Meet Delfina Suarez, Luis Suárez’s Daughter With Sofia Balbi

Delfina Suarez is the daughter of Luis Suarez and Sofia Balbi, his wife. Delfina is 13 years old, and is one of the three children born to the professional football player on August 5, 2010.

Being born into a celebrity home put Delfina in the spotlight from birth, and she got even luckier to have very loving parents. Luis dotes on his daughter so much and makes time to be with her. She also gets to enjoy big parties for her birthday every year.

Summary of Delfina Suarez’s Bio

  • Full name: Delfina Suarez
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: August 5, 2010
  • Delfina Suarez’s Age: 13 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: Spanish, Uruguayan
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: single
  • Delfina Suarez’s Parents: Luis Suarez and Sofia Balbi
  • Siblings: Benjamin and Lautaro
  • Famous for: Being the daughter of Luis Suarez

How Old is Delfina Suarez?

Delfina Suarez is currently 13 years old as of 2024, as she was born on August 5, 2010. She was born to international football star Luis Suarez and his wife, Sofia Balbi. A native of Barcelona, Spain, Delfina is one of the three children of the professional footballer. Her father is of mixed race and has a black grandfather. Thus, Delfina’s great-grandfather was black.

Delfina got her name from the name of a place in Liverpool, England, where her father plays football. When she was born, her father was about to move to Anfield after sealing a £22 million deal from Ajax. Thus, he used an anagram to coin his daughter’s name from the name Anfield. He went on to tattoo Delfina on his wrist and would always kiss that spot when he celebrates a goal. The celebration routine is recorded on the EA Sports video game “Kiss the Wrist.”

There are reports that Delfina is enrolled in a private school in Spain. The young lady has revealed her intentions to pursue her education up to the highest level. She is also interested in sports, especially football and basketball which she spends her free time practicing.

Suarez’s daughter must not be mistaken for a TikTok star who goes by the name Delfina Suárez. This social media personality was born in Mexico and has made it clear to her fans that she is not related to soccer player Luis Suárez.

Key Facts About Meet Delfina Suarez, Luis Suárez’s Daughter

Family Member Relationship Details
Luis Suarez Father Professional footballer, known for his remarkable career in clubs like Liverpool, Barcelona, Atlético Madrid, and the Uruguayan national team.
Sofia Balbi Mother Sofia Balbi has been a significant part of Luis Suarez’s life, having met him at a young age and moving with him to Europe to pursue his football career.
Benjamin Suarez Brother Delfina’s younger brother.
Lautaro Suarez Brother Delfina’s younger brother.


She Has Two Little Brothers

Far from being the only child of her parents, Delfina has two brothers named Benjamin and Lautaro Suarez. Her first brother, Benjamin, was born in 2013 and set a record as the youngest person to have ever appeared on the Anfield pitch when his father, Suarez, paraded him. The footballer had persuaded his club, Liverpool, to allow his son on the pitch before the Liverpool 3-1 victory over Crystal Palace the season after his birth.

Delfina’s second brother, Lautaro, was born in 2018. Fondly called Lauti, Lautaro is the youngest in the family of five. Delfina and her brothers share a close bond and spend much time together. Their parents always post family moments with them on their various social media accounts. They also attend some of Luis Suarez’s games to show support.

Does Delfina Suarez Have an Instagram Account?

Delfina does not have an Instagram account, at least not a real one. There are, however, at least two accounts on Instagram set up in her name, but she is not the owner of these pages. The Instagram pages also have her pictures and videos with hundreds of thousands of followers who probably think it’s a real account.

In addition to Instagram, there is a TikTok account in her name, but she is also not the account owner. The TikTok account, with over 318k followers, is run by an anonymous fellow who has made it clear that she is not related to Luis Suarez.

Luis Suarez’s daughter might not be on the Gram yet, but she has good representation on the platform. Both of her parents have active accounts on Instagram, where they share family pictures with their millions of fans worldwide. While Delfina’s father, Luis, has over 46 million followers on Instagram, her mother, Sofia, has over 1.9 million followers.

Who Are Delfina’s Parents?

Delfina Suarez’s parents, Luis and Sofia, were teenage lovers before they became life partners. Luis was a 15-year-old boy from a poor background struggling to make ends meet as a street sweeper when he met Sofia Balbi, who was 13 years old at the time. He had to sweep many city streets before he could afford their first date. Despite his humble background, Sofia’s family, who is rich, didn’t discriminate against him. They later got married in 2009, after which they moved to Liverpool.

Her Mother, Sofia Balbi, is a Businesswoman

Delfina’s mother is mostly a stay-at-home mom dedicated to raising her children and being a big support system for her husband. However, she has ventured into the business world. Together with Lionel Messi’s wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, Sofia collaborated with designer Ricky Sarkany to launch a branch of Sarkany shoe boutique in Barcelona. The shop was opened in 2017 on Diagonal Street after an opening ceremony.

Sofia Balbi was born on November 11, 1989, in Montevideo, Uruguay, into a middle-class family. Her father worked in the banking industry in Uruguay before his job took the family all the way to Spain.

Delfina’s Father is a World-class Footballer

Luis Suarez is the father of Delfina, and he is a professional football player who plays for Campeonato Brasileiro Série A club Grêmio and his home country – the Uruguay national team. Luiks was born on January 25, 1987, to Sandra Diaz and Rodolfo Suárez, who are now divorced.

The fourth among seven boys, he was only nine when his parents went their separate ways, and he had to grow up struggling to earn a living. At the age of 15, he was sweeping streets to make a living, but he also took football seriously, opening a path to a new life for him and his family.

Luis, also known as El Pistolero (The Gunman), joined Groningen at the age of 19 after beginning his senior club career at Nacional in 2005. He moved to Ajax in 2007 and won the KNVB Cup and the Eredivisie there. Later on, he joined Liverpool FC, a Premier League team, in 2011, and together they won the League Cup.

He became one of the most expensive players ever after, transferring for £64.98 million (€82.3 million) to Barcelona in 2014. He has also played for Atlético Madrid, which signed him in 2020. In his first season with the club, he won his fifth La Liga championship.

Aside from the accolades, Luis Suarez has also courted controversies in his career, including cases of biting his opponents on the pitch, diving, and making racist comments, among other things.


Who is Delfina Suarez?

Delfina Suarez is the daughter of Luis Suarez, the popular Uruguayan footballer. She is one of the three children born to Luis Suarez and his wife, Sofia Balbi. Others are Benjamin and Lautaro.

What is Delfina Suarez’s Age?

Delfina Suarez is 13 years old in 2024. She was born on the 5th of August 2010, and her zodiac sign is Leo.

What is Delfina Suarez’s Height?

Delfina Suarez’s height is 5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm. She may still grow taller in the future as she gets older.


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