Does Mackenzie Davis Have A Husband and Is She Gay or Straight?

It is not known whether Mackenzie Davis is married or in a relationship, however, we are certain that she is straight and not gay. Mackenzie Davis is one actress who prefers to keep her love affairs very private and as a result.

Mackenzie Davis is a Canadian actress who has stolen the heart of many in Hollywood with her exceptional acting skills. She is also a model and producer, but is particularly known for her acting ability as she has been able to perfectly interpret various characters since the beginning of her acting career. Due to the kind of roles she often acts, many of her fans are intrigued about her relationship and marital life. For the fans who wish to know if Mackenzie Davis is married, the answer is no. As of the time of writing this, the actress is neither married nor engaged to anybody. However, she has an intriguing romantic life.

Mackenzie Davis Has a Discrete Love Life

Given her charming look and body stature, a lot of people expect that the 35-year-old model would have many people who want to have her as a partner. Also, her love for romantic roles and the ease with which she interprets them can only make one think that her love life is as colorful as the movies.

However, the actress prefers to keep her love affairs out of her showbiz career. Mackenzie Davis is one of those Hollywood actresses that prefer to separate their personal life from their work. Hence, little is known about her relationships in real life. However, living a private life does not completely curb social media speculations. Although she has not revealed any man or woman as her romantic partner, a good number of her fans think that the actress is gay. This rumor was fueled by one of the many movies she has featured in, ‘Happiest Season’.

She Is Not Gay In Real Life

Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis
Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis

The actress featured in a 2020 holiday movie alongside fellow American actress Kristen Stewart as a lesbian couple. Kristen Stewart, known as Abby in the movie, had planned to propose to her girlfriend, Harper, played by Mackenzie Davis. The two were very much in love and their chemistry was just perfect. The proposal was to happen at Harper’s family holiday party, but Abby soon realized that her girlfriend had not told her conservative family about her, and as expected, it made her feel like Harper was not proud of her, was hiding her, and also not proud of her sexuality.

Although the actresses made a beautiful couple in ‘Happiest Season’, they are not a couple in real life. However, Kristen is openly gay in real life and she is currently dating Dylan Meyer, an actress, and screenwriter. The couple is very open about their relationship and Meyer doesn’t hesitate to share her girlfriend’s photos.

In an interview, Kristen had mentioned that she has always wished for a gay Christmas rom-com film, and she is very proud of the production team of ‘Happiest Season’. Kristen’s sexual orientation also helped to fuel the speculations that Davis is gay, especially because they had very good chemistry in the movie. But this does not appear to be true, even though Mackenzie hardly speaks about her relationships and sexuality.

Another thing that triggered the gay rumors about the actress is the fact that she played a strong female character in the movie ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’. In ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’, she plays the role of a diligent soldier who would stop at nothing to save the life of another female character, and she doesn’t mind losing her life in the process. Due to the way she was portrayed in the movie – pixie haircut, firm body with just enough muscles, it is easy to conclude that the actress is gay.

Mackenzie Davis is Possibly Dating Gus Thompson

As mentioned earlier, the actress is very private about her personal life and has not revealed who her boyfriend is. However, there are speculations that she is in a relationship with a man named Gus Thompson. This conclusion was made after the couple had been spotted on different occasions together. They both started hanging out in 2015. Still, none of them has deemed it fit to come out to confirm or debunk the rumor. There are also no details about Thompson or what he does for a living.

Aside from her rumored relationship with Gus, Mackenzie Davis has not been linked to anyone else romantically. There are also no details about her past relationships. Because the celebrity has no Instagram account and she is almost inactive on social media, little is known about her outside her acting prowess.

Mackenzie Davis’ Milestones Over The Years

Mackenzie was born in Vancouver, Canada, on the 1st of April 1987 to Ohn Davis, her father, and Lotte Davis, her mother. Her father is a graphic designer while her mother is a hairdresser.

The actress has a sound academic background that has benefited her career. She attended Collingwood School, West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. From there, she went on to study at McGill University after which she moved to the United States where she enrolled in the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City to study acting.

Aside from her roles in ‘Happiest Season’ and ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’, she has featured in several movies and TV shows since joining the industry. Her debut was ‘Alex’, a short film in 2011. Other movies she has acted in include; ‘Smashed’ (2012), ‘The Hat Goes Wild’ (2012), ‘Breathe In’ (2013), ‘The F Word’ (2013), ‘Bad Turn Worse’ (2013), ‘Moontown’ (2013), ‘Emptied’ (2014), ‘The Awkward Moment’ (2014), ‘Memory Box’ (2016), ‘The Martian’ (2015), ‘Tully’ (2018), ‘Irresistible’ (2020), etc.

She also featured in TV shows like; ‘I Just Want My Pant Back’ (2012), ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ (2014-2017), ‘Black Mirror’ (2016), ‘No Activity’ (2017), and ‘Station Eleven’ (2020)
The actress also has some awards and nominations under her name. They include; 2014 Canadian Screen Award for Actress in a Supporting Role in The F Word, 2019 CinemaCon Ensemble Award for Terminator: Dark Fate, 2018 Halfway Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in Tully, 2016 Jury Award for Best Actress in a U.S Narrative Feature, the film Always Shine, 2018 Festival’s Best Performance Award nomination for Boomerang, etc.

Mackenzie Davis has an estimated net worth of $3 million which she majorly earned from her job as an actress and a producer.


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