Meet Snoop Dogg’s Wife and Children

Snoop Dogg’s wife is Shante Broadus, an African-American businesswoman, and music manager. Snoop Dogg’s children are four and they are two sons and a daughter with his wife, Shante; whose names are Cordé, Cordell, and Cori Broadus. Apart from Snoop Dogg’s three kids with Shante, he also has a son named Julian Corrie with Laurie Holmond, his former high school lover.

Snoop Dogg and his wife are famous people who went from being high school sweethearts to husband and wife. What’s more? They have been happily married for over two decades and a half. This means Shante has been a part of Snoop’s life before he became a global phenomenon. Although like every other couple, they have faced some challenges along the way, they have been able to work things out and forge ahead. Their union has inspired many people because of its longevity and how they have raised their kids into responsible adults.

Snoop Dogg’s Family

Snoop Dogg’s family is made up of his wife, Shante Broadus, the three children they had together- Cordé, Cordell, and Cori Broadus, a son named Julian Corrie, whom he had with his former high school lover, Laurie Holmond.

Spouse Shante Taylor
Marriage Date Initially married in 1997
Marriage Renewal Renewed vows in 2008 after a brief separation
Children Corde Broadus (born in 1994)
Cordell Broadus (born in 1997)
Cori Broadus (born in 1999)
Julian Corrie Broadus (born in 1998, from another relationship)
Relationship History Known primarily for his long-standing marriage to Shante Taylor.
Public Appearances Snoop Dogg and Shante Taylor have made numerous public appearances together, showcasing a strong partnership over the years.
Family Dynamics The family has been featured in reality shows and media, highlighting their close-knit bond and the challenges and successes they’ve faced.

Who Is Snoop Dogg’s Wife, Shante Monique Broadus?

Snoop Dogg’s wife is Shante Monique Broadus, and she was born in California on the 30th of October 1971. This means she is 52 years old at the moment, and also implies she is as old as her famous husband, who was born on the 20th of October 1971. Shante came into the limelight as Snoop Dogg’s partner. As such, much of what is known about her revolves around her partner.

So even though she is famous, many details about her early life and family background are not readily available to the public. All that is known about her is that she has at least two siblings. A sister named Sharelle Fuller and a brother called Jermaine Fuller. Alongside her siblings, Shante’s parents raised her in California, where she has spent most of her life.

Growing up, Shante attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School in California. This was also the school her husband graduated from in 1989. It is uncertain if Snoop Dogg’s wife took her education to the college level. Whatever the case is, it doesn’t seem to matter much as she has an accomplished career as a businesswoman who manages her husband’s career.

Shante is an Entrepreneur and Runs Multiple Businesses

Leveraging on the publicity her husband generated, Shante Broadus has explored various frontiers as an entrepreneur. She owns and runs multiple businesses, which gives her reasons to call herself a boss lady. Her most outstanding endeavor as a businesswoman is probably the film production and music management company she founded called Boss Lady Entertainment (BLE).

Among other projects, BLE oversaw the production of the 2012 documentary film, Reincarnated, which revolves around the life of her husband Snopp Dogg. BLE also runs The Compound, an event center located in Inglewood, Los Angeles, California. The Compound has since become a favorite destination for artists looking for suitable project venues. The event center is also used by notable brands like Adidas and Sports Spectacular.

Beyond being the CEO of Boss Lady Entertainment, Snoop Dogg’s wife also works as a producer. Over the years, she has executed the production of projects like Reincarnated and Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood. She is currently working on a series titled Murder Was the Case. Moreso, Shante is the brain behind Broadus Collection, a lifestyle brand that offers everything from scarves to candles and what have you. Sometime in September 2020, she also launched a line of spirits known as Boss Lady Spirits.

Shante Broadus also Works as Snoop Dogg’s Manager

Shante Broadus has been with Snoop Dogg since the very beginning of his career. This fact afforded her the rare opportunity to observe and learn what it takes to manage an artist of such caliber. So it was only a matter of time before she officially took up the responsibilities of being Snoop’s manager. It was sometime in 2021 that Shante officially became her husband’s manager.

That means that she started overseeing the entire business and investment portfolio of Snoop Dogg. This includes but is not limited to his career as a rapper, record producer, actor, and media personality. Snoop told Forbes that no one is more suited for the job than his wife of many years. He related that Shante had guided his career from the beginning. He wouldn’t have attained the level he has reached without her. So he is grateful to have her as his official manager at the helm of his affairs.

