Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh Is Jim Harbaugh’s Wife After Miah – Meet Her

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh is the wife of Jim Harbaugh, a former quarterback in the National Football League (NFL) and now head coach of Michigan Wolverine of the University of Michigan. Sarah is an actress and real estate agent of American origin. 

The celebrity wife and ‘Mike and Mike Returns’ actress has built a happy home with the ace footballer. Below is a detailed account of her life with Jim Harbaugh.

Summary of Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s Bio

  • Full name: Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh
  • Nickname: Sarah
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: September 20, 1978
  • Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s Age: 45 years old
  • Place of Birth: Belton, Missouri, USA
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s Husband: Jim Harbaugh
  • Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s Children: Addison Harbaugh, Katherine Harbaugh, John Harbaugh, and Jack Harbaugh
  • Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s Parents: Merle Feuerborn and Alta Feuerborn
  • Siblings: Anna, John, Amy, Pamela, Mary, Joseph, Andrew, Michael, Marty, and Paul
  • Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s Height in Centimeters: 172 cm
  • Occupation: Actress, Real estate agent
  • Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s Net Worth: $2 million
  • Famous for: Being Jim Harbaugh’s wife

What is Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s Age?

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh is 45 years old in 2024. She was born on September 20, 1978, in Belton, Missouri to Merle Feuerborn and Alta Feuerborn. Sarah is a Caucasian (ethnicity) of American nationality and grew up in Kansas City with her parents and siblings.

She has not disclosed details of her education to the media and as such, we could not verify the names of schools she attended, the cources she studied, what her days in school were like, or even her educational accomplishments.

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s Birthday Dates

Year Date Day of the Week
2023 September Wednesday
2024 September Friday
2025 September Saturday
2026 September Sunday
2027 September Monday

Who Are Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s Siblings?

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh has ten siblings; this comprises six brothers and 4 sisters. However, she had lost two of her brothers to cancer over the years. Andrew Feuerborn was first diagnosed with cancer at just over a year old. He later died in 1999 at the age of 22. She later lost another brother to cancer and her father was similarly diagnosed to be with the disease.

The eldest of the Feuerborn siblings is Pamela Feuerborn who was born on 2nd September 1956. Mary Beth Feuerborn, who was born on 3rd March 1960, came next before Marty Feuerborn (born on 26th May 1964) joined the family.

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s brother Paul Feuerborn was born on 23rd December 1965, while Michael Feuerborn came two years after on 1st September 1967. John Joseph Feuerborn, another male child in the family, was born on 5th November 1968.

The Feuerborn family expanded further with the birth of twins Anna Marie Feuerborn and Amy Marie Feuerborn on the 19th of September 1970. Joseph Henry Feuerborn came next on 1st May 1972 before Andrew Joseph Feuerborn on 7th March 1977. Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh is the youngest in the family being born on September 20, 1978.

List of Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s Siblings

  • Pamela Feuerborn
  • Mary Beth Feuerborn
  • Marty Feuerborn
  • Paul Feuerborn
  • Michael Feuerborn
  • John Joseph Feuerborn
  • Anna Marie Feuerborn
  • Amy Marie Feuerborn
  • Henry Feuerborn
  • Andrew Joseph Feuerborn

How Did Jim Harbaugh Meet his Wife Sarah?

Sarah Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh and his wife Sarah met in 2006 at a P.F Chang’s parking lot in Las Vegas, where Sarah was getting take-out. At the time, Jim was the head coach at the University of San Diego and was attending a convention for coaches in Las Vegas. Jim instantly fell in love with her and politely demanded her number.

Although she gave him the number, he felt it was the typical ladies’ way of dishing out fake numbers to men whom they wanted to brush off. His suspicions were nearly confirmed when he called her nine times without her answering. However, Sarah eventually returned Jim’s call, thereby starting a love story with the celebrity coach.

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh Became Jim Harbaugh’s Wife in 2008

After Jim had just concluded the divorce proceedings with his first wife Miah, there were speculations that Jim had already begun dating Sarah while still married to his wife and that this was a major cause of the divorce between the pair. However, neither of them has debunked or confirmed the rumors.

Two years after they began dating, Jim and Sarah got married on January 5, 2008, at a small ceremony and have remained happily together ever since. Their union has lasted for 16 years and there has been no scandal or controversy trailing their relationship.

In 2016, Sarah appeared on CSN as a guest, after an NFL 49ers game. While on the show, she disclosed that it was difficult being married to a football coach as the results of the games somehow impact her family. Four years later during an interview with ESPN in 2010, Jim Harbaugh described his wife Sarah as a perfect wife, stating that he wouldn’t wish she did anything differently. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the celebrity couple enjoys a blissful marital life.

