Is Drake Married, Does He Have A Wife, Girlfriend and Kids?

Drake is not married and does not have a wife but he has had many girlfriends since his rise to prominence. The Canadian rapper and singer is currently dating a new woman whose name is yet to be known. Although never been married, Drake has one child, a son named Adonis Graham born to him by a past lover named Sophie Brussaux.

Drake (Full name: Aubrey Drake Graham) has garnered attention over the years for his prolific singing career which has since him win four Grammy awards and numerous other prestigious awards. Similarly, he has also made the headline for a love life which is quite colorful if media speculations are to be believed.

Is Drake Married?

Drake is not married and has never been. At the age of 36, the Canadian rapper has had quite a long history of romances. Even though he tries to keep his dating life on the low, Drake’s love affairs have severally been dragged to the internet by the paparazzi each time he steps out with a woman. His love life which can be described as interesting but discordant is continuously discussed on various media platforms.

Besides his well-recognized and official relationships, the Certified Lover Boy singer has also been involved in a series of relationship feuds and conflicts with high-profile women that the media even lose count of his relationship ventures. Just as he booms in music, Drake also booms with beautiful and star ladies.

Who Is Drake’s Girlfriend Now?

American rapper Drake is currently dating a lady whose identity is yet to be known. The couple was first spotted together in October 2021. Radar Online reported that a Palestinian-Canadian dabke group entertained Drake in celebration of his 35th birthday on 24th October 2021 and that it was the new woman in his life that was responsible for hiring them.

Drake’s current girlfriend is based in Miami Florida and originally hails from Canada. Asides from these bare facts, not much is known about her. It is however a given that more facts would be unearthed about her identity should their relationship last for a long time.

Meet Drake’s Former Girlfriend, Johanna Leia

Just before his current relationship with the mysterious Florida woman, Drake’s most recent past relationship was with Johanna Leia, an American model, and TV personality. Johanna is popular for her appearance in the Lifetime reality TV series Bringing Up Ballers. She has also worked for Wilhelmina and Ford Models.

Currently 41 years old, Johanna was born on 19th February 1981 and she is six years older than Drake. Before their relationship, she already had a son (who is currently a high school basketball star) and a daughter from her previous relationship with former basketball player Aaron Bailey. Leia has been modeling for over two decades and has worked with notable brands in the States including Fashion Nova.

Drake and Leia met and dated briefly in 2021. From what is known, their relationship did not last up to a year although the exact length of time they dated is not known. The couple made their relationship public sometime in July 2021 and called it quits by October 2021.

Johanna Leia
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Drake who rarely ever confirms when he is in a relationship let alone reveals the identity of the lady, this time, certified his relationship with Johanna. In July 2021, he took to his official Instagram page to share photos of her resting on his shoulder. Fans showed much interest and love for both of them; hoping they have a lasting love affair. That was not to be though as they shortly split and went their separate ways.

The public learned about their separation when Drake was celebrating his 35th birthday and Johanna wasn’t in attendance. “He’s no longer with Johanna. It’s his new fling that sent him the Arabic dabke to his house for his bday surprise”, Radar Online reported.

Although Johanna Leia and Drake had a short relationship, it was nevertheless blissful. The couple made headlines in the 2021 Summer after Drake rented out Dodgers stadium for a date with the model. The star rapper also went the extra mile by establishing a relationship with Johanna’s then 17-year-old son, Amari Bailey; even gifting him a diamond-studded, customized OVO chain with the number 10 pendant on it. It was therefore heartbreaking that their love did not stand the test of time.

Other Women Drake Has Allegedly Dated in the Past

Drake’s accomplishments over the years have seen some level of growth and stability but it is not exactly the same with his love life. Although the rapper recently revealed that he is now more interested in connecting with women beyond physical attraction, he also previously confessed that he dates not less than four or five women at a time. This has accounted for his colorful love life.

Since his rise to fame, Drake has been linked with countless high-profile women including the likes of Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. He has also been linked with some relatively unknown ladies. Of course, not all these speculations are true. As such, only the rapper’s major relationships are discussed below. All the women he has been linked with are then listed.

Sophie Brussaux (2017)

Sophie Brussaux is a French artist and former adult film star and the mother of Drake’s only child. She was born in France in 1990 and is 33 years old. She first became known as a model and an art enthusiast. She subsequently became popular for being Drake’s baby mama.

Sophie and Drake first met in January 2017 during a dinner date with friends at a restaurant in Amsterdam. After the party, they got together and two months later, reports surfaced that Sophie was pregnant. At first, Drake denied the claims after Sophie let him know she was pregnant and even asked her to get an abortion. The French lady did not oblige but hired lawyers to pursue a paternity case.

Sophie Brussaux, Drake, and their son Adonis Graham
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Paternity was then proven and Drake eventually admitted that he is the father of Sophie’s son. The rapper however kept the news of his son’s birth a secret until the release of his 2018 album Scorpion. Therein, he stated that he wasn’t hiding his son from the world but only wanted to protect his child’s privacy.

From all that transpired, Drake and Sophie were actually not in a relationship before the pregnancy happened. The duo had long gone their separate ways before Sophie gave birth to their son on the 11th of October 2017. This remains the situation to date but the rapper pays regular child support to Sophie.

Rihanna (2009-2013)

Commonly described as the ultimate will-they-won’t-they, Barbadian superstar singer Rihanna and Drake were in an on-and-off relationship from 2009 to 2013. The iconic duo met in May 2009 at a bowling Alley in New York. During their moments which lasted for a couple of years, Drake and Rihanna were spotted on a number of occasions leaving clubs together. They also had a lot of PDAs in their music videos and performances.

