Pharrell Williams Ethnicity and Who His Parents Are

Pharrell Williams’ ethnicity is African-American, and he is an American by nationality. Similarly, both of his parents, Pharoah Williams and Carolyn Williams are African-Americans by nationality. However, her mother’s ancestry is traceable to an indigenous black ethnic group in Philipines.

Pharrell Lanscilo Williams (born April 5, 1973) is a 49-year-old American record producer, rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is the first of the three sons of handyman Pharoah and teacher Carolyn Williams. His ancestry originates from Virginia and North Carolina. Here are answers to the many questions that have hitherto remained unanswered about his ethnicity and background.

Who are Pharrell Williams’ Parents?

Pharrell Williams’ parents as we have come to learn are named Pharaoh Wiliams and Carolyn Williams. His father, Pharaoh, is a handyman and a house painter, while his mother, Carolyn, is a school teacher. The couple is still together even after many years of marriage.

Pharaoh and Carolyn Williams are believed to have had a wedding in the 1970s, even though there isn’t confirmation from the couple to back this up. However, it can be confirmed that the pair have been together for well over fifty years of marriage now and still going strong. Their personal lives only got to the limelight due to Pharrell’s tremendous career accomplishments in the entertainment industry as a record producer, rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Pharrell Williams Ethnicity and Who His Parents Are

What Race are Pharrell Williams’ Parents?

Pharrell Williams’ parents are both African-Americans as their ethnicity combines both African and American. Tracing their origin further, available reports have it that the couple is of Egyptian and Native American heritage. But in addition to this, Pharrell’s dad’s ancestry is traced to many generations in North Carolina and Virginia.

Many years ago, precisely in 1831, one of Pharoah’s ancestors journeyed to West Africa, prompting other relatives to emigrate from the United States to Liberia in 1832. Therefore, Pharrel Williams and his siblings likely have relatives in Liberia, although most of his ancestors can be traced to areas along the border of Virginia and North Carolina, and into Hampton Roads. 

In addition, he has Native American blood, traced from his grandparents in the 80s. Further reports confirm that his forefathers were part of the many slaves shipped from Africa and into the United States of America.

However, his family decided to move back to Africa in the 1830s but returned to America in the heat of the first Liberian civil war. The war started on the 24th of December 1989 and lasted till the 2nd of August 1997 when it finally ended after 7 years, 7 months, 1 week, and 2 days with about 200, 000 people dead.

Pharrell Williams’ Ethnicity is Traceable to the Philippines from His Mother

Pharrell Williams’ Ethnicity is actually a lot more diverse than it seemed at first. His mother, Carolyn Williams, whose maiden name was Caroline Gomora Masibay, is a former Filipina model and beauty queen who became famous in the Philippines in the year 1971, two years before Pharrell Williams, her first son, was born.

She represented the Philipines as a contestant at the Miss Asia Pacific pageant, on June 26, 1971, which she ended up winning. Thus, it is also correct to say that Pharrallel Williams is half-Filipino from his mother’s side.

In case you are wondering how Pharrell Williams’ mother is said to be Filipina but still dark skinned or better put chocolate, there is a group of Indigenous black Filipinos. This ethnic group is referred to as Aeta or Negrito and they still occupy the Luzon part of the Philippine Islands to date. The Aeta’s are characterized by their dark skin, afro curly hair, and somewhat short stature.

They are also considered to be one of the earliest inhabitants of the Philippines who settled there some 300, 000 years ago before the Japanese, Chinese, Europeans, and Americans came in contact with the precious Island. However, over the years, the Aeta’s, like many other indigenous ethnic groups, have been relegated to the bottom in the scheme of things in the Philipines.

Back to Pharralle William’s mother, after a few years of working as a model, Carolyn Williams switched careers from modeling to full-time teaching. According to Pharrell, she was a disciplinarian in their home as she worked as an elementary school teacher, librarian, and “media specialist.” Nonetheless, she loved her family and made sure they knew how much she loved them.

Carolyn currently holds a doctorate and chairs her son’s educational foundation. According to Carolyn, Pharrell Williams has always had a big heart and is one always to help others. She described her first son as “left-brained” – meaning he is an intelligent, creative, and out-of-the-box thinker.

Pharrell Williams’ Father, Pharoah, Was Previously Married

On the other hand, Pharrell Williams’ dad, Pharoah Williams, was a professional handyman and a somewhat cool African-American dad. He is not known to have a knack for entertainment or music in particular so Pharrell’s musical talent was most likely not from him, all he could have taught his son was probably about repairs. Regardless of this, he encouraged him to take up a career in what he is so passionate about.

However, before meeting Pharrell’s mom, Pharaoh was married to a certain woman whose name is Vanessa T. Taylor, with whom he had three children, including David Williams, Hope R. Williams, and Carrie W. Parks. Pharoah and Vanessa were married for nine years before their divorced.

For now, it has not been publicly disclosed why the couple divorced. Needless to say, Pharaoh is having the best days of his life with his marriage to Pharralle’s mom; Carolyn Williams.

Pharaoh and Carolyn Williams Have Seven other Children Together

Aside from Pharrell Williams, who was born on 5 April 1973, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and is the most famous of his parent’s children, Pharaoh and Carolyn Williams have seven other children. The couple has sons Pharoah Williams III, Cato Williams, Solomon Williams, and David Williams. Additionally, they gave birth to daughters Hope Williams, Unitra Laville, and Carrie Parks.

Of the seven children, three are from Pharoah Williams’ first marriage to Vanessa T. Taylor. Their first child, Pharaoh Williams III, is a fast-rising music producer. David Williams, their second child, is currently a furniture salesman in Delaware.

Pharrell’s second half-sister, Carrie W. Parks, is late. She is survived by her husband Gilbert Parks Jr and 5 kids: Miajah, Mariah, Matthew, Makayla, and Maximus. She died on December 10, 2015 (aged 42).

Pharrell’s direct brother, Cato Williams (born 1983), is a professional skateboarder and a former part-time film student in Los Angeles. While Solomon Williams (Born September 6, 1993) is an actor and composer famous for Rock Bottom, but also hopes to become a quantum physicist.


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