Truth About Central Cee’s Parents, Brother and Family

Central Cee has not yet revealed the names of his parents. But we know that his mother is an Irish woman while his father is Guyanese.

Central Cee’s parents became popular after their son hit massive success in 2020 with the release of his singles Day in the Life and Loading. Although he has been singing since 2015, Central Cee got his breakthrough in 2020, and as such, many people have become curious to know more about him, including his parents and family members.

What is Central Cee’s Real Name?

Central Cee’s real name is Oakley Neil H T Caesar-Su, a name given to him at birth by his parents. However, he is best addressed and known by his professional/stage name, “Central Cee,” which he gave to himself at the outset of his music career.

Caesar-Su was born in Shepherd’s Bush, London, on the 4th day of June 1998, making him 24 years old at the moment. He was raised alongside his parents and siblings in Shepherd Bush, London, England.

Who are Central Cee’s Parents?

Some of the questions on the internet about the singer are related to who his parents are, but sadly, Oakly does not reveal much about them. He has not disclosed even their names to the media or what they do for a living.

Anyway, from what is gathered, Central Cee’s father is a Guyanese of Ecuadorian descent, whereas his mother is from Ireland. Cee’s father played reggae, dancehall, and hip-hop music around him while he was growing up, which subsequently strengthened his love for music.

The celebrity parents, even though they are in the news, have not been opportune to grace the camera for interviews. As a result, no tangible information about them is known to the public.

Central Cee is Not The Only Child of His Parents

Be it as it may, it is certain that the couple is married and have children together, which includes Central Cee. Details about their wedding ceremony and the exact date it happened are still undisclosed. Also, information regarding their current marital status is not known.

However, it seems the couple has maintained a healthy marital relationship as well as lived a low-profile life which made it almost impossible to decipher certain facts about them.

Moreover, Central Cee is not the only child of his parents. The couple’s marriage was blessed with other children though it is not known how many they are. However, it is recorded that Caesar-Su has a younger brother who is also interested in music and has begun to drop some freestyles online.

How Central Cee’s Parents Contributed to His Musical Success

Just like all average parents would do, Central Cee’s parents definitely would have helped in one way or the other in the success he has attained today. Particularly, the singer has on several occasions said that his father inspired his love for music. Besides these, there are no records of other contributions they made toward Cee’s rise to fame and musical success.

Central Cee is a British rapper and songwriter whose musical career took off in the year 2015. While growing up, he never missed attending a carnival, and this is why his music is largely influenced by his environment and upbringing. Cee generally credits his success to his community because he said that he got inspired by its extensive hip-hop music collection

Cee professionally started his rapping career in 2015 and has since been making a name for himself in the music scene. His breakout story, however, came in 2020 after he dropped the singles Day in the Life and Loading. Some of his successful songs include Obsessed with You, Loading, Meant to Be, Little Bit of This, Pinging (6 Figures), Commitment, Day in the Life, and others.

Loading and Commitment made the top 20 on the UK Singles Chart upon its in 2020. Meanwhile, Oakley Caesar-Su is family-oriented. Although he does not reveal much information about his family, the Loading crooner once mentioned that he likes to spend his time off the studio with his family.


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