Speaking on the appointment, Shante shared that Snoop Dogg knows he can always trust her. This, she says, is the bedrock of what inspired the rapper’s decision to have her manage his business empire. Adding that she has what it takes to take on the job, Shante revealed that she and her friends had been Snoop’s fans long before he gained mainstream recognition. According to her, they would listen to his songs and tell him what they thought of them. Above all, she has been functioning in the background as Snoop’s manager all along, the appointment only made it official.

Shante Broadus Has Been Snoop Dogg’s Wife Since 1997 But They Began Dating in High School

Snoop Dogg and his wife, Shante Broadus, have been a couple since their teenage years. It is no secret they met and began dating while attending Long Beach Polytechnic High School in California. The implication of this, as hinted earlier, is that Shante and Snoop were already lovers before the latter found fame. While it’s hard to put a date on when they began dating, we know their relationship has witnessed three decades and counting.

The fact that the couple began dating sometime in the 1980s when they had nothing speaks to the widespread belief that they are genuinely in love. Details of how they fell in love are scarce, but the famous rapper once shared in an interview with VladTV that it took some work to win Shante’s love. Snoop Dogg shared that he often called Shante to check up on her and wrote her love letters. He did this over time and eventually won her love.

A few years into their relationship, Snoop Dogg began gaining mainstream recognition, which almost ruined his relationship with Shante. Being a famous rapper, the people around him began telling him he didn’t have to stick with Shante as he could get any woman he wanted. The rapper has admitted that this got into his head. According to him, the late legendary rapper Tupac Shakur made him see why he must hold on to Shante.

Dogg said Tupac told him not to listen to those telling him to have more girlfriends. He said to him: “That girl loves you. You need to marry her”. Snoop Dogg and Shante Broadus eventually married on the 14th of June 1997. Snoop Dogg had attained stardom as he had released his second album, Tha Doggfather, the previous year. Their wedding occurred in Marina Del Rey, California, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

They Nearly Divorced in 2004 But Renewed Their Vows in 2008

Snoop and Shante’s marriage has stood the test of time. It has had its fair share of challenges and troubles, including one that nearly drove them apart in 2004. It shocked many when it was reported that the famous rapper filed for divorce from his wife. At that time, they had been married for seven years. Snoop Dogg cited irreconcilable differences as his reason for wanting to end the marriage. Expectedly, that wasn’t enough reason for the public, so the media began digging into what might have transpired.

It soon emerged that the rapper’s involvement with other women was the source of their issue. Some sources claimed that Snoop had been carried away by his fame and thought it wise to end his marriage to be free to do whatever he wanted. The rapper would later reveal that he filed for divorce to freely pursue his childhood dream of being a pimp. After other pimps advised him to return to his wife, Snoop Dogg reflected on his priorities and mended his ways. He reconciled with Shante and later stated in an interview with MTV that he would never attempt to divorce Shante again.

About four years later, he organized a wedding vow renewal ceremony for himself and his wife. The colorful ceremony, which came as a surprise for Shante, was held on the 12th of January 2008. It took place at Charlie Wilson’s ranch in Los Angeles and was witnessed by at least 200 guests. It was a big romantic ceremony included on the rapper’s reality television show Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood. Since then, the couple hasn’t made news headlines because of marital issues.

Meet Snoop Dogg’s Children

Snoop Dogg has four children, three with his wife, Shante Broadus. Snoop and Shante were already parents before they got married. His kids with Shante are two sons and a daughter; their names are Cordé, Cordell, and Cori Broadus. Apart from them, he has another son named Julian Corrie with Laurie Holmond, his former high school lover.

Cordé Broadus

  • Date of Birth: August 21, 1994
  • Age: 29 years old as of 2024
  • Mother: Shante Broadus
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Spouse: Soraya Love

Cordé Calvin Broadus, fondly called Spank by his father, is the oldest of the rapper’s three children with his wife. Corde was born roughly three years before his parents got married, on the 21st of August 1994, so he is 29 years old. Growing up, Corde attended Diamond Bar High School and Long Beach Polytechnic High School, which his parents attended. It is uncertain if he took his education to the college level.

As for his career, Corde is widely regarded as an actor but only has two credits to his name. The first is Snoop Dogg Feat. Pharrell: Drop It Like It’s Hot (2004) and then We the Party (2012). Some reports claim he is involved in the operations of his father’s empire.

Corde has a good relationship with his parents. Through him, they have three grandchildren named Zion Broadus, Eleven Love Broadus, and Skylar Broadus. He had Zion with his ex-girlfriend, Jessica Kyzer, and the remaining two with his current girlfriend, Soraya Love, who is a fashion stylist.

