his brother, Austin Owen, there is no indication that Emilio Owen is trying to take after his father and go into the comedy business. He has been a very private and calm person who likes to get by and stay far away from the limelight as possible.

We also know that Emilio had a day job. He revealed this while on The Gary Owen Show. The nature of this day job or what he does at his office is not certain. However, Emilio also revealed that he had to quit his job for a surprising reason.

Emilio Owen
Kenya Duke measuring Emilio’s long hair

The Interesting Reason Why Emilio Owen Quit His Job

In 2016, Emilio Owen revealed that he had to quit his day job because people at the office kept asking him to cut his hair. For the record, Emilio is very fond of his hair which he has been growing into dreads for more than a decade. He has become so attached to his dreadlocks that he does not consider ever cutting them.

So when he was asked to cut his hair at his office, he simply quit the job and went home. His mother also became concerned about how the hair might hurt his spine because he had grown the hair so long that it was reaching below his waist.

At first, he refused to cut his hair even when his mother asked. However, this got her a little upset, so to make her happy, he pinched off a few fragments of his hair with the aid of Gary Owen and offered it to his mother in a small bag. Kenya Duke was touched by his act and warmed up to him again.

Emilio still has his long hair and does not plan to remove it soon. According to him, his long hair helps him get the women to go out with him. So, he would never cut it off.

Who Is The Woman In Emilio’s Life?

According to reports, Emilio has a girlfriend called Taylor Patton. Not much is known about Taylor’s background, but different reports say she is an American woman who also lives in Cincinnati, just like Emilio.

It is not exactly clear how or when the lovebirds first met and started their love journey, so it is unknown how long they have been together as a couple. However, there have been different reports suggesting they have been together for quite a while and that their romance may lead to the altar soon.

Taylor Patton is reported to work as an Operations Expert at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shields, an American insurance company. Nothing else is known about her, including who her parents are or where she went to school.


Who is Emilio Owen?

Emilio Owen is the oldest son of Gary Owen, the famous American stand-up comedian and actor. He was born on January 18, 1991, and is 33 years old .

Is Gary Owen Emilio Owen’s Biological Father?

Gary Owen is not the biological father of Emilio Owen. Emilio’s biological father is a man called Emilio Toliver Sr. Not much is known about who Toliver is.


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