Meet Rylen Judith Brees – Drew Brees Daughter With Brittany Brees

Rylen Judith Brees is the 8 year old daughter of Drew Brees and Brittany Brees. While her father Drew is an American football quarterback whose career in the NFL stretched from 2001 to 2020, her mother Brittany is mostly known for her marriage to the retired American footballer.

Rylen is one of the 4 children of her parents. With her main claim to fame being that she is a celebrity kid, and the only daughter of Drew Brees, here are exciting things to know about her.

Summary of Rylen Judith Brees’s Bio

  • Full Name: Rylen Judith Brees
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: August 25, 2014
  • Rylen Judith Brees’s Age: 8 years old
  • Ethnicity: Irish, Scottish, German, Swiss
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Rylen Judith Brees’s Parents: Drew Brees and Brittany Brees
  • Rylen Judith Brees’ Siblings: Callen Christian Brees, Baylen Robert Brees, and Bowen Christopher Brees
  • Famous for: Being the daughter of Drew Brees and Brittany Brees

Rylen Judith Brees is Currently 8 Years Old

It was on August 25, 2014, that Rylen Judith Brees was born in the state of Louisiana, which is also where she was brought up. At birth, she weighed 7 lbs., 7 oz., and measured 20 inches long. She is of American nationality and is of mixed Irish, Scottish, German, and Swiss ethnic background.

As regards her education, not much is known, even though it is not a secret that her oldest brother attends Santa Fe Christian School which is a private school. In the same light, details about her aspirations are still not known, although she is a lover of sports and her father once joked that she was going to become a photographer.

On her own, Rylen Brees is still a child who has not made any known achievements but got famous for what her parents do for a living. As noted, her father Drew Brees is a former NFL star who made the NFL draft in 2001 and was picked by the San Diego Chargers with which he played until 2005. After that, he joined the New Orleans Saints in 2006 and remained there until 2020 when he retired with one Super Bowl to his name and a Super Bowl MVP as well as many other personal records in the league. The 44 year old is currently into sports broadcasting.

Rylen Judith Brees
Rylen Judith Brees and her brothers (Image Source)

Her mother Brittany Brees was born in 1976. She has been referred to as a former aspiring model in some publications. However, she is better known as a dedicated wife of Drew and the mother of their kids. She is also a philanthropist who together with her husband, began the Brees Dream Foundation in order to help cancer patients and provide education and opportunities for children and families in need.

Rylen Judith Brees’ Parents Have Been Married Since 2003

The parents of Rylen have come a very long way in their relationship and marriage. The couple’s first meeting was at Purdue University where they were both schooling. According to Drew, he was in his sophomore year, at the age of 20, when he met Brittany for the first time in a bar. He was definitely in love with her, but he made a fool of himself on their first meeting after having 17 shots and putting his foot in his mouth.

From that moment, Drew lost the courage to speak to Brittany again until after 6 months when he decided to give it a shot. He ensured that he was invited to a party where he was sure he was going to meet her and when he finally came around to ask her out, all her friends also wanted to follow her because of how he made a fool of himself the first time.

From 1999 when they started dating, the two maintained a close friendship as Drew’s career began to progress, leading him to the NFL in 2001. In 2003, Rylen’s parents got married in a small event on February 8.

Rylen Judith Brees is Not the Only Child of Her Parents

As indicated, Rylen is one of the four children her parents have been blessed with in their marriage of 20 years. She has three other siblings; Callen Christian Brees, Baylen Robert Brees, and Bowen Christopher Brees. Needless to say, she is the youngest of the four. Here is a look at her other siblings:

Baylen Robert Brees

Baylen is the oldest sibling of Rylen Judith Brees and the first child between Drew Brees and Brittany Brees. He was born on January 15, 2009, in New Orleans where he was brought up. Currently 14 years old, Baylen’s private life is all kept away from the public by his parents.

Nonetheless, he is known to have a strong passion for shoe painting. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he painted custom shoes from which he made more than $11,000 for COVID relief. Just as one would expect of a child of athletic parents, Baylen is also an athletic child who loves sports. His father often shares videos of him on social media playing basketball, although it is not clear if he wants to play the sport professionally. He is also showing interest in baseball and football as he plays for Santa Fe Christian School, where he is a student.

Bowen Christopher Brees

Bowen is the second child in the family. He was born on October 19, 2010, in New Orleans. His father who took to social media to ask for suggestions of an uncommon name that starts with the letter “B”, announced to his followers after the birth of his kid that the little one was healthy and with big hands and feet.

Now 12 years old, his parents have also kept all details about him away from the media even though his father always shares pictures of Bowen and his other siblings on social media but it is known that he also loves and plays different sports including football and baseball.

Callen Christian Brees

The youngest member of the family before the birth of Rylen was Callen Brees who was born on August 15, 2012. Following the birth of Callen Christian, it meant that his parents, Drew and Brittany became parents to three sons.

The kid is currently 10 years old and things such as his education and early interests are still kept under wraps. However, Callen is also already into football. In November 2021, he won the 3/4 grade FNA Gold Division Championships.

Rylen Currently Lives With Her Family in New Orleans

Rylen, her parents, and her siblings all now live in New Orleans where she and her brothers were born. The 8 years old celebrity kid is enjoying a good life thanks to the fortune of her father whose net worth is currently estimated at $160 million.

Unsurprisingly, she does not have a social media account and her parents ensure that not so much of her life and that of her brothers is in the limelight. Because of this, her father often shares her pictures on social media with other family members but does not give so much information about them.

From the information available on Drew’s social media handles, Rylen loves outdoor activities including skiing and golf.


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