Cordell Broadus

  • Date of Birth: February 21, 1997
  • Age: 27 years old as of 2024
  • Mother: Shante Broadus
  • Occupation: Actor, Director, and Singer
  • Spouse: Phia Barragan

The second child Snoop Dogg had with his wife, Shante Broadus, Cordell Broadus, was born a few months before his parents married. He was born on the 21st of February 1997 and is currently 27 years old. Cordell attended Diamond Bar High School, where he played football, and was subsequently offered a scholarship to play college football at UCLA. He accepted the offer but would soon discard it to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker.

He now works in the entertainment industry in various capacities, but mostly as an actor, director, and musician. Cordell also has a good relationship with his parents. Through him, Snoop Dogg has two grandchildren. Cordell and his girlfriend, Phia Barragan, welcomed their first child, a daughter named Cordoba Journey Broadus, in 2019. In March 2021, they welcomed another girl child named Chateau Broadus.

Cori Broadus

  • Date of Birth: June 22, 1999
  • Age: 24 years old as of 2024
  • Mother: Shante Broadus
  • Occupation: Singer
  • Spouse: Wayne Deuce

The youngest of the three children Snoop Dogg has with his wife, Cori Broadus, is the only daughter of the rapper. Choc, as she is fondly called by her father, was born two years after her parents got married. She was born on the 22nd of June 1999, which means she is currently 24 years old.

She attended and graduated from The Ramón C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts in Los Angeles, California. As the youngest and only girl child of the rapper, Cori shares a strong bond with her father. Interestingly, she has followed his footstep as well when it comes to her career. She was drawn to music as a child, and with the guidance of her father, she launched her music career in 2011.

That was the year she dropped her debut single titled “Do My Thang”.  She collaborated with her father on a song titled “Daddy’s Girl” and was featured in Snoop Dogg’s reggae album, Reincarnated. Cori has been dating a creative director named Wayne Deuce for years. They got engaged in November 2022 and are currently planning their marriage.

Julian Corrie Broadus

  • Date of Birth: June 18, 1998
  • Age: 25 years old as of 2024
  • Mother: Laurie Holmond
  • Occupation: Singer and Real Estate Agent
  • Spouse: ?

Julian Corrie Broadus is the only child Snoop Dogg didn’t have with his wife, Shante Broadus. The rapper had Julian with Laurie Holmond, his former high school lover. Snoop had a fling with Laurie, leading to Julian’s birth on the 18th of June, 1998. This was just a year after he got married to Shante.

Now 24 years old, Julian didn’t know Snoop was his father until he was nine. He attended Diamond Bar High School and furthered his education at the University of California. Growing up, he was interested in becoming a basketball player, but an injury he sustained turned his attention to music, and now he is an R&B singer.

Since he dropped his first song, much hasn’t been heard from Julian since 2018. According to some reports, he now works as a real estate agent for celebrities. While Snoop took up the financial responsibility of being Julian’s father, he was never involved in his upbringing. As such, he does not have much of a relationship with him but has been working to remedy that.


Is Snoop Dogg Married?

Snoop Dogg is married to his high school sweetheart, Shante Monique Broadus, who has been his wife since 14 June, 1997.

Who is Snoop Dogg’s Wife?

Snoop Dogg’s wife is Shante Monique Broadus, an American entrepreneur and philanthropist born in California on the 30th of October 1971. She is the founder of Boss Lady Entertainment, a company with interests in television production and fashion.

How Long Has Snoop Dogg Been Married?

Snoop Dogg has been married for 26 years. He got married to Shante Monique Broadus on 14 June, 1997.

How Many Kids Does Snoop Dogg Have?

Snoop Dogg has a total of four children. This includes the two sons and a daughter he shares with his wife, Shante; their names are Cordé, Cordell, and Cori Broadus, and another son named Julian Corrie, whom he had with Laurie Holmond, his former high school lover.

Who is Snoop Dogg’s Daughter?

Snoop Dogg’s daughter is Cori Broadus. Choc, as he is fondly calls her, was born on the 22nd of June 1999, which means she is currently 24 years old as of 2024. She is a graduate of The Ramón C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts in Los Angeles, California. Cori is currently building her career as a singer.

Who are Snoop Dogg’s Sons?

Snoop Dogg’s sons are Cordé Broadus, Cordell Broadus, and Julian Corrie.


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