Jalen Green’s Parents: Meet His Mom Bree Purganan and Dad Marcus

Jalen Green’s parents are Bree Purganan (mother) and Marcus Green (father).

As celebrity parents, many want to know about their lives, from their age to education, careers, and family. Here’s all you need to know about Jalen Green’s parents and how they’ve been instrumental to his success story.

Meet Jalen Green’s Dad, Marcus Green

Marcus Green is popularly known as the stepfather of Jalen Green. He played on the same basketball team as De Shawn Stevenson. The former basketballer is speculated to be a private person as there is no information about his early beginnings, education, or career. In a world of social media, Marcus Green has no online footprint. Even Bree Purganan and Jalen Green seldom talk about him in public. However, he seems to be a great dad since he adopted Jalen who bears his surname.

Regarding Jalen Green’s relationship with his biological dad, for now, there is no information regarding his real father. It’s speculated that he may be dead or there’s no father-child relationship between the two. However, there’s a high chance that Jalen Green’s biological dad is a black man considering Jalen’s complexion.

Jalen Green’s Parents: Meet His Mom Bree Purganan and Dad Marcus

Who is Bree Purganan, Jalen Green’s Mom?

Bree Purganan is the mother of Jalen Green. She is a nurse and entrepreneur by profession but there are no details about her career or the medical institutions she has worked with. Bree has a charity foundation, Brees Foundation for Breast Cancer Research, a platform where she creates awareness about breast cancer. In 2018, she held a fundraising event online on her birthday to support her foundation.

The celebrity mum is a Filipino-American by nationality. While her date of birth is unclear, Bree Purganan was born and raised in Ilocos Sur, Philippines, by her mother, Julie Durbin, a teacher. The identity of her father is unknown. Furthermore, there isn’t any information about her early years. Bree was raised alongside her siblings, Josh Bass and Kriste Canon. She’s married to former basketball player, Marcus Green. Bree came to the limelight when her son, Jalen rose to fame.

Jalen Green’s Parents’ Marriage

For now, there is no information about how Bree Purgana and Marcus Green met before they got married, and how long they’ve been married. Nevertheless, it’s presumed that the couple has been together for years considering Marcus’ fatherly role in Jalen’s career exploits. But be that as it may, it is known that the couple has been living together without any major controversial issues about them spilling to the public. Their lives as celebrity parents can be termed to be perfect and this is hugely thanks to Jalen Green.

Jalen Green is His Parents’ Second Son

Jalen Green is the second child of Bree Purganan. He was born on February 9, 2002, in Merced, California. However, he is not his mother’s only child. Besides him, his mother has two other children named Raquel Purganan (her first child) and Jurnee Tyra (the youngest).

There’s no information about Raquel Purganan’s birth, education, early beginnings, or career but we know she is married to Steve Tucker and they live in Fresno, California, with their child, Liam. Raquel is an entrepreneur and runs a business line of custom apparel. Her son, Liam was born on February 2, 2018.

On the other hand, Jurnee, the youngest child, was born on February 17, 2011. Thus, she’s 12 years old. She lives with her mum and dad in California. As the youngest, she’s doted on by her family who regularly post her pictures on their social media pages.

Marcus Green’s Role in Jalen’s Rise to Fame

As a former basketball player, Marcus is quite supportive of Jalen’s career. He usually accompanies him to his basketball games and tryouts. Marcus encourages him whenever he’s downcast and faced with opposition. A profound example was when they both attended high-level recruiting camps in seventh and eighth grade and they received demeaning looks from people. Jalen was told to take a break as they presume he couldn’t compete with them.

With support from Marcus, he gave a sterling performance at Chris Paul’s camp. Another time where he showed unflinching support was when he had to drive for two-and-a-half-hours every Friday night for Green’s workouts at Brandon Payne’s Accelerate Basketball. In an interview, Marcus described Jalen as a dog. He further stated that the young basketball player has that fight in him.

Bree Purganan is also Supportive of Her Son’s Career

Like Marcus, Bree strives to see her son excel in his basketball career. She and Jalen have a close relationship as she’s usually present at his games, cheering him on. What’s more, she posts pictures and videos of his training and games on her Facebook page. Bree is a huge source of encouragement to her son.

In an interview with CNN Philippines, she stated that she tells him to remain focused and master his game both on and off the pitch. As a mother, Bree also encourages her son not to be discouraged but instead to take time in the learning process of his profession. According to her, basketball is on a whole new level now and for Jalen to succeed, he needs to slow down and don’t get frustrated whether on the basketball court or off the court.


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