Meet Justin Moldow, Kaitlin Bennett’s Husband

Justin Moldow (born in 1992) is the co-founder of the media outlet known as Liberty Hangout, as well as the husband of Kaitlin Bennett who is widely known as Gun Girl.

With the intent to start a nationwide conversation about gun rights on college campuses, Kaitlin Bennett became the subject of tabloid news and online gossip. Now that she’s married, her husband Justin Moldow is bound to share her spotlight. For speaking up on students’ rights to carry firearms, Kaitlin has attracted both fans and foes, and some people have wondered who dared to marry her. Let’s find out more about Kaitlin Bennet’s husband, Justin Moldow.

Summary of Justin Moldow Biography

  • Full Name: Justin Moldow
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: Italian, Spanish, Jewish
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian (Catholic)
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Justin Moldow’s Wife: Kaitlin Bennett
  • Justin Moldow’s Children: 1
  • Justin Moldow’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Justin Moldow’s Height in Centimetres: 177.8 cm
  • Justin Moldow’s Net Worth: $2 million
  • Famous for: Liberty Hangout
  • Justin Moldow’s Instagram: justinmoldow
  • Twitter: @justinmoldow

Justin Moldow is an American of Italian, Spanish, and Jewish Descent

Kaitlin Bennett’s husband is currently based in Cleveland, Ohio but his ancestry can be traced to Italy and Spain. He also has a Jewish background. No details about his birth date and the place he was actually born have been shared with the public. As such, facts about his early days and the kind of background he grew up in are known.

Notwithstanding, it is known that Justin Moldow was raised in a Catholic home and this has influenced his political choices. He is a well-educated young man who went all the way to college. He completed his studies at Manhattan College where he acquired a B.S. in Marketing. As a student, he played active politics and was also a social butterfly.

Moldow is credited as the founder of Young Americans for Liberty’ at Manhattan College. Also the president of the Entrepreneurship Club in his school during his undergraduate days, he was honored in the Mu Kappa Tau National Marketing Honors Society and the Honor Society of Epsilon Sigma Phi.

Justin Moldow Became Kaitlin Bennett’s Husband in 2020

Considering they collaborated on founding a political commentary site in 2015, it’s obvious they have known each other for a long but the exact time Kaitlin and Justin met is not known. However, their relationship grew stronger to graduate to matrimony. Moldow proposed to his partner on February 4, 2019, and she said yes.

Plans for the wedding were heating up when the Covid-19 pandemic struck and crippled everything. Notwithstanding, the lovebirds went ahead to exchange vows in March 2020, but on a low key. The wedding was conducted in the Catholic church where Justin holds tight to his faith. They celebrated their wedding a year later under relaxed covid-related restrictions.

Pictures of their wedding started spreading on the internet with the picture-perfect duo looking like a match made in heaven. They have remained together since then, strongly supporting each other’s passion. The lovely couple announced that they were expecting their first child in December 2021.

Controversies Have Trolled Their Relationship Since Their Marriage

For a couple who have dedicated so much time to speak up about politics and social ills, there are bound to be controversies trailing their paths. One of such issues surfaced after they exchanged marriage vows and screenshots of an alleged conversation between Moldow and a mystery girl online surfaced.

The screenshots show him starting a flirty conversation with a lady and when she called him out for having a girlfriend, he pleaded with her not to tell Bennett about it. It did seem weird but he never addressed the issue.

He Has Been Accused of Being Gay and Going Through Conversion Therapy Before His Wedding

In his response to this, Moldow expressed dismay that he had been called gay just because he cleaned up well for his wedding. A few weeks after the wedding, the political activist was dragged online with rumors that he subjected himself to conversion therapy before he could marry Bennett.

Conversation therapy is a process that aims to change the sexuality of LGBTQ youth. The process has been termed dangerous by the Human Rights Campaign ad. It is not encouraged due to the potential harm it might have on the individual. Moldow took to Twitter to clap back at his accusers, saying they are jealous of his happy union with a beautiful woman.

Justin Moldow is the Founder of Liberty Hangout

Perhaps his greatest achievement so far, Justin Moldow co-founded Young Jeffersonians with Kaitlin Bennett in 2015 but the name was later changed to Liberty Hangouts. The political commentary site has grown exponentially over the years. It also has a YouTube channel launched in 2015 and the channel has attracted over 600k subscribers and counting with more than 92 million views.

Aside from being the face of Liberty Hangout, Bennett is also one of the major content creators and the couple has been working together without any major issues. A self-proclaimed steadfast defender of liberty, Moldow dedicated his time and energy to grow the Liberty Hangout site to what it is today. He imbibed his marketing expertise to make wise decisions for the growth of the site. He is described as a strong supporter of libertarian thought and Austrian economics and these have helped him form his political ideologies.

Is Justin Moldow a Gun Activist Himself?

From the tweet above, it’s obvious Justin is an advocate of gun ownership like his wife. Though he’s mostly grounded in political commentary, the Ohio resident is always in support of his wife’s pursuits and guns form a huge part of that. However, he is more focused on political commentary which is influenced by his Catholic faith. His contributions to Kaitlin’s activism works are mostly done behind the scenes, which explains why he is not as popular as the Kent State Gun Girl.

On her own part, Bennett renders her support to her husband as well. Their interests in political commentary and activism will surely form a strong bond for the couple. Their various social media accounts are littered with pictures of them doing things together and despite all the criticism and controversies that have threatened their status as a couple, they stand stronger with each passing day.


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