Did Tupac Have Kids, Who Was His Daughter or Son?

Tupac did not have any kids. While there are many claims that he fathered a child during his lifetime, there is no proof that this happened before his death on September 13, 1996.

Does Tupac Have a Daughter?

As far as the media and general public know, Tupac did not have a daughter, nor did he have a child. He died young at the age of 25 after he had just married Keisha Morris. However, there was no child born between them. Tupac was serving time for a sexual abuse conviction when he got married and the marriage didn’t last long enough to produce children. Keisha and Tupac split before he was shot dead.


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According to Keisha, Tupac had plans to have kids when they got married. He even chose names for their daughter ‘Star’ and son ‘Michelangelo’. Unfortunately, these dreams never came to pass as he died before his wife could get pregnant. They did try to bear a child but the lifestyle Tupac led made conception difficult.

Is Jaycee Shakur Tupac’s Daughter?

Jaycee Shakur is not Tupac’s daughter. She an African-American TikTok personality who is mainly known for her claims about being Tupac’s daughter. If her supposed last name is anything to go by, you might be convinced that she is the late rapper’s daughter, but that is all the proof she has to give at this time.

Apparently, many people didn’t know about Jaycee before she went viral with her claims of being Tupac’s daughter. She made the revelation about her alleged paternity in July 2021 to the surprise of many who could not believe that Tupac had a child who is now grown up. Her video about her paternity went viral as expected and pushed Jaycee to instant popularity. She backed her claims up with an old picture of Tupac and his mother, Afeni Shakur holding a baby girl.

Jaycee also shared a picture of Shakur holding a baby girl which she captioned “Father and child” but that is all she has to offer. So far there is no tangible evidence that shows Jaycee is truly Tupac’s daughter. No credible source has confirmed the claims and it seems the social media star is just looking for her 15 minutes of fame.

A Look Back at Tupac Shakur’s Love Life

Tupac Shakur was not only talented as a singer but he also possessed handsome features and was linked to a number of ladies before his death. Aside from Keisha whom he legally married, Tupac was also linked to other women, including the legendary singer, Madonna.

At the time of his death, Tupac was in a committed relationship with Kidada Jones. This was after his split from Keisha. Jones described the rapper as the love of her life and the young couple seemed like a good match before tragedy struck. They cohabited together for about four months before he was murdered.

Despite being popular among the ladies, Tupac never fathered a child, at least not to public knowledge. He reportedly tried to have kids with his former wife but his constant use of hard substances made it difficult.

Following the end of her marriage, Keisha bagged a degree in criminal justice from John Jay College. She has dedicated her career to addressing race and inequality issues in the criminal justice system. There are reports that Keisha now has two children but it is not on record that she got married again. To date, Tupac is listed as the only man she married.


Is Nesha Shakur Tupac’s Daughter?

Nesha Shakur is not Tupac’s daughter, as the late American rapper did not father any kids before he passed away.

Did Tupac Shakur have a Daughter?

Tupac Shakur does not have a daughter, as he did not have any children during his lifetime.

Is Tupac Son Jaquan?

There is no verifiable evidence to confirm that Tupac has a son named Jaquan.

Is Demetrius Shipp Jr. Tupac’s Son?

Demetrius Shipp Jr is not Tupac’s son. The American actor known for portraying Tupac Shakur in the 2017 biopic All Eyez on Me is the son of music producer Demetrius Shipp Sr.

Does Tupac have a Son?

Tupac does not appear to have a son, even though there are rumors that he fathered children before his demise.

Did Tupac have any Kids?

Tupac did not have any kids. He is believed to have died without having a child of his own.


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