Hopie Carlson Biography: Exploring The Life of Tucker Carlson’s Daughter

Hopie Carlson is the daughter of Tucker Carlson, the TV personality and political analyst. Although she has yet to build a successful career for herself, Hopie is constantly in the news for her filial ties with the prolific Fox News Host.

Hopie Carlson’s Biography Summary

  • Full Name: Hopie Carlson
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 1999
  • Hopie Carlson’s Age: 25 years old
  • Birthplace: Virginia, United States.
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Hopie Carlson’s sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Hopie Carlson’s Relationship Status: Single
  • Religion: Christian
  • Hopie Carlson’s Parents: Tucker Carlson & Susan Andrews
  • Hopie Carlson’s Siblings: Lillie Carlson, Buckley Carlson & Dorothy Carlson
  • Hopie Carlson’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Hopie Carlson’s Height in Centimeters: 178cm
  • Hopie Carlson’s Weight: 57 kg
  • Body Measurements in Inches: 37-31-36
  • Hopie Carlson’s Education: St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School, St. George’s School, Rhode Island & Virginia University
  • Occupation: Student
  • Famous as: Tucker Carlson’s Daughter
  • Hopie Carlson’s Instagram: hopie.01

Hopie Carlson’s Family

Relationship to Hopie Carlson Name More Details
Father Tucker Carlson Host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News; notable political commentator.
Mother Susan Andrews Carlson Married to Tucker Carlson.
Sibling (Brother) Buckley Carlson Older brother of Hopie Carlson.
Sibling (Sister) Dorothy Carlson Younger sister of Hopie Carlson.
Sibling (Sister) Lillie Carlson Another sister of Hopie Carlson.

How Old is Hopie Carlson Now?

Hopie Carlson is 25 years old now. She was born in 1999 in Virginia, United States of America. She is a very private person and does not readily share details of her personal life with the media. As such, we were unable to get verifiable information on the exact day and month of her birth. Given her year of birth, we can place her current age to be 25 years old. Hopie is a Caucasian with American citizenship.

Hopie Carlson Biography: Everything About Tucker Carlson's Daughter
Hopie Carlson as a young girl

Her parents are popular American talk show host Tucker Carlson and his wife, Susan Andrews. Her mother was formerly a manager at various hospitality agencies but is now focused on spending quality time with her children. Her father is a very successful television journalist and author with over two decades of active professional service in the media. He currently hosts his program Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, a role he assumed in 2016.

Her parents met years ago at St. George High School, where they were both enrolled under the headmastership of Susan’s father. The fifteen-year-old teenagers fell madly in love and exclusively dated each other for years, maintaining their relationship even after Tucker left for college. Six months after they graduated from college, the lovebirds officially tied the knot in 1991, in a private ceremony at their high school chapel where they met. They have remained happily married ever since.

She Attended Elite Schools Given Her Father’s Celebrity Status

Growing up, Hopie Tucker attended the best schools, given her father’s status as a celebrity. She attended St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School before proceeding to St. George School, the very same high school her parents attended. While in high school, Hopie developed an interest in several sporting activities, including swimming and athletics. As a high school prefect, Hopie competed in some breaststroke events where she did fairly well for herself.

Following her graduation from high school, Hopie enrolled at Virginia University, where her siblings also attended. She currently studies there, although we could not verify her exact course of study or year of enrollment.

Unsurprisingly, Hopie Carlson Gained Popularity For Being the Daughter of Tucker Carlson

Hopie has always been in the news for her blood relations with the celebrity television host and political analyst Tucker Carlson. We found no elaborate details of Hopie’s professional life as she has not revealed such to the media.

Therefore, it is not out of place to assume that she is known globally only for her father-daughter relationship with Tucker. Hope is still a student at Virginia University, and we are optimistic that when she is finally ready to pursue a career, she will tow the path of her celebrity dad and grace the big screens.

What is Hopie Carlson’s Net Worth?

Since Hopie has no verifiable career, there are no details on her current or estimated net worth. However, her father’s net worth of $30 Million has given her the necessary skills, education, and exposure with which to build a successful career.

Who are Hopie Carlson’s Three Other Siblings?

Hopie Carlson’s three other siblings are Lillie Carlson, Buckley Carlson, and Dorothy Carlson Hopie is the third child of Celebrity TV personality Tucker Carlson. She has three other siblings with whom she has a very close relationship. Find out more about her siblings and what they are currently up to below:

Lillie Carlson

  • Date of birth: November 22, 1994
  • Age: 29 Years Old
Hopie Carlson Biography: Everything About Tucker Carlson's Daughter
Lillie Carlson

Lillie  Carlson is the first child of Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews. She was born on November 22, 1994, in the United States of America. The 29-year-old celebrity kid graduated from the University of Virginia but just like her sister, Hopie, she does not disclose details of her private life to the media. As a result, we could not find verifiable information about her career, place of residence, or any romantic relationships she has had.

Buckley Carlson

  • Date of birth: 1997
  • Age: 27 Years Old
Buckley Carlson

Buckley is the second child and only son of Celebrity TV host Tucker Carlson. He was born in 1997, although the exact day and month of his birth are unknown. The young man graduated in 2019 with a degree in Government and Political science from the University of Virginia. He currently works as a Communications Director for US Congressman Jim Banks.

Dorothy Carlson

  • Date of birth: 2002
  • Age: 22 Years Old
Susan Andrews and Dorothy Carlson
Susan Andrews and Dorothy Carlson

Dorothy is the youngest sibling of Hopie Tucker. She was born in 2002 in Virginia, United States, and is currently 20 years old. There is virtually nothing known about her educational history or any activities she is engaged in.

Hopie is Keeping Quiet on What Goes On in Her Personal Life

Although Hopie Tucker is active on her Instagram page @hopie.01, her page is set to private; thereby restricting the number of people who follow her and keeping her posts away from media scrutiny. This inclination to privacy has made it difficult for us to find verifiable information on any lady or man Hopie has ever dated or is currently romantically entwined with.

She has also not officially revealed if she has any other social media accounts on other platforms, so we can safely assume that aside from the Instagram account given above, any other account bearing her name or displaying her pictures is most likely fake.


Who is Hopie Carlson?

Hopie Carlson is Tucker Carlson’s daughter. She is one of the four children born to conservative political commentator and his wife, Susan Andrews.

Who is Hopie Carlson’s Father?

Hopie Carlson’s father is Tucker Carlson, the conservative political commentator who previously hosted his own show on Fox News.

What Does Hopie Carlson Do Now?

Hopie Carlson is presently an undergraduate Biology Student at the University of Virginia. She is scheduled to graduate in 2025.

Who are Hopie Carlson’s Other Siblings?

Hopie Carlson’s other siblings are Lillie Carlson, Buckley Carlson, and Dorothy Carlson.


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