Meet Marina Pearl LeBlanc, Matt LeBlanc’s Daughter

Marina Pearl LeBlanc (born February 8, 2004) is the only biological daughter of American actor Matt LeBlanc with his first wife. Matt and his 18 years old daughter share a very close bond, and he has described her as the best thing that has happened to him.

Marina has not made a lot of public appearances aside from occasional outings with her father. Her father is a popular Hollywood actor known for his role as Joey Tribbiani in the NBC sitcom Friends. We gathered some interesting facts about the daughter of Matt LeBlanc.

Summary of Mariana Pearl LeBlanc’s Bio

  • Full name: Marina Pearl LeBlanc
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: February 8, 2004
  • Marina Pearl LeBlanc’s Age: 18 years old
  • Ethnicity: Multiracial
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Marina Pearl LeBlanc’s Parents: Matt LeBlanc and Melissa McKnight
  • Siblings: Tyler and Jacquelyn Esposito (half-siblings)
  • Famous for: being the only child of Matt LeBlanc

How Old is Marina Pearl LeBlanc Now?

Born on February 8, 2004, Marina Pearl LeBlanc is 18 years old. She was born in California, in the United States of America, to a celebrity couple. Marina’s parents – Matt LeBlanc and his then-wife Melissa McKnight, welcomed her during the last season of Friends, but this didn’t stop her father from dotting on her.

According to Matt LeBlanc, the moment he saw Marina Pearl, he fell in love, and that feeling has not left him since then. Marina didn’t share her childhood with any biological siblings as she is the only child born during her parents’ marriage. However, she has half-siblings from her mother’s previous marriage to Anthony Esposito.

Marina is from a multiracial background that consists of Italian, British, and Acadian. She was raised in a Christian home in her hometown of Santa Barbara. Though she is still within school age, there is no information on the school Marina has attended so far. Her parents have kept her personal details private and away from public scrutiny.

Marina and her father Matt LeBlanc

Who is Marina Pearl LeBlanc’s Mother?

Marina Pearl LeBlanc’s mother is Melissa McKnight, who is also known as Missy McKnight. Melissa is a British-American actress cum model known for her role in Triangles and Tribulations. She is also known for projects like VH1: All Access and the 31st Annual People’s Choice Awards held in 2005.

Melissa McKnight has dual citizenship – English and American. She was born in England on March 10, 1965. She later migrated to the United States of America when she was still a young girl, and there, she naturalized as a citizen of the States.

Though an actress and entertainer like Matt LeBlanc, Marina Pearl LeBlanc’s mother, Melissa McKnight, started as a model, working with beauty and fashion magazines such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue. She has served as a cover girl for many of these tabloids and also represented many beauty campaigns.

Marina LeBlanc’s Parents Met in 1997

Matt LeBlanc and Melissa McKnight began their relationship in 1997 after their first meeting, which happened through Kelly Philips and her husband Lou Diamond Philips. The couple dated for a year and got engaged.

Their wedding took place on May 3, 2003, on an oceanfront bluff in Kauai, Hawaii. About 150 guests came to witness the event, and his Friends costars Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and Courteney Cox were also there.

On February 3rd, 2004, Matt LeBlanc and his then-wife Melissa welcomed their first and only child as a couple, Marina Pearl LeBlanc. Marina’s mother was 38 years old when she gave birth to her, and the family settled down in Encino, California. Sadly, the marriage ended in divorce in October 2006. The reason for the divorce has been linked to LeBlanc’s infidelity, which is interestingly the same issue his Friends character, Joey, has.

Is Marina Pearl LeBlanc an Actress?

Marina Pearl LeBlanc is not yet an actress, but she seems to have inherited some entertainment genes from her parents. For now, there is no confirmation of a career path Matt LeBlanc’s daughter has followed. However, in an interview, her father revealed that horses and Rihanna are the major things that fascinate Marina.

She also loves to sing, as revealed by her father in an interview with People magazine in 2014. He once helped her prepare for her performance of a pop song at a talent show, even though he was not familiar with the track.

What Condition Did Marina LeBlanc Suffer From?

Matt LeBlanc’s daughter, Marina, suffered from cortical dysplasia when she was still a toddler. Marina was about 11 months old when her father noticed she would fall on her left side each time she tried to crawl. She was later diagnosed with a rare disease that affects the brain. The condition affects motor skills and the ability to talk.

As the doctors warned, Marina’s vocal cords and ability to walk were affected, and she reportedly suffered terrible seizures. However, after a year of treatment, she outgrew the condition within a few years. Her father later took a break from acting to enable him to spend time with her.

Matt LeBlanc doesn’t joke about any amount of time he gets to spend with his daughter. She is all grown up now, but his love for her has remained strong and unwavering. He shared during interviews how he loves hosting sleepover parties for Marina and her friends, and they would make breakfast together and go hiking or ride horses.

Marina Pearl Has Two Half Siblings From Her Mother

Matt LeBlanc’s daughter might be his only child, but she has older siblings from her mother’s previous marriage. Before she married Marina’s dad, Melissa McKnight was married to Anthony Esposito, and they had two children – Tyler (born 1991) and Jacquelyn (born 1995).

Following his marriage to their mother, Matt became a stepdad to Melissa’s kids, and they remained close to date, even after the divorce. Matt LeBlanc has maintained a close relationship with his stepchildren and often shares updates about them.

Tyler works as a sound engineer in a recording studio, while Jacquelyn is in the design industry. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology New York – FIT in 2016, and Matt has always said he is very proud of her achievements.


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