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The two singers were even tagged AubRih by fans but neither of them ever confirmed what exactly went on between them.  Rihanna initially claimed that they were just friends but in January 2010, Drake said that he was “kind of” in a relationship with her. At the 2016 MTV VMAs, Drake further described Rihanna as someone he had been in love with since he was aged 22.

Rihanna has since moved on with ASAP Rocky and things appear to be civil between her and Drake. In May 2018, Rihanna said that she and Drake “don’t have a friendship now but are not enemies either.”

Nicki Minaj (2010-2013)

Besides working together, multiple sources have it that Nicki Minaj and Drake had a fling back in 2010. The two have been apparently close for a very long time, likely as long as they had been label mates under Lil Wayne’s Young Money label. Drake revealed in an interview that he fell in love with Nicki the very first time he set his eyes on her as he had always had a crush on her.

Drake and Nicki Minaj
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Meanwhile, Drake sparked serious relationship rumors with Nicky Minaj after he tweeted that she was “Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham” and Nicki retweeted the post saying “Yes it’s true, Drake and I tied the knot.” However, Nicky afterward said that the tweets were all jokes. Even though Nicky Minaj has always referred to Drake as a little brother, the duo actually has been spotted looking much more than that.

In Nicky’s ‘Anaconda’ video, she was seen giving Drake a lap dance. After that, they kept toeing around the subject of an alleged relationship. They eventually fell out in 2013 after Drake released his Nothing But The Same album and did not feature her.

Jorja Smith (2017)

25-year-old English singer and songwriter, Jorja Alice Smith and Drake reportedly dated sometime in 2017. Drake posted photos he took with the Blue Lights singer on his Instagram after she served as the opening act on his “Boy Meets World” tour. It was also rumored that Drake’s song Jaded was about Jorja.

Moreso, it was speculated that Drake’s tattoo of the number ’11’ was in honor of Jorja’s birthday. However, Jorja denied the claims that Drake had a tattoo of her. Neither of them confirmed the relationship and it did not take long before whatever they had together fizzled out.

Naomi Sharon

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Naomi Sharon is a 27-year-old Dutch singer, model, and theatre artist who was romantically linked with Drake upon the release of his sixth studio album, Certified Lover Boy. It was also alleged that Drake may have played a role in the crash of Sharon’s eight-year relationship with her then-fiancee, Jamie Sun. Drake and Naomi did not respond or publicly address the claims.

Kylie Jenner (2019)

Kylie Jenner
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Reality TV star and businesswoman Kylie Jenner and Drake were rumored to be involved in 2019 just after Kylie split from Travis Scott. Drake had previously performed at Kylie’s 16th birthday in 2013 and sources claimed they had a mutual feeling for each other. However, reports later suggested that Kylie was turned off by Drake’s reputation as a notorious womanizer and rejected him.

Bella Hadid (2017)

Bella Hadid
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In October 2017, rumors circulated that the Thank Me Later crooner is secretly wining and dining with Bella Hadid, a Palestinian-American model. A source claimed that they started out as casual friends but later got more serious and were together for about four months.

Reports also have it that Drake was the one that threw a 21st birthday party for Bella in 2017. However, their alleged relationship did not last because Bella’s boyfriend at that time, The Weeknd, got frosty with his fellow Canadian hitmaker.

Bella Harris (2018)

Harris Bella
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Bella Harris, an American model was romantically linked with Drake in September 2018 after he shut down a restaurant in Washington, D.C. just for a date night with her. Harris is a beauty queen and the daughter of successful music producer Jimmy Jam. Her romance with Drake raised eyebrows given that she was just 18 at that time while Drake was 31. Harris later debunked the rumors and claimed that they had never been dating.

List of Drake’s Former Girlfriends

  1. Johanna Leia
  2. Sophie Brussaux
  3. Rihanna
  4. Jennifer Lopez
  5. Tyra Banks
  6. Jorja Smith
  7. Nicki Minaj
  8. Naomi Sharon
  9. Bella Hadid
  10. Kylie Jenner
  11. Raye
  12. Bella Harris
  13. Tika Sumpter
  14. Rosalyn Gold-Onwude
  15. Catya Washington
  16. Serena Williams
  17. Maliah Michel
  18. Hailey Bieber
  19. Deelishis
  20. India Love
  21. Lateysha Grace
  22. Reka Nagy-Miticzky
  23. Imaan Hammam
  24. Malaika Terry
  25. SZA
  26. Zmeena
  27. Cecelia Rose
  28. Kim Kadarshian

How Many Kids Does Drake Have?

Drake has only one child, a son Adonis Graham born to him by French artist, Sophie Brussaux. Adonis was born on 11th October 2017 and is currently 5 years old. He looks so much like Drake’s mother, Sandra Graham.

Although Drake and Brussaux initially had a strained relationship, both of them are currently trying their best to co-parent their son. Since the confirmation of the paternity of their son, they have mended fences and have a cordial co-parenting relationship. They also take care to shield their son from the spotlight and as such, not much is known about the little champ.

Drake Has a Couple of Times Been Alleged to be Grooming Underaged Girls

In January 2019, Drake received serious backlash for kissing and fondling a 17-year-old girl in one of his concert videos which made rounds on the internet. Even though he claimed that he wasn’t aware of the girl’s age, this was reportedly not the first time Drake had been accused of being inappropriate with an underage girl.

Drake was previously called out in September 2018 after actress, Millie Bobby Brown disclosed that they had a close relationship. The then 14-year-old Brown revealed during a red-carpet interview at the Emmys that she and Drake text about boys. She also revealed that they had texted about missing each other.

Netizens especially on Twitter did not take too kindly to this and some of them accused Drake of “grooming” Millie. Drake’s actions have further seen some tag him as a pedophile. He has also been compared to the disgraced singer, R. Kelly who has a slew of sexual abuse cases on his head.


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