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s Anniversary Dates

Year Month Day of the Week
2023 January Thursday
2024 January Friday
2025 January Sunday
2026 January Monday
2027 January Tuesday

Meet Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s Husband, Jim Harbaugh

  • Full name: James Joseph Harbaugh
  • Nickname: Jim Harbaugh
  • Date of Birth: December 23, 1963
  • Jim Harbaugh’s Age: 60 years old
  • Place of Birth: Toledo, Ohio, USA
  • Birth Sign: Capricorn
  • Jim Harbaugh’s Parents: Jack Harbaugh and Jackie Harbaugh
  • Siblings: John Harbaugh and Joani Harbough

James Joseph Harbaugh was born in Toledo, Ohio, the USA on December 23, 1963, and is 60 years old. He grew up with his parents Jack Harbaugh and Jackie Harbaugh, and his two siblings John and Joani Harbaugh.

His father Jack Harbaugh was a football coach and inspired Jim’s passion and love for football. His father was the defensive coordinator at the University of Michigan where Jim played as a quarterback.

Jim Harbaugh’s brother John Harbaugh is a famous American football coach and Super Bowl-winning head coach who has coached for over 15 seasons. He has had 24 years of experience as a coach and captured the 2012 franchise’s second World Championship. He currently works as the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League.

He Has Built a Prolific Career as a Football Player and Coach

With a football career that he began professionally in 1987 and has spanned the course of 37 years this year, Jim Harbaugh has attained success both as a footballer and as a coach.

Playing Career

Jim attended the University of Michigan where he played as a quarterback for the university’s team; the Wolverines. This came after he got into the NFL in 1987 as a first-round draft pick of the Chicago bears.

Jim’s career as a footballer got its highlight when he led Indianapolis to the AFC Championship game in the 1995 season. The teams Jim Harbaugh played for include:

  • Chicago Bears 1987-1993
  • Indianapolis Colts 1994-1997
  • Baltimore Ravens 1998
  • San Diego Chargers 1999

Jim Harbaugh played as a quarterback in the NFL for 14 years, playing for 5 teams over 15 seasons.

Coaching Career

He has served as a coach on the following teams

  • Western Kentucky University 1994-2001
  • Oakland Raiders 2002
  • University of San Diego 2004
  • Stanford University 2007
  • NFL’s San Francisco 49ers 2011

Jim Harbaugh Has Won Several Career Awards

In his career as a football player and coach, Jim Harbaugh has won the following awards

As a Coach

  • 2x Pioneer League Champion 2005 & 2006
  • 2x Big Ten East Division Champion
  • 2018 & 2021
  • Woody Hayes Trophy 2010
  • NFL Coach of the Year 2011
  • Big Ten Championship 2021
  • AP College Football Coach of the Year 2021

As a Player

  • First-team All-Big Ten 1986
  • Pro Bowl 1995
  • NFL Comeback Player of the Year 1995
  • Indianapolis Colts Ring of Honor 1997
  • George Halas Award 1997

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh is not Jim Harbaugh’s First Wife

Jim Harbaugh and Miah Burke Harbaugh
Jim Harbaugh and Miah Burke Harbaugh

A few months after their first meeting in 2006, Jim Harbaugh and Sarah Feuerborn officially started dating. However, Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh is not Jim Harbaugh’s first official partner. Jim was previously married to a woman named Miah Burke Harbaugh. The duo got married in February 1996 but due to circumstances bordering on Jim’s alleged infidelity, they got divorced in 2006.

While Jim and Miah were married, their marriage produced three kids; two sons named James Harbaugh and Jay Harbaugh, born on 14th June 1989 (34 years old), and a daughter named Jessica Grace Harbaugh, born on 27th June 2000 (23 years old). Thus, these three older Jim’s children are step-siblings to the younger Sara Feuerborn Harbaugh’s children with Jim Harbaugh.

How Many Children Does Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh Have With Her Husband Jim Harbaugh?

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh and her husband Jim have four children together. Get to meet their two sons (Jack Harbaugh and John Harbaugh) and two daughters (Addison Harbaugh and Katherine Harbaugh) below.

Addison Harbaugh Is Their First Child, Born in 2008

  • Year of birth: 2008
  • Age: 16 years old

Addison Harbaugh is the first child Sarah Harbaugh had with her celebrity coach husband, Jim. She was born in 2008, two years after the couple’s marriage. Details of her personal life including her exact birthday have been kept away from the media. As such, we could not confirm what the teenager is currently up to.

Katherine Harbaugh, Sarah’s Second Child Was Born in 2010

  • Year of birth: 2010
  • Age: 14 years old

Katherine was born in 2010. However, her date of birth is yet to be revealed to the media. Because the young Harbaugh kids live a private life, we are unable to confirm details of Katherine’s hobbies and current activities.

