Get to Know Divya Nadella, Satya Nadella’s Daughter

Divya Nadell is Satya Nadella’s daughter and one of the three children born to the CEO of Microsoft and his loving wife, Anu Nadella. She has an older brother named Zain Nadella and a sister known as Tara Nadella.

Given who her father is, it is natural that many have been curious about Divya and her siblings. From how old she is to what she does for a living and what have you, many questions have been asked about Divya, and most have been left unanswered.

Summary of Divya Nadella’s Bio

  • Full name: Divya Nadella
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Indian American
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Divya Nadell’s Parents: Satya Nadella and Anu Nadella
  • Siblings: Zain and Tara Nadella
  • Famous for: Being Satya Nadella’s Daughter

How Old is Divya Nadella?

Divya Nadella’s age is one of the often asked questions about the daughter of the Microsoft CEO. Unfortunately, Divya, her siblings, and indeed the entire Nadella family lives their life away from the limelight. This has made it challenging to gather certain information about them and has allowed misinformation to thrive.

For instance, it has been claimed in several quarters that Divya Nadella was born sometime in 1992 and is currently 32 years old. This cannot be right, as credible platforms have it that her older brother Zain was 21 years old as of 2017. That means he was born in 1996.

If Divya was born in 1992, it means she is older than her older brother, who was born in 1996. That doesn’t add up, and it is only right to assert that her age is not known at the moment. However, it wouldn’t be farther from the truth to state that she is in her early 20s as of this writing (2022).

What Does Satya Nadella’s Daughter do?

While it is no secret that Divya Nadella’s father is the CEO of Microsoft, it is hard to tell what she does for a living herself. Her father, who was born and raised in India, moved to the United States in 1988 and subsequently obtained a master’s degree in computer science. He rose steadily at Microsoft and was positioned to become its CEO in February 2014.

Unlike him, one can’t be certain about what other members of his family do for a living. But if one must believe everything that has been reported about Divya, then she is building a career in data integration, assistance conveyance, and client experience. Information about the schools she attended and the qualifications she has obtained are yet to be disclosed.

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Does Divya Nadella Have a Learning Disability?

Either Divya Nadella or her sister Tara Nadella has a learning disability. While we are yet to confirm which of the two sisters has the disability, we know that the learning difficulty was beyond what any usual school could deal with. Their mother confirmed this in an interview with Goodhousekeeping.

Based on what she shared, she had to enroll her child with a learning disability at Eaton Arrowsmith Academy in Vancouver. It is said that the academy’s teaching techniques are focused on the neuroplasticity of the brain. A method that trains the brain to operate at a new level. Because of this, Divya’s mother played a role that facilitated the establishment of the Eaton Arrowsmith Academy located in Redmond, Washington.

Apart from the learning disability, it is known that the first and only male child of the family, Zain Nadella, is severely disabled. He was born via an emergency cesarean and weighed only three pounds at birth. From what we gathered, he suffered asphyxiation in utero. Due to that, he became visually impaired. That’s not all: Zain is also quadriplegic and has limited communication ability.


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