Johnny Juzang’s Ethnicity and Nationality Explored

Better known as Johnny Juzang, Jonathan Anh Juzang (born March 17, 2001) is an American by nationality but has a mixed ethnicity that comprises Vietnamese and Creole from his mother’s and father’s side of the family, respectively.

Johnny Juzang was born to a Creole father named Maxie and a Vietnamese mother named Hanh, who are residents of the United States. Thus, he has American nationality. He grew up in Los Angeles with an older brother and a younger sister, who he is close to. He is currently a professional basketball player for the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Where is Johnny Juzang From?

Johnny Juzang is from the United States of America. The American basketball player was born in Los Angeles, California, United States, in 2001. This makes him an American by nationality, but his ancestral history can be traced to a biracial background.

His father, Maxie, has his roots among the Creole people, but he is an American by nationality. Maxie also grew up in the United States before he started his family in Los Angeles. Johnny’s mother, Hanh, on the other hand, is Vietnamese by nationality, and she was born in her home country.

Hanh was born in Vietnam to parents whose marriage didn’t work out. Her mother later relocated the family to the United States, where they now reside. Based on his family tree from both sides, Johnny Juzang’s ethnicity is a cultural mix of different ethnicities. While many often wonder if he is Chinese, considering his physical attributes, it has been established that the Asian blood in him comes from Vietnam, his maternal side of the family.

We can’t confirm if he is in touch with his origins from both sides of the family, especially his mum’s. It is yet to be confirmed if he has been to Vietnam in recent years or even visited his maternal home at all.

Johnny Juzang’s Parents’ Nationality

Johnny Juzang’s parents are naturalized Americans but are originally from different backgrounds and nationalities. Their different ethnicities bestowed unique physical attributes on their children, making them stand out. As a result, people often wonder if they are Chinese, but it is obvious they have Asian blood running in their veins.

Johnny Juzang’s Father, Maxie, is Creole

Born in the United States of America in an unknown locality, Maxie Juzang identifies as Creole, a group of ethnicities formed b displaced people during the colonial era. This suggests he might not know his true origins, but his nationality is American. He was born and raised in the States, and this is where he is raising his family.

Maxie was born into a large family of 11 and was the fifth among nine children. His father was in the military, serving in the Air Force at the time. His mother, on the other hand, was a science and math teacher who made sure to instill the importance of education in her children, who, in turn, became mostly doctors, attorneys, engineers, and successful entrepreneurs.

After studying mechanical engineering and economics with a minor in business, Maxie graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. He then moved to Los Angeles, where he launched his own medical tech services company. The company was sold in 1997, after which he started a health staffing outfit that now boasts over 800 employees.

Johnny Juzang’s Mother, Hanh, is Vietnamese

Though she now identifies as an American national, Juzang’s mother, Hanh, is originally a Vietnamese woman. Hanh was born in her native Vietnam after her mother went into an arranged marriage with her father. The marriage didn’t last, and after four children, her parents divorced. Her mother later met a petty officer in the United States Navy who helped her relocate to the States with her children.

Thus, Hanh Juzang spent part of her childhood in the States and has remained there to date. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) before getting employed at Lucent Technologies. Juzang’s mother took a break from work to raise her children after getting married, but when they grew up, she went back to her career. She now serves as a wealth management advisor for Morgan Stanley.

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Johnny Juzang’s Parents Met in Mexico

They probably traveled outside the States often in their heydays as Johnny Juzango’s parents, Maxie and Hanh, actually met in a Mexican city known as Cancun. The two met in a bar called Disco Daddy’s at around 2. a.m in the night. Even though they are very dedicated and successful professionals, Maxie and Hanh always find time to unwind, and this is what brought them together.

It is not known when they got married, but it’s likely in the late 1990s, as their middle child, Johnny, was born in 2001. The couple taught their children to be self-sufficient. They provided them with the right platform to thrive, including paying for their training and lessons, driving them to games, and sending them to the best schools around. The result of the kind of upbringing they gave their children is the success we see in them today.

Juzang began from an early age to have big dreams. He also wrote them down on sticky note sheets, which he placed in strategic positions where he would always read them.

Johnny Juzang Has Two Siblings

Juzang was born as the middle child in a family of five. His older brother is named Christian, while he has a younger sister who goes by the name Lauren. The siblings were all born in the United States and have American nationality.

Johnny seems to be close to his folks, and they are often seen supporting him in the best way possible. When he went to Kentucky for college, Christian mailed his vision boards to him, and his family rented an apartment in the city to give them a place to stay when they visited. After his 2022 NBA draft, Juzang landed in Lexington to play for Utah Jazz.

Growing up was fun for Johnny and his brother, who would always engage him in a game of basketball. They played the game together and didn’t have time for quarrels, even as teenagers. Many years down the line, they have both carved their career paths, but Johnny seems to be the only one who pursued a career on the court.

Though Christian played with the Harvard Crimson men’s basketball team and briefly as a professional at Saigon Heat in Vietnam, he left basketball to focus on an investment company known as Phoenix Holdings in Vietnam.


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