Jack Harbaugh is Sarah and Jim Harbaugh’s Third Child 

  • Year of birth: 2012
  • Age: 12 years old

Jack Harbaugh is Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s third child and was born in 2012, although we could not confirm his exact birthday. Jack is an avid lover of football and in November 2017, he went viral after the camera caught him crying during the University of Michigan Wolverine’s game against the Wisconsin Badgers. The game ended sadly for Jack and other Wolverine fans as the Wisconsin Badgers won with a 24-10 score against the Wolverines.

John Harbaugh is the Youngest Child of Jim Harbaugh and Sarah Harbaugh

  • Date of Birth: January 11, 2017
  • Age: 7 years old
  • Birth Sign: Capricorn
  • Place of Birth: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

John is the fourth child born to Jim Harbaugh and his wife Sarah. He was born on January 11, 2017, in Michigan, USA, and is 7 years old. John was born about three and a half weeks early and at the time of his birth, weighed approximately 2.2kg.

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh Has Attained Success Pursuing Various Careers

Away from being a celebrity wife, Sarah Feuerborn has built a successful career for herself in diverse careers. Find out what professional path she has towed over the years.

As an Actress

Sarah tried out a career in acting in a couple of television shows. She has appeared in several documentaries about Michigan Wolverines which include the following:

  • Mike and Mike Returns (2014)
  • All or Nothing: The Wolverines of Michigan (2018)

As a Real Estate Agent

Before gaining fame as the wife of famous NFL coach Jim Harbaugh, Sarah worked as a real estate agent in Los Angeles, USA. But following her marriage to Jim and the birth of her children, we could not confirm if she is still actively involved in the profession as a realtor.

Sarah and Jim are Involved in Community Service

Sarah and her husband are at the forefront of community service. Following the ravages of the COVID-19 wave, the couple donated $100,000 to the United Way for Southeastern Michigan as their way of supporting the COVID-19 response.

They have been actively involved in numerous other community service ventures like the James Whitcomb Riley Hospital for Children, the Harbaugh Hill Foundation, the Jim Harbaugh Foundation, the Children’s Miracle Network, and the Uhlich’s Children’s Home.

Similarly, owing to the experience and heavy blow cancer has dealt on Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh, she also runs a foundation (Colon Cancer Alliance) that creates awareness about colon cancer. Recall that Sarah had lost two of her brothers to the disease and her father was also reportedly diagnosed to be with cancer. She has even gone ahead to describe the disease as being part of her life.

Sarah Maintains a Healthy Body

Sarah is a beautiful woman and looks young and fit for her age. She stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches which is equivalent to 172cm or 1.7m. While we could not confirm her exact weight, it is obvious that she leads a healthy lifestyle and has a slim figure. However, she has not revealed her workout routine or if she adheres to a specific diet plan to maintain her weight.

Is Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh Active on Social Media?

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh is not active on any social media platform. She previously had a Twitter account but revealed she was booted out after she lashed back at critics who were making negative comments against her son, Jack after he was filmed crying during a football match between the Wolverines and the Wisconsin Badgers.

Since then, she has not made a comeback to the platform or even any other social media platform. However, her husband has a verified Instagram page @coachjim4um. On this page, he sometimes posts pictures of his children and being on his job as a football coach.

Quick Facts

Full Name Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh
Spouse Jim Harbaugh (American football coach)
Spouse’s Profession Head Football Coach, University of Michigan
Meeting Details Met Jim Harbaugh in 2006 at a restaurant in Las Vegas where she was working as a sales representative
Marriage Date January 5, 2008
Notable Aspects Jim Harbaugh is known for his extensive career in NFL and as a college football coach
Children with Jim Harbaugh They have seven children together, including four daughters: Addison, Katherine, and two whose names are not publicly known; and three sons: Jack, John, and James
Public Appearances/Engagements Occasionally appears alongside Jim Harbaugh at public events and university functions


Who is Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh?

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh is the wife of Jim Harbaugh, the American college football coach and present coach of the Michigan Wolverines of the University of Michigan. Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh is an actress and real estate agent born on September 20, 1978 and presently 45 years old.

Who is Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s Husband?

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s husband is Jim Harbaugh, a well-known American college football coach and former NFL quarterback.

How Many Children Does Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh Have?

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh has four children namely Addison (born 2008), Katherine (2010), Jack (2012) and John (2017). They are all from her marriage to Jim Harbaugh.

How Long Has Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh Been Married?

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh has been married for 16 now as she and Jim Harbaugh tied the knot on 5th January 